What is a line…?

Anything that extends from a point to infinity, a straight segment, an emotional boundary, formation of people or a thing indicating a demarcation.. So looking at various definitions of line you all would be wondering that what’s the connection between all these and the line that I would have loved to cross. Basically am talking of a line that signifies demarcation or for my teenage or flirty friends a line separating them from entering the heaven on this earth. Articulating my thoughts and giving light on the topic I wondered about the cause of demarcation or you can say forced demarcation. Thinking about it seems futile as being a Libran (the most civilised of all signs) cannot think of the uncivilised things..;) as being ruled by Venus can only instil emotions into things.

So last evening I was standing on the line indicating the two separate entities of the world. For me one was a paradise and other was an infernal region giving sufferings in plenty despite the rising mercury. But to my amazement that suffering was biased as it made only one sect of the society suffer and the other to enjoy the beautiful ride. But no one can complain of this fact as for the government one sect is immune to pain and the other prone to the pain. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, beautiful lines by John Keats but adding further on this topic I would rather say “beauty not experienced or enjoyed is a pain forever”. The physical pain is bearable but the mental pain of not enjoying the beauty can sometimes make you wonder whether the beauty is just for seeing and not experiencing it and if this is the case then we all should close our eyes as the beauty instigates the thoughts of living a life with beauty beside us. The physical pain disappears as soon as you see a beauty distant from you but looking with a smile, this smile has ruined many lives but no one in this world has ever tried to convict it for the massacre that it has done in the male sect. The fault is of the law system in which the cases are heard but not decided, not going into the details as law system’s efficiency is known to all.

Observing the face of every deprived person I could feel the pain that everyone is going through but still no one has the strength to cross that line. Dumb heads wearing black goggles were looking or you can say gazing at the beauty without getting noticed but the expression of pleasure on their face gave me a glimpse of the activities that were going on in their minds. Being of masculine race I too was enthralled by the beautiful faces, in fact many beautiful faces. All I wanted to do was to get close to the beauties and through my Libran charm strike a conversation with one of them (I wouldn’t have mind two or three also). Adrenaline started to flow in my body and it was pushing or you can say compelling me to cross that line. How I stopped myself cannot be defined in words in fact am also surprised how did I pull it off..? I was the one standing closest to the line and to my happiness a beauty from the other side came and stood beside me on the other side (contrary to us she was finding the beauty on the other side). My mind was flooded with questions so I decided to fire few on the beauty standing on the other side with an intention that our pain can pass on to the other side. She was a beauty with a brain and safely ducked under my every bouncer as if the pitch on which we were playing, was too slow to surprise her. You can also say that she was a diplomat as with a charming smile she answered or avoided all the questions fired at her. The charisma in her way of talking could have ruined any boy’s life but standing beside her was a veteran who has tasted it all. The last thing that she said to me before ending the conversation, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and gave me an indication to find beauty on your side and as soon as I interpreted the indication moved I looked at the infernal side but to my amazement can find space reserved for the beauties beside the exit gates in every compartment. But still couldn’t find the reason as to why spaces are reserved for the beauties when a whole heaven is given to them. And thinking about it didn’t arouse any interest in me as I thought these are the things to be looked at by the authorities not me.

Back to the line and to the same place on which I was standing and saw a different beauty standing beside me on the other side and she was also searching for the beauty on my side. I asked a simple question to myself and to her that if males are finding the beauty on your side and you are finding the beauty on our side then what is the need of this demarcation? Why not merge heaven and hell to make it an EARTH to live on. She smiled at my funny question and answered it by saying “Earth is full of pollution”. This statement hit my temple and made the reason of demarcation loud and clear. We were given a mental pain due to some stupid fellows who have no brains and don’t respect the beauty and decent person like me are also barred to cross that line as there is no measure of decency of a human. A loud noise interrupted my session with an announcement “DOORS WILL OPEN ON THE RIGHT. PLEASE MIND THE GAP”…stepped out with a heavy heart resulting from not crossing the line.



  1. What you said made a lot of sense. But, think about this, what if you added a little content? I mean, I dont want to tell you how to run your blog, but what if you added something to maybe get peoples attention? Just like a video or a picture or two to get people excited about what youve got to say. In my opinion, it would make your blog come to life a little bit.

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