Sorry folks, I took a long time to come back with an abstract write up and the reason is very obvious; I am employed now. The corporate life has already had a detrimental effect on many budding writers so I am not the only one. This blog is a result of countless sleepless nights that have again stirred up the thoughts in my mind and abstained me from thinking of anything else. To be precise, I find it difficult to live in a metro. If I go back to my stay in Trivandrum, I contrary to my nature stayed away from beauties and enjoyed from the sidelines. I discovered that every beauty is not meant to feel or for fooling around, there is always a special one waiting for you. My interactions were limited to seeing a beauty, passing a smile and receiving a smile back. The process ceased there as you didn’t have the guts to proceed any further as the mode of communication could take a toll on you. Trivandrum as a place is good for tourists but not north Indians coming here for a living. You will find TECHNOPARK, BODHIPARK, PEEPULPARK and many other parks but at places you won’t find place to park.


Moving in depth of my stay in Trivandrum, I learned a lot from the experience. Those three months taught me that you can be betrayed by the most important or the most special person of your life. There was a time when my mind froze and heart ached and I longed for that sweet voice which silenced all the daemons inside me. I followed the lines that charity begins at home and gave her the forgiveness she didn’t deserve; such is my heart that cannot hate irrespective of the lies. Time was rough and I was emotionally strangled but as you know if it’s not beautiful then it’s not the end, and came the most beautiful soul that I have ever seen. Sometimes just the voice of a friend soothes your mind and relaxes your anxieties. You smile as if there is no tomorrow and talk as if there is no end. The problems that were not allowing you to lie down are left behind and you smile at them thinking about the undeserved value they got. Life becomes beautiful again and to your past (problems) you say YOU WERE NOT WORTH IT.

After a struggle of three months away from home, I found myself in a familiar territory. My room was no longer my play ground as my mother had already made her own during these months. Delhi was my next destination and amidst all the tension and nostalgia I left Pantnagar with a heavy heart and a hope to see that beautiful soul when I return. Living in a metro is like driving on a highway, you cannot slowdown even if you want to. Long term goals are replaced by short term and finding a seat in a metro being of the prime importance. As I am governed with planet Venus; I cannot stay away from beauties for long. Travelling in a metro being a prime example of it as I always prefer a seat close to that line which demarcates heaven and hell. Life is like travelling in a metro, at every juncture new people come in your life and old ones depart just like in a metro stopping at every station. Coming from a place like Pantnagar, it feels impossible to adjust to this city life. My place provides you with serenity, beauty and reasons to drown in its tranquility. On the contrary city provides you with dust, pollution and bunch of stupid beauties who for no reason will stare at you as if you are the only reason for unfortunate things happening to them. Leaving this all aside the most humiliating part of the stay is when you are asked to leave McDs and other food chains at a time when you are savoring the taste of the last few bites because of the crowd waiting outside.

Every cloud has a silver-lining and for me that lining is when I spend my time roaming around outer and inner circles of CP with my camera and a bunch of maniacs. Moving aimlessly we all come to common conclusion that God made this place for all the beauties to converge so that our life never passes into nothingness. Getting admired by the admirers of beauty is the most important phase for a beauty as she comes to know that her beauty is different in the crowd full of beauties. Enough of the silver-lining as my hands are tied and my words are biased to reveal the other aspects of it. Delhi is a place where beauty and beast co-exist in harmony. From malls to gardens you can see beauty and beast walking hand in hand with intermittent display of PDAs (you all know what I mean). Beast protecting the beauty in metro by blocking every view of the admirers and placing his hand in order to perform a maneuver so that no admirer can come close to the beauty. Owing to my small mind I never understood the part of protection and making others around you uncomfortable.

Not having a beauty by your side is perhaps the biggest reason of sorrow for a boy in early twenties. The height of this depression leads to counting the number of female likes on your recently uploaded picture on FB and comparing them to your (of course) single roommate. Laughing the whole night and pulling each other’s leg and coming to a conclusion that we are not someone who hit on every second girl but we are someone who likes to hit on every girl; the beauty of living with a friend in a city. The mind gets filled with frustration when your phone rings at midnight and with mind on someone special you check only to discover that your friend has unlocked a new level in CANDYCRUSH. A small disclaimer, though being single the above mentioned has never happened with me as I am only an admirer and waiting for someone who will admire the qualities in me (I know that someone and she will read it too, so my wait is not a long one).

The most important thing is that Delhi has got jobs, the most sought out thing for engineers. Articulating it further it provides you with an opportunity to flirt, love, learn while you earn. I may hate the transition and think of going back to the place where I learned to walk but sometimes life is not about walking, it is about running, winning and leaving everything behind.

Thanks to that beautiful soul, my friend and also an inspiration for motivating me to come up with the thing that I am best suited for….



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