A Beautiful Soul

Once in a lifetime you meet a person so pure and your mind gets lost in his/her beautiful soul. You get drowned in the aura surrounding that person and you long to meet that person again in the near future. The beauty of the person makes you dream with open eyes and take you to a world where you can move hand in hand and live your whole life in his/her arms. The nearer you come to that person, the more you get lost in tranquility and serenity. The fragrance is such that you can smell a whole new life and you get addicted to the person. I also met a person so alluring that mind has not stopped thinking of her from that day. People say sea and shore are two different things but I have seen both in a single person. She will drown you in her grace and tranquility. Then she will pull you back and take you to the shore so that you can drown again. Going by the trend I can say that swimming is not my cup of tea as I always want her to help me reach the shore to drown again.

She is a girl made of expressions but limited words; it always inspires me to write the emotions that I feel and thus extracting those priceless words. I can say that there are things that you cannot buy; her expressions and limited words only reinstate this fact. She is as pretty as a picture and after seeing her, my life is no longer absolute. It has become relative and the highest value of my scale is the measure of her qualities. I am lucky and at the same time blessed to know someone like her. But in my life a moment came when parting our ways was the only solution left as I had no answer to her question of whether I am in love with her or not. Dreaming of a girl all my life and when she stood near me I couldn’t hold on to her forever and my dilemma let her go.

I saw a beautiful beginning with her but I didn’t want to see the end as nothing in this world is more beautiful than her. Ending that ongoing trend would have passed my beauty into nothingness and I cannot prove Mr. Keats wrong. She was like my escapades to life and my windows to dream. With a hope of meeting her at the cross roads again and her ever charming face in my mind I moved along. There was something that made me believe that this is not the end of the road and some day there will be a moment when we will talk away to glory and those beautiful walks will come to sand again.

My belief and hope came true and we met again but things were not the same. She again asked me that what I feel for her. With prior experience of a broken heart in my previous attempt to live happily with a beauty, I chose to limit my words. Smiling at her question I replied, “Your beauty is rare or one of a kind and labeling it as mine is not my intention, I forever want to be that admirer who will make you remember the attributes that you have.” Dumbstruck with my reply she was silent for a few moments and that loving silence made me question my decision of letting her go. But as soon as I started to doubt my decision she came with perhaps the most fitting reply which I was not expecting. She said, “My beauty is like a rose, I want you to be the thorns surrounding the rose and protect me from every admirer that comes my way as I want to get admired by someone who values my words, loves my silence and makes me feel special with his words. Will you do that?” The sky had fallen on me and looking into her deep eyes I could hardly mew a word but strength from an unknown source helped me give words to my emotions and I said yes with a smile. The whole coffee shop was watching both of us but we both were so lost in the emotions surrounding us that we felt as if world has stopped to witness perhaps the most captivating moment. We both were looking in each other’s eyes and were talking without words. We both knew that we will not be together as we wanted to be but still an esoteric relation will continue forever and the trace left will be followed by many and will glorify with every passing minute.


the beauty of the rose

I was so lost in her eyes that my mind started to rhyme and our emotional talk without words was interrupted by the sound of glass falling. I discovered that she had spilled the glass of water and the silence was interrupted with laughter. A lot happened over a cup of coffee, two souls talking together and promising to be each other’s strength. To define my feelings of that moment I waited for the right time and came up with a poem that defines her eyes as nothing in this world is more pacifying than to get lost in her eyes; deep as an ocean.

I look into her eyes, I see a world..

A world so rare in its existence..

Those beautiful eyes deep as an ocean..

I am left with nothing but to get lost in the moment..

Swirling in the waters of her eyes’ deep ocean.

Feeling every motion that she feels..

I am all covered with the blues of sky..

I feel safe in her eyes..

I feel loved in her eyes..

I feel calm in her eyes..

I feel blessed to have looked in such beautiful eyes.

In her eyes I can see my future..

Hopes of a better tomorrow..

Waves of the ocean tossing me up gently..

I can feel being loved in every sensation.

I have seen my dream in her eyes..

A world where we will wake up together..

Move hand in hand together..

Grow old together..

Live every moment together..

The water of her eyes’ ocean splashing against my face..

Drowning me inside the deep ocean..

Without leaving a trace..

That day marked an end to our beautiful meetings but also a glorious beginning to something that is rare on this Earth. The relation of roses and thorns between two people who once saw a world together. But as you know when the rose gets plucked, the thorns get separated from the rose and wait for the season where they can again have a rose to protect. Life moves on and you meet new people, some impress you while some admire you but there are some who take your heart away and in return becomes a part of you. She will forever be the reason of having rose as my favorite flower and smiling while walking amidst the gentle breeze. One day we will again meet at the top of the world and will see the glorious trace left behind and share those beautiful moments again. Till then I will live my dream to bring out the best in me.


6 thoughts on “A Beautiful Soul

  1. Omg! Itz beautiful…. I felt like crying… I had goose bumps at few instances! I mean I always adore ur writing but this one piece is awwwweeeessssommeeee 🙂 keep writing 🙂 :*

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