LIFE- some say a name to opportunities, some say it’s full of struggle…wondering about this word sitting on my way to Delhi ( destined by my life to travel there). Looking outside the window can feel the cool breeze brushing past my face and signifying the arrival of monsoon. The smell of the whole aura is different now. The tiny soothing water droplets that fall on my face makes me remember those beautiful moments when I was a child and never worried about the things that were happening and had a pleasing sense of happiness in everything I did. At that time the word “life” was like all other words whose significance was nothing more than a four letter word and its spelling was crammed by me in kindergarten days. Sometimes I wonder whether cherishing these moments or your glorious past is life. My heart has always believed that life is all about remembering those moments that makes you happy and forgetting the moments that cannot serve as a source of motivation . But my mind always counters this definition by putting forward an argument that I cannot deny. The argument says that life is living in the present so that you can work to make your future secure. Past is not worth remembering, in fact faster you forget it, better your life would be. So for a mutual agreement I always try to live in the present and learn from my past or in other words you can say gaining experience as I move in this world and step closer to the inevitable end…

My thinking session got interrupted when I saw the face of a kid sitting next to me…and unconditional smile on his face struck me and I thought how the complexities of life have changed everything . Our smile is always overshadowed by the worries and troubles that come in a combo pack with life. These are the only 2 quantities that you can get for free in this world of inflation. Sometimes a week without a smile (that comes from within when you are happy) doesn’t affect the person. People talk about rising prices of petrol but in my view an unconditional smile has become the most expensive thing in this world and many of us can’t afford it. Even billions of money can’t buy this priceless quantity and the person having it are the luckiest person in this world. People who believe that life is a synonym to dream and live their life how they once dreamt, are blessed with never dying smile.

A common person always observes only an area of about 10 meters around him and draws conclusion of the world around but a person who is different from the others always observes the horizon. So I thought to become different from the rest and started to observe the horizon, to my amazement I saw a world that I have never seen. Away from this materialistic world one can think of himself and person close to him. The undying silence makes you to introspect of the things that you have done and makes you realize your mistakes. The world seems to stop for a moment and inner radius of people surrounding you become motionless and your world becomes a place to look forward. Continuously laying thoughts on this concept of life, I thought whether people don’t have 10 minutes to introspect and make their life a better place. Instead of running a 100 meter dash in life it’s better to run a 10000 meter race as it will teach us each and every concept of life in course of achieving the ultimate goal. This concept only re emphasizes the fact that ‘slows but steady wins the race’.

Conversing with a girl sitting next to me, she defined life as a measure of success. According to her more successful you are better your life is.  Instead of arguing with her I just approved her theory but in my mind I was cooking up my own theory. Success is directly proportional to hunger to achieve and when this hunger is satisfied, person becomes successful (the way you perceive it). But all of us know that hunger has no end and it cannot be satisfied. The person he never reaches that ultimate goal and his life will never have what you call an ultimate satisfaction.

After some introspection and realization, the same thing struck me again ‘what is life?’ But this time my mind seemed to be clear and heart seem to be agreeing with my mind. A message flashed on my phone with a gist that it’s better to live someone else’s dream than to do nothing. My mind nodded in disapproval to this theory as I have seen people following this myth, have stopped living their life. In fact they start to live a life that is being destined by some other people. Interacting with many types of person, what struck me the most is that in course of following some myths, they have stopped dreaming and their world has become a materialistic sphere. Their life is full of price tags, having only one aim of earning more than those price tags. Without giving thought to look for the happiness that can take their life way above those price tags or in short priceless.

For me there are only two enemies of a person namely luck and destiny. Instead of living their own life and dreaming to make it big, they live a life that is being designed by someone else. In the course of it blame destiny for what happens in their life. Under achievers always blame luck for not reaching their ultimate goal but there is nothing called luck in this world as you are the master of your life and it’s up to how you want your life to pend out. Dreaming to making it move forward or dreams as a fuel to your ambitions, is the way to go. Have reached Delhi but still the question ‘what life is?’ still lingering in my mind and now have dropped the idea of further thinking as defining life is like defining a limit to infinity. But someday I think I will be able to put a limit to infinity and strech that immune thread.


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