MOVING with T!mE

Vomiting and blogging are like one and the same thing, the former is related to body and latter to mind. It has been long since my mind has brewed up with emotions that compel me to write. There is something in the foreign winds of Trivandrum and is not allowing me to work, I know blogging is the only thing that can serve me right.
Whenever I will look back at my life, Pantnagar will always find the most special place in my cabinet of memories. Away from this materialistic, there is a place which can drown you in its serenity and silence. A 16k acre university, harbinger of green revolution, though lost in the sands of time but still offer things that city dwellers dream of.
I have lived a life in heaven and as someone has said dreams do end, so is my 20 year long stay at Pantnagar.
Man of rhymes as my friends call me, so my post will be incomplete without it…

on the wings of my childhood place,
I dreamt, I flew….
following a beautiful trace,
I moved on paths..drenched with dew..
from the fields to numerous tree tops…
the fond memories of the place never stops..
I moved on those dusty roads,
with many highs and lows…
coming to an end of it all,
in my mind the emotions have started to flow..
the place saw me grow,
from a toddler to boy…
from a boy to a man..
and here i am at the end of this 20 year span..
from numerous dusks to numerous dawns,
playing on those lush green lawns…
I feel very close to the place,
as it means the world to me…
and is the building stone of my future to be…
moving ahead I will miss everything…
especially the place’s glitz and bling,
with teachings of dremaing of high above..
carrying with me, never diminishing love..
the breeze of joy whenever will whisper in my ear..
it will bring back the memories of being here..
these memories are more sweet than an eclair..
how can I forget the beauty of you, 
which instilled in me this natural flair..
from numerous fears to countless smiles…
here I am writing in between my journey of thousand miles..
my heart is still with you…
I will always remain very close to you..
will come back, live my childhood again and give you a part back in lieu…
the time has come…to leave my beautiful home…
I will always remember the lesson of sharing my happiness and giving back some..
I miss…
I love…
I adore…
my childhood place..
and want all I want, to leave a glorious trace…
and now I have to break this 20 year’s rhyme..
to come back again…I am waiting for the right time..


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