My Review Of 2STATES

Life has always something new to it so I decided to add a bit of freshness in the content of my blog. The blog is the result of serious motivation from few special people who want me to excel in this field.  The time in India is such when every second passed-out engineer is preparing for CAT while working in an IT firm, some others are sitting in made easy to make their life’s work easy and the remaining (constituting one percent) who are real engineers are occupied with some engineering jobs. The number of engineers that India produces today can be compared to increase in population of a small country. The birthrate of engineers is increasing alarmingly but the death rate i.e engineers switching to non-technical field, is still constant. The difference of these rate have accrued that many engineers are forced to sit idle and do something or anything to keep their mind occupied. Apart from all this there are few engineers like me who still don’t know the line of action for their future.

Enough of the time or the era of engineers let us talk about a movie released recently and broke many engineer’s rhyme. Yes the movie is 2STATES, I am a big fan of Chetan Bhagat, not because of his literary attribute but because of uncanny habit of capturing the moments and portraying it in a way that directly establishes a connection between your heart and the words. For me it was not a surprise seeing the movie doing good at the box office as it was aimed at people in their early twenties and dealing with a reality of 66 year old having a girlfriend  while they being still single. Sometimes being single can lead to revolutionary changes and you start to see every girl as a potential target. See the beauties never leave my mind, so moving ahead to the characters of movie; Krish-cute, tall and well-built (average looking according to the movie) and Ananya- I will not call her hot and sexy but the perfect one which has a hold on your night’s dream. Movie starts, they fall in love and after few repercussions their family agrees and they are married. This seems to be a plot of a boring romantic movie that cannot meet the standards set by new trend Bollywood MASALA movies but there was something more to it.

Intricate details of the movie reveal the invisible connections that it had with the young audience. 70 percent students in Indian prepare for engineering and majority of them aim for IIT, Krish being shown from an IIT background just disturbed that sympathetic chord that every IIT aspirant has. If first connection was somewhat weak then the second one was right on the button stuff, they fell in love at IIM-Ahmedabad the most sought out b-school in India. Combining IITs and IIMs in a single movies was perhaps the most significant reason of it becoming a crowd puller. IITD and IIM-A took care of the students and graduates, the rest poured in owing to cute glamour that Alia Bhatt bought with her or the cuteness of Aditya Kapoor. Congratulations to the cast, crew and the writer of the movie but my aim is not to write like as a movie critic but as a person who finds himself amidst the changes that it has bought.

As mentioned earlier many people prepare for CAT to get into IIMs, the movie has instilled a positive hope in the aspirants to give their best shot at CAT. Some aspirants have rejected admissions from a tier-2 college and started preparing for another attempt at CAT. What has bought about this change in the mindset? The answer is 2STATES, many of my fellow CAT aspirant say that they got fascinated by the beauty of IIM-A campus but the fact is that it was not the beauty of the campus but the beauty of the girl who did all the things at the campus (you all know what I mean). The way to their dream girl goes through numerous mocks, unpredictable CAT, GD-PI exercises and the ultimate showdown at IIM. The steps mentioned are not difficult but doing them continuously for years plays with your nerves. But as you know where there is will, there is a way so with the will directed on finding that illusive beauty and impressing her by the charm has resulted in good movement in the wait list of other b-schools that come after IIMs (one of the thoughts in my mind). IT firms will have to bear the burden of the salary given to CAT aspirants for one more year and the aspirants will have to come up with new excuses and creative but efficient ways of using THANKYOU and SORRY. IIT aspirants have started to think on the lines that after getting into IIT they can become their own version of Krish. And after 4 years of dryness can charm away at a beauty so rare in existence. The most important lesson that one can learn from the movie is don’t take your life too seriously. It is about falling in love, taking risks and doing out of the box stuff but with a curve of smile on your face.

This movie has left an impact on every person in their early twenties. But a serious question, what this movie has done for people like me who have no line of action for future? The answer is, it has made us to dream again and has inspired us to take the attribute of writing seriously. Who knows someday someone’s dream may coincide with the reality and thus can result in someone, may be better than Mr. Bhagat writing best sellers and eke out a living out of it. With falling hairs and IIM on my mind, I can sense that something big is waiting in the wings….


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