So back again with a new blog and this time new and refreshing poems will flirt with your emotions at the same time will make all of u feel happy too……..

Think of a student who has a dream of clearing JEE exam but because of his faults he fails to do so and on the contrary he get an admission in a well-reputed college. So before taking admission he decidies to give another chance to achieve his dream. He gives the exam for the second time and the contrast on both the occasions is elaborated in my poem. Though the condition of a student giving the paper may vary and the poem is only describing my feelings….


Looking through the window,I wondered..

How my life has changed and thought of it as a rumor.

After thinking silently for a while..

I found my life has moved several miles.

Last year sitting on these pathetic chairs

I was scratching my head and churning my hairs

for the answer of my first ever JEE exam

that took away for several days all of my calm.

There was a tremendous pressure

As it was my first competitive exposure.

I tried and tried a lot to give my best,

but it was the pressure that got better of me in this test.

The fear of failure got into my mind,

and failed in getting what could have been mine.

So tought of giving JEE for the second time,

but nw am sitting in this examination hall wasting my time,

and counting my life’s change in order of miles.

The situation of feeling pressure and fear

are replaced by unknown joy and cheer..

For both years i felt real sleepy here..

as sleep-less nights were there.

Studying and revising all night was my story last year.

and this year, chatting on phone without any fear.(hahahaha)

Last year i remained focused for all the 6 hours,

But today in this afternoon have already began to see night’s stars.

In this one year, have completely transformed,

As life has given me things that i dreamt off.

Am forced to write in this examination center,

as am tired and searching for some pleasure.

Looking constantly at my watch to notice the time.

As i want to vanish from this site.

Sitting and dreaming while giving my test,

has given me many things that will help me give my best.

After choosing an alternate stream,

the things that change the most are dreams.

Last year came with a dream to clear JEE,

this year came to merely sit in JEE.

My life has moved in +ve direction,

and m sure its not my mis-conception.

Life moves on and change is the law of nature,

have also changed keeping in mind my future.

Here were the 2 days of my life, which in many ways are different,

but have given me lessons for further improvement….

This concludes my first entry of this blog….hope everyone will like it…….


8 thoughts on “

  1. abe poem to mast likhi hai par ye 2 contrasting days sahi mein contrast hue bhi ki nahi ye to wahin pata chalega……..
    nazar rakhni padegi blog par

  2. nicely written

    “and this year, chatting on phone without any fear.(hahahaha)” this needs to be told to mom, so that she can imbibe in u some fear 😛 😉

  3. hey avz……
    vell m sure dat all ur poemz vil b luvd cz m real fond nd proud of all of dm………u r nt jst a gr8 buddy bt a brilliantly talented person asvell……..
    keep wrytin nd njy……..

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