CRUSH, INFATUATION and LOVE…..Many a times we have heard of all these words but after coming to the college these three words take the centre stage leaving everything behind. It seems these three must be included in the course curriculum (some of my friends will even want to have a different branch) of engineering. Basically youth today are deeply influenced by the likes of Durjoy Datta, Chetan Bhagat, Sachin Garg and many more, these are only a few people who have written novels and have an engineering background. It seems there life is nothing short of a bollywood movie, sometimes after reading these fictions (claimed to be true stories) you may be forced to think that whether we are living in a different world or they are fanaticizing a dream that has a bollywood like drama too good to be true. Not to discuss all this further as everyone has a right to express his or her feelings and in the course of it earning a healthy living by selling a fiction .I also dream someday will sell a fiction that would not be claimed as a true story.

Coming to our point of what love is…some may say it’s a feeling, some may say it’s an attribute, some may say it’s from the heart, intellects will say heart is an emotionless organ so there’s nothing called love. What i believe is that love is a feeling, an attribute, an instinct, it runs in your blood comes out from the heart and in the longer run compliments the mind. So in short everything in this world is love, this 4 letter world has the power to transform a person, to instil emotions in a nerd, to turn the whole aura surrounding you magical.

During it course the first step towards love is to get attracted to someone and is called developing a crush. For males developing crush is a hobby that one cannot mention in their resume in fact it is the mastered hobby or passion and you may call it BIRD WATCHING. Now a question arises how one crush from the heap of thousands proceed towards becoming love. It is because of those thousand remarks and taunts about you and your crush and sometimes about what future may have in store for us, so a time comes when you start to feel something for your crush and that something converts into everything and results in a disorder called infatuation or adolescent love. Basically this can be the shortest as well as the longest stay in course of path leading to a magical thing called love. In this stage there can be three types of possibilities, having zero percent chance of succeeding in their proposal; having in between zero and hundred percent chance of succeeding and the third one is sure shot success. The second situation leads to the longest stay as one always strife for sure shot success and tries to impress their opposite sex by every possible thing. Talking about the third which is the rarest case and leads to premature love and can turn to true love if feelings are properly channelled and expressed at the right time. The first is the most common of the situations mentioned. To summarise the most common feelings here is a poem-

Moments pass by so do the days…

I always tried to live life in my ways..

Suddenly in life a moment came,

And with my heart, it played a game.

Game started…knowing it was not the right time

As I wanted everything to happen with the accuracy of a dime

Someone has rightly said “some things are better left unsaid”

So, the feelings and the excitement began to fade

After a few sleepless nights that moment came.

And I thought this time things are not the same,

The excitement of the game was at its peak

And at that moment it was pushing me to speak

I knew speaking that wouldn’t serve me right

As I was there to make her feel light

I broke the silence and in excitement I spoke those words

And I was expecting same that I heard…

The game of love was played with my heart…

But some may get it wrong and consider it a flirt..

Some may call it a confession, but I call it a proposal

My life moved on as usual…

But with a happy memory of refusal..

So after the refusal their quest for love continues until they achieve success.

After hearing and reading a lot of things about love, a lot of people fall prey to it. Trust me it’s a feeling that everyone should have a taste of. Also, I would say that it’s not falling in love; it is rather rising in love. People around you who have a bee in their bonnet will try to push you back by blaming love for all the wrongs that have happened to you.  But when the good starts to shower its magnanimity upon you, only then one tends to realise how one rises in love. Everyone falls in love at least once in their life, but not everyone gets what they desire for, some people can just have a vision of it. Love is all about sacrifice, hope, commitment, care, understanding, but at times people involved in love turn destructive and people say that love has some destructive nature but in my opinion it’s not love and is called madness characterised by over possessiveness and a nature defined by the phrase ‘bee in their bonnet’.

Though love is a very pure and rare gift, but today’s youth has made love a commercial commodity and a synonym to mutual funds that you buy for your benefit. Patch ups, break ups have become a status symbol and the true essence of love has been lost. Love has always been a soul to soul connection with both the lovers rising together to new highs and making the world remember them as a couple not as individuals. So, it is time that youngsters realise the difference between mutually beneficial love and profit favouring businesses. Only then will love’s true essence and purity be restored.


3 thoughts on “LOVE- AN ETERNAL GIFT

  1. awsummm stuff avi…. u just make me realise that writing is such a nyc and wonderful way to give voice to your emotions…..
    M glad u r sooo gud at it….. 🙂 🙂

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