Good Bye, till we meet again

For the past one month, I was dormant and was thinking of the topics to blog on. The month of February with love not only in the air but also in emotion, infact every possible motion inspired me to write something. Love the most purest of emotion and thus February being the purest of month, spreading love and binding hearts.
This poem is for those who set hopes on the month of February to get someone special or wait for the past to come to sand again.
disclaimer: The situation described is imaginary and has got nothing to do with real life..;)

there was a time..
admist this unstoppable rhyme..
when we walked hand in hand..
and those flowery beds fell on sand..

there was a world..
which had love with numerous swirls..
words left unsaid, and feelings untouched..
moving together, we made a beautiful trace as such…

there was a dream…
that gave us happiness in every stream..
carrying that happiness we moved along..
to a place of ours, to which we belong..

there was a friend..
whom I loved, with no end..
I hoped to carry her all my life..
but what got better of me was that bitter strife..

there was a life..
there was a world..
there was a dream..
there was a friend..
accruing all I have become a lover…
who speaks words that his heart utter…
I look for her in the rainbow, beyond the horizon..
as my love had everything and was an emblazon…

there is a pain…
and so is the reason for all the refrain..
life will move on and we both will get everything new…
but these memories will give a smile in lieu…

all’s that left is an afterglow…
for those beautiful memories to flow..
we will meet again, when we both will be  cat and dogs…
till then I will continue to write these beautiful blogs..


One thought on “Good Bye, till we meet again

  1. article is quite interesting and hopefully true happiness rays began to warm the hearts of us all, when we can share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂

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