The importance of YOU

Starting with the dilemma of what life is and then searching for the answer of the unsolved question of WHO AM I. While giving words to my thoughts, names of various people revolved around my mind and also their contribution to my life. YOU, a word singular in nature but is associated with many relations like friends, parents, lover, fans etc. Thinking of my life without this word has inspired me to come up with a rhyme i.e. unbreakable and I just hope to string together every relation in life and move forward. Being a libran and ruled by venus, have always been an emotional character and many of you have also called me an emotional fool as well. Take these lines as a gift from that fool.

Writing this rhyme have thought of every little phase that i have lived or experienced in my span on earth and through this rhyme I only want to acknowledge each and everyone’s importance in my life. In this fast moving world we always forget or doesn’t want to acknowledge the efforts or the driving force that is involved in every single thing we do. These few lines are a tribute to everyone associated with me. A request while going through lines imagine the word “YOU” as yourself as then only you can understand my emotions..

Sometimes sitting idle I wonder,

about my life without you.

A sudden silence makes me remember..

The things that have always made me rue..

Sitting in the night counting the stars..

Some may consider it wasting my time..

But I think of my life and its journey so far..

And string my thoughts together to make it an unbreakable rhyme..

The world seems to be a better place with everything new..

But I know my life is nothing without you..

At different phases of life I have always found peace

But sometimes it’s difficult when have felt let down..

You have always tried to bring me at ease..

And gave me love instead of my numerous frown.

And in your love, many times have drowned..

Writing this rhyme am thinking of you..

As my life is nothing without you..

There is always something in the way…

Makes me remember the morning’s cold breeze..

You have always guided me with many positive rays,

And through your undying affection bitter memories have started to cease.

And have given me memories without any lease

You are a gem whose count is few..

And my life is nothing without you.

Sometimes I may have hurt you,

And perhaps would have made you feel terrible.

But I have always valued your tears that are as beautiful as morning dew..

Infact everything in my life related to you is the most valuable…

You have helped me in making my every dream come true.

I am afraid to live my life without you..

As my life is nothing without you..

Thinking of living my life without you.

Thoughts of above always obscure my every view..

I have always seen the world with your eyes..

Thought of not having you around make my heart cry..

HOPE was never associated with me..

But you instilled in me HOPE as if you knew how my life would turn out to be.

You transformed a pessimist into an optimist..

And for you, I will come through in life clearing every mist..

My life has always revolved around you..

And I hope when it would stop, it would be on you…

My heart beats and say my life is nothing without you..


2 thoughts on “The importance of YOU

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