From awww to hawww (not a sarcasm on girls)

So after months of exile from writing, am back with an experience that I wanted to share with all of you. It was the time when fb was climbing the ladders of success, orkut lay peacefully in its grave, G+ was still in developer’s codes, BBM was more popular than What’sapp and degree of engineering was losing its worth. You can call me a victim of circumstances or a person who could not explore the options available to him and all this accrue to the fact that I was in my 3rd year of engineering.
The whole incident took place in Delhi metro and its big daddy i.e. the Indian railway. Carrying a smart phone was a rarity of sorts and to go with that a DSLR and fossil on my wrist added to my value. I was silently enjoying the metro ride after suffering from the Delhi’s heat. Sitting at my favourite spot, I was recollecting my previous experience when a girl trolled me by her concepts of beauty and the beast. When I was about to get engrossed in thinking, I realised that I had reached my destination so I must get off. With my mind still on that incident I got off and while getting off I saw a girl (beauty). I didn’t give her a second look as looking at a beauty comes with a price tag in India and sometimes, it can even damage your image.
Our eyes represent a complex system and it gets attracted to beauties like iron gets attracted to magnet, but one must have eyes like an electromagnet as our will must control the power to get attracted to beauties just as the current in an electromagnet. Seems, that due to my inherent background of electrical engineering I have delved into the details of the same.

Giving my complex and horrendously occupied brain a rest, I moved on without giving that beauty a second look. Sat peacefully on a bench waiting for my train to home at the old Delhi railway station, I took out my Ruskin Bond’s Maharani and started to read it. I was so engrossed in the book that the infernal region of old delhi railway station got converted to a place where I was dreaming and in between all this I saw the same girl whom I saw at the metro station. My mind which was in a dream land got up and started to string together theories that explained her presence. I was wondering whether it is the residual hope that is producing a residual attraction towards that girl just as residual current in an electromagnet (and not to mention, it came out of my electrical brain). My philosophical brain claimed it to be a mere mirage developed due to emotional swings that I encountered last night while reading “THE NOTEBOOK”. The sub conscious part came up with theories of love, attraction and in short told me that the girl was following me. All my theories crashed with a bang as she sat down beside me, after 2 or 3 minutes she noticed me and said a “hi”. Pointing at my book she asked me a simple question, “you like Ruskin Bond?” A simple one liner could have done the job but all the theories of my brain interfered and I replied “Flipping the pages of Ruskin Bond’s book instils the feeling of nostalgia and few lines always echo in my head,
his stories were my childhood friend! His stories were my escapades! His stories were my window to romance! His stories are my companion forever! And my answer to your question is YES”. Dumbstruck with my reply she continued to stare at me as if I had committed the crime of staring at her. When she got into senses again, the train was at the platform and we both went to board the same.
Searching for my berth in the same compartment I saw her ticket that had RAC4 written on it. I checked mine and it had RAC3 on it and realized the fact that I had to share my berth with her. She still had to come to peace with our previous meeting and seeing me on her berth could prove to be fatal for her so I decided to take a round of the platform. When I came back I saw her smiling while looking at my book and it was an indication that my reply had left no effects on her brain. I sat down beside her on the berth and we started with informal candid chats (these chats sometimes bring the best out of you and at other times ruin the best in you). Our chats which started on every topic known to us blended a mix of sarcastic humor, which made it all the more fun to be a part of this unarranged conversation. For a guy, talking to a girl brings out the emotions in you and you tend to understand the replies coming from the gestures on her face.
As the night was at its peak so was our conversation and we came to the topic love. I was damn sure that I will have the upper hand discussing it. She came up with theories that are written in typical Indian novels and I countered them easily because of previous exposures to this word. I showed her my work on this topic and made her read my poems; the expression AWWWWW was the thing she came out with. This expression has its significance and probably the most misunderstood one by people like us. The expression has the power to take the centre stage at any time, can instil emotions in a nerd and most importantly, it attracts the attention of the listeners. The chats continued and thanks to my Libran charm I was going through without any problem (charming away at her ;)). There were many instances when she looked impressed by my points and came up with different expressions. (Sometimes these informal candid chats can result in the other person guessing your profession). She said that you are definitely a writer but I had to convince her about my profession by saying “trust me I am an engineer not a writer or philosopher”. She replied “HAWWWWW you are an engineer”, The expression of AWWWW was replaced by HAWWWW and it left me wondering that how come engineering introduces the letter ‘H’ in the expression that the girls have patent of?
Chats ceased and so the journey as we reached the destination I bid final bye to her. She replied to my bye by saying “you maybe an engineer but I will still consider you a better writer or a philosophizer” and went away in the dark. My mind was oscillating between AWWWW and HAWWWW, my encounter with a strange beauty taught me a lesson that you must do things that that you are good at and contrary to JOKER you can do it for free too.


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