The Message

After suffering in the heat of Trivandrum and living through the torrid times, the wind has changed now. There is something in Trivandrum that is inspiring me to write again and for me everything falls into place when I start to write. Articulating my thoughts further, I will say someone came with all the happiness and inspired me to live again. This poem is a dilemma, whether to send a message to that special someone or to wait for the right time. The person like me who has a horrendously occupied brain always come up with words and that words contribute to the never ending rhyme. This is only the start of a new life, from the bitter past to the rising sun, is the transformation I look forward to….
beautiful you are…humble you are..
the irony is that you live so far..
we are connected with words..
and have seen together a beautiful world.
hearing the chirping of beautiful birds..
reminds me of a sweet voice, once I heard..
birds reminds of the letter which once I received..
and the feelings so pure, in which I believe…
I think of sending a message to your place…
birds the carrier, find it easy as you leave a beautiful trace..
the message of truth…
the message of worth…
the message uniting our worlds..
is what I want to send you..
as I want to eliminate everything obscuring our view..
the feelings that I want to convey to you..
the emotions that I want in to accrue..
results in me, gasping for words…
but there is something in my heart that pushes me forward…
thousands thoughts my mind berserk..
and now I know, I am such a jerk.
in between all this, birds flew away..
the message in the heart, still stay..
one day I will try again..
one day I will write again..
that day I will send u the message..
and make sure it will add another para to our beautiful passage..
till then I will say, just wait for me..
as you still have to see the best of me..



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