A rendezvous with PGDM


After an exile of almost 1 month, one fine morning I woke up from the land of my dreams, lost in myself and strangled by a petty thing, I thought of someone. As I say think of the most beautiful person in your life and you will be happy again. So I thought of someone and as a result my mind was lost in that beauty, my heart was dictating the words and my hand was following what mind and heart were saying. I was doing something that I love i.e. I was writing again.

Let us talk about the time and get you all acquainted with the surroundings that I found myself in. An artificial materialistic place is what I call it, articulating it further a place where man has challenged all the limits. Pantnagar’s  green is replaced with the yellow, long trees are replaced by sky-scrapers, cutting my description short nature’s lap is replaced by an artificial man-made heaven and that too in place where survival can be difficult without the amenities provided to us. I have given words to the best of my ability but defining the place is impossible just like putting a boundary to the universe. Enough of the personification and riddles part, Dubai is my new abode and has caught hold of my imagination. Though my heart and mind have all praises for the place but still life is tough here. Induced cold to unbearable sun, morning pressure to work pressure, late nights to early mornings,  countless assignments to activities and not to forget the tension of the bigger picture (explained in the later part), managing all with a corporate smile on your face is called management. The sole reason of all of us finding home in this luxurious desert is to learn management. I don’t understand the concept of getting a certificate to become a certified manager as management comes naturally to us. We all have dealt with scarce resources like knowledge, money and time; we are born with skills to manage. Putting our scarce knowledge in exams and scoring heavily is IMG_0188what we learn in economics, maintaining a record of our expenses is what we learn in accounting and the best part is finding time for all our needs and staying motivated add to our profile. Though need for belongingness dominates but still we have the power to make every second of night before exam count and compensate for the lack of need for achievement. I shall not elaborate further as my knowledge of statistics is limited and drawing inferences in not my cup of tea.

Many of us have come with pre cognitions of what b-school life is and have already decided the line of action. For some, the way to their dream girl goes through numerous mocks, unpredictable CAT, GD-PI exercises and the ultimate showdown at b-school. The latter one is a result of books that are aimed at earning money by selling a fiction with no story but only love story in it. I hold no grudges against them as one day I also want to do the same and eke out a living out of it. The most common feature of all the b-schools is the green but colorful evening where you see people walking together holding hand in hand and drawing the bigger picture and now you all will know what type of picture I was referring to in the previous paragraph. Life will be quite monotonous if we only study management and not apply it in practical sense. Trust me on the fact that managing a woman by your side is perhaps the most difficult thing and sometimes experience speaks for itself. Don’t think of me as a sexist it is just the male’s perspective is what I am referring to and female’s perspective is also welcomed and I am open to changes. This horrendously occupied brain always knits together beautiful stories about beauties with beasts but of late I have decided to do away with all the beauties and pass them into nothingness as they have done unprecedented damage to my life. The last line was a destructive interference with my brain leading the charge but being ruled by planet Venus, beauties and I always go hand in hand with my heart giving words to emotions (no inferences should be derived as this is not a statistical data). Adding on further there are few engineers like me who are trying to find the right direction by joining a b-school. They are determined not to label PGDM as their third mistake after engineering and promises of love but you never know I may be writing another version of ‘3 mistakes of my life’ after two years as writers are different and they do things that shouldn’t be done and then sell their experience for living. 

Managing the accounts in AED, preparing balance sheets of imaginary account and checking your pocket only to discover the large gap between the finances of imagination and reality. But I go by the principle that reality and imagination do coincide and lightening does strike twice. So one day our accounts will have the same balance and then we will put our practice in use and manage it, till then we can enjoy it. Life has changed and lots of things are added to it, thus making it more meaningful and more rewarding. I remember the first day when I walked inside the hostel, it was a concrete structure with artificial environment but now when I stand in corridor which were once empty I can feel the hustle and bustle from morning till night. A sense of urgency has taken a toll on engineers who are not used to running short sprints but marathons.  They have a laid back attitude towards life and I am no different. Study of management is tough as it teaches us to make 24 hours look like 26 hours and then 30 while you work. This seems impossible but let me tell you managing everything in this world is impossible and we are here to learn the impossible and portray it as possible. To limit the disparaging thoughts to none I always come up with rhymes so here it goes-     

I close my eyes,
and think of high above.
The zenith of the blue sky,
and my never diminishing love.

Opening the eyes, facing the reality,
I move along.
Surprised by the acclivity,
but I stay strong.

Moving ahead on the road,
the road less travelled by..
Dreaming of that heavenly abode,
I give myself another try.

Gathering all the strength,
I start to move again.
Owing to the journey’s length,
a beautiful trace is what will remain.

The path to my dream,
is full of ups and downs.
Difficult it may seem,
but i will reach that crown.

The thing i want to achieve,
I will have it, that’s what I believe.
One day i will reach another sphere,
where i can dream without any fear.

Beautiful colors of the sunset makes me remember the colors of life’s rainbow. Everyone has seven colors but I have a special one that compliments every other and thus being the most beautiful and the cherished one. Sun sets but only to rise again, just as I am moving from dusk to dawn and in course leaving a beautiful trace. So I will try and make my stay in Dubai meaningful and rewarding just as I have thought.


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