Stood on my broken dreams,

thought the world hs nvr givn me an alternate stream.

lookin for the alternate and searchin for the stream,

found a better way to live and njoi god’s gift to make our dream

i looked at the horizon beore creating the dream

Struck by the endless sky,I thought…

Can I do that, Can I go ahead?

And just then there was sign from heaven’s abode

He showed me just a twinkling star and silently he said,

…Go ahead son, its your future and horizon is your road..

that not many have board,

inspired by the thought of clearin the horizon and livin my dream,

started to move on a path that eluded many in their dream.

the path full of ups and downs,

but wen the will is pure then nothin can hound

Life is all about surpassing your bounds

And dreaming is a thing that turns everything around

Dream , dream ,dream and dream

Until god says “this is your future’s stream…….


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