Thoughts of an ISOLATED mind

In the previous post I have already described what sort of a place Dubai is. Doing a PGDM with foreign exposure is something of a rarity, though many institutes give the degree of international business with many of its taker not having a passport. Discussing it further will only add another dimension to the evergreen debate of MBA, pagalguy is enough to eat the mind of your head and provide you with so called guidance. PGDM being a very hectic course takes all your time and you tend to hate it when you cannot do a thing that brings a smile on your face. After a month of struggle at the hands of it, I found myself in a forced vacation. A vacation  where you are bound to live in a 10*10 room, no friends around, no hustle and bustle; in short a vacation of sufferings. The silence is such, that for a change you can hear your inner voice and it gets broken when your fingers make contact with the keyboard while giving words to your emotions. An isolation chamber is what I call it and because of chicken pox I have to find a home in it. All the glitz and bling of the college is replaced by a stark silence and the discomfort of pox.  I am the chosen one and to make full use of forced vacation I am penning it down countering all the discomfort.

Some people need to go ‘through a break-up’ to achieve a ‘breakthrough.’ This is what I believe in, sometimes the true value of you is realized only when you are forced to move away from the most cherished or loved thing of your life. What this line doesn’t mean is that if you are desperate for a breakthrough in life, you just go and have a break-up. I always believe in natural course of change and one must cherish each and every moment destined for them. The adversity brings out the best in you and in an attempt to climb out of the hole you realize that the experience was worth as it helped you discover what the honeymoon of life failed to do. With all the discomfort of the pox, I have found a way to please myself and in a way I am learning something out of it.

Before joining IMT, I heard many things about B-schools. The first that pops out from my head is that ‘the B-school never sleeps’; yes it never sleeps at night but in the classes that are regarded as interesting. Every day without a doubt you can see heads falling and rising as the lecture starts and the skills of students are such that the stair architecture of classroom cannot disparage them from escaping the eyes of teachers. Early morning lectures are like pilgrimage and to reach there, pilgrims have to cross a deep sea of materialism which includes charming a beauty, alcohol intoxication and sleep (they say B-school never sleeps). In colorful green evening when you see birds chirruping around and their charmers enjoying every bit of them, there are few depressed souls who are desperately waiting for new birds, free from charmers so that they can charm something so rare in existence. Thanks to Mr. Bhagat on reforming the course curriculum of a B-school and making the ‘basic concepts of charming’ the most important subject to study with his books serving as references. Everyone criticizes him for the literary aspect but let me tell you the increase in number of aspirants for B-schools is the result of reforms that his books have bought. The sites of beauty and beast walking hand in hand or the charmers charming the birds, all goes to down to him and his work which connects those people who wouldn’t have tried to read a book if he wouldn’t have come into the picture. We must appreciate the things that he has done and yes these books are better than Rohit shetty’s movies which challenge every law of physics and come with a price of 200Rs having 3 hours of non-stop non-sense. The planet Venus has again taken over my thought process and my mind has started to revolve around the world beauty. The words flow effortlessly when I write about different theories related to them but trust me they are not directed to hurt sentiments of any particular sect of people.


IMT Dubai

In between a girlfriend and a wife, Mr. Bhagat has coined a new term i.e. half girlfriend. Comments on this aspect will be limited as my mind is confused whether it is the same concept of friends with benefits or someone considered good for flirt not for love. But still a new term in the ever-growing dictionary of life and needless to mention that this term is here to  stay as bulk of India’s adolescent population has fallen prey to concepts of crush, infatuation, love, break-up and the list continues. I was no different my first and only experience dates back to 5 years and trust me it was a roller coaster ride, nothing short of a story of a best-seller in today’s world. The good thing about past is that it’s over and as Antony has said deeds and truths are often interred with the bones, so let that past lay peacefully in its grave. But one day when I will look at trace left behind, I will relive it and give the most beautiful words ever written. Articulation of my thoughts further, time is changing and the confession pages after a brief hibernation have again become the source of entertainment on FB. Anonymous is again the new cool and people have started to find a hidden pleasure in loving someone and confessing the same on FB. PDA is replaced by FDA(don’t get confused with FDI or other finance terms as in one month of PGDM I have realized that finance is neither my cup nor my tea) and as usual the need for affection remains a top priority for all the budding managers. PGDM course has become a stairway to heaven and when I talk about heaven I mean a place where all the beauties of life converge. Paying a hefty fees, we all are buying a stairway to heaven and the interesting part is that government wants us to buy the same and is providing us loans at a subsidized rates.

I have to cease my thought process as the pain has become unbearable and my words are infinite. I will throw the remaining light some other day when my life will be colorful not monochromatic like it has been for the past 4 days. People ask me why I talk so less and to answer this question my inspiration Ruskin Bond comes to my rescue. Here it goes, “Normally writers do not talk much, because they are saving their conversations for the readers of their book- those invisible listeners with whom we wish to strike a sympathetic chord.”  I hope that I have disturbed that sympathetic chord yet again; stay tuned for more as the writer in me will never pass into nothingness as it is the only beauty associated with me, Mr. Keats will never be proved wrong and the joy of this beauty will only multiply.


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