Always have thought of this world as a play ground for my life to move on and never got stagnated by anything at any point of time. But as we all know life is not driving on a high way so my self raised a question “WHO AM I”. The question seems to be an easy one but when I started to string my thoughts together was struck the depth of the question and got stagnant at this very question for day. I thought why not convert my dilemma into a rhyme so that everyone could realize the importance of this very thing….

Sitting in this dark, thinking of life’s crossroads..

Searching for my life’s unsolved codes..

Memories are still fresh of those bitter strife.

Desperately waiting for some happiness in life..

Walking in this dark with wind brushing pass by..

A question stirs up my mind “WHO AM I”..

Mind thinks of the answer to this so called simple question.

But the thing it returns with is an unsolved equation.

Moving in this life that is full of ups and downs.

Have never been afraid to surpass the bounds.

I have always been a man who has told his heart sweet lies….

So that the motivation level in me can remain high..

But it doesn’t answer my question of “WHO AM I”..

Thinking of messenger of love and the thing of beauty..

Whether am a puppet in the hands of almighty..?

Puppets have no meaning in this challenging world…

As life is not easy and is full of swirls..

Various thoughts in my mind and giving it another try..

Couldn’t find the answer to the question..WHO AM I..

Some may call me a gifted person..

And give me to smile a thousand reasons…

Some think of me as a man of emotions..

Who has love in his every sensation..

For my enemies, I am nothing more than a thorn.

Am still searching for the purpose for which I was born.

All I could get in this night was a sudden cry..

As I couldn’t figure out WHO AM I..

Still searching for the most appropriate answer..

To the only question that has always made me wonder.

The question to which nobody has given a thought to..

Not aware of what the answer to this question can do.

Moving from the question amazed by the silence of night..

Introspection is the only thing that could have served me right.

A session of it makes me remember the moments gone by..

Helps me to solve the mystery of WHO AM I..

A person born on this earth is full of dreams..

But fails to live his or her dream..

Never gives a thought to the question, “WHO AM I”..

All he gets is desperation as time flies..

Nobody is destined by almighty to do a thing in this world..

He has given us a mind and a heart so that we can fly like a free bird..

God has given us a gift of rational thinking..

It should be used at each and every beginning..

Life moves on and the time starts to fly..

Sooner rather than later everyone is struck with the question, “WHO AM I”..


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