Journey to D-day..

If I talk about B.C, then my history dominated mind will come up with theories related to Christ. The brain of an electrical engineer will oscillate between memories of several highs and lows after hearing the word AC, as this word constantly ruined our world for 4 years. The writer in me comes up with some aberrant theories related to it and perhaps the best portrayer of my life. For the past couple of years my life is revolving around AC and BC, with BC dominating AC. BC is before CAT and AC is after CAT, articulating my thoughts and writing further I can say my life has fallen prey to that illusive perfect CAT that every dog dreams of. The preparation time and the build-up to CAT come under BC and the time between the exam and the result comes under AC. The time of AC is marked with unprecedented fun and relaxing in order to give my best in the next phase, i.e. BC, and BC is full of preparation and rising expectations to get hold off that illusive CAT. If I go by number then out of the past 24 months, 6 came under AC and rest 18 under BC.
So I found myself in a familiar position and was on my last journey of BC. The past few months were full of swings and in a way left me a bit unprepared but positivity in me was telling me that this time normalization will work wonders of me. With all the tension and consoling hopes I boarded the train to dehradun (dday center). As I sat on my berth I came to realize that I didn’t have my STEVE JOBS in my pocket i.e. my Ipod and my mind started to think of ways of passing the train ride. After few minutes I thought that sleeping is the best possible option available to me and my mind nodded in approval.
I decided to sleep and lied down on my berth, with my thoughts still on that Illusive CAT. Sleeping in train is not my cup of tea but I was trying my level best to drink and enjoy the same cup of tea. Train ride and sleep never go together. For clinomaniac, the journey becomes a torture when 2 people start to gossip away to glory with intermittent flirting and hitting on each other. All the above accrue to the fact that I was in a compartment where the silence was interrupted with gossips. My mind was on sleeping mode and was telling me not to listen to all this, but the human is us always enjoys gossips, guilty as charged I started to enjoy the conversation. For the first time I was not a part of conversation but was enjoying from the sidelines as a listener.
Their informal exchange was quite interesting and I thought of my experiences that I had at various points of times. Topics were discussed with no bar and I was impressed with the guy as he was talking without disturbing the comfort level of the beauty and in between pushing the limits. He was charming at her and she was loving at being charmed by him. Alcohol and beauty is a deadly combination and guy had both with him (confessed of having alcohol to the beauty). The twists and turns in the conversation were like popcorns in a movie that provides you with essential distractions from the boring bollywood story line. Compliments were given in plenty and he left no opportunity to impress the beauty with his impressive skills (sometimes superfluous) of giving compliments.
In between all this I was waiting for a message from someone special but to expect signals in a moving train is like expecting a beauty flirting with a boy, and boy ignoring her. I decided to concentrate on the chat and the topics were reaching a new mark with discussions on sun-signs, moon-signs, Hollywood, relationship status and many more (my pen is not comfortable with the uncensored ones). After few hours of patient listening, I decided to stop following the conversation as it was becoming slightly monotonous. During this time I thought of my conversation with many beauties in various trains and also of the people who constantly warned us to lower our voice. I was like a pain for those people who wanted to sleep and for people like me, I served as an entertainment to pass their night with witty flirting and interesting discussions. I was at peace as I thought bringing a smile with something at which you are good at is the best thing that you can do in this world and being a positive person, I don’t pay heed to the negatives of the same.
The night was at its peak and there was no end to their candid chats but as we know nothing is forever, the train stopped and the guy departed, thus the conversation stopped. My partner, who was below their birth felt happy and started to sleep. I saw the beauty dialing a number on her phone, and accidentally the phone went on speaker and I heard the word ‘JAANU’ from the other end. My faith in love was again restored, power of love is such that it can wake up an engineering student at 2am in the morning just to hear the word mentioned above.  It was an experience that made my journey worth travelling and most importantly worth writing. With my mind at peace with everything, I dozed off with my mind on main goal of clearing CAT….zzzzzzzz


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