A beautiful memory

A momentary break in the flow of words and an aberrant stopping of the thought process accrue that I am a student again. MBA can bring out the best in you but the hectic nature can take away the same from you. Though it is not a fault of the MBA, it will go under the education system that on the name of exams test one’s knowledge and try to predict the future by a single piece of paper. I found myself in a place where all I was thinking of was economic usage of time, framing law or norms for the exam week, calculating debts and receivables for managing whatever was left in the pocket and above all taking all the things into account to draw statistical inferences of the expected CPI. The above reasons are enough to tell you why I struggle at the hands of exams. The motive behind writing this article is neither talking about MBA nor teaching lessons, it is about a small incident that made me took an errand on the road taken in the past with beautiful memories decorating it just as the flowers on the side of the roads. Some may say that this road leads to nowhere but for me this road connects my heart to the brain and serve as a link between an end and a glorious beginning. Taking that long walk in the past, I drowned in those memories which in itself are a wonder, picturing them brings a lasting smile on my face. Sometimes dreaming of the past with open eyes can lead you to somewhere and that somewhere is place where you can find the beautiful trace that you left behind. The footsteps that you have left in the sands of time will never get lost so that you can follow and live them again. For me it is like turning back the time which brings a contradiction to the fact that time once gone never returns; just savour the moments and you can roll back you clock anytime you want.

Amidst all the tension and hectic schedule you try to find peace in every situation. When a lost you enter in the common area and hear something that stirs up your mind and disturbs the sympathetic chords of your heart. A magical impact leads to a place where you once belonged to and leave you speechless. The moment when you listen to a song that once held many meanings for you. How beautiful are the feelings that flow after the song touches all the unassailable chords of life, the rhyme pacifies you; all you need is a pen and a paper to describe it and add another paragraph to your life’s passage .Memoirs of the song that binds me to a special person and of course the reason for that esoteric relation but as we know some things are beyond one’s mind and strangeness of the end is the reason for every smile. It takes me to a place where love was still young in my blood and was trying to find a way out to mark the glorious beginning of something that completely transformed me. The time was such when facebook had started to dig a grave for orkut and google+ was still in the developers codes, camera phone was the new cool and android was an alien to all the users. Closing years of teenage life coupled with feelings of love, I felt something that is rare and beautiful but at the same time a force to move a step further to express your feelings. “TERA HONE LAGA HUN” the words of the song which means that I am becoming yours, instilled in me nostalgia and has bought back that beautiful phase in which I tried to charm a beauty. It takes me to a world where SMSs were the lone carriers of feelings and internet had not yet given a different level to admirers of beauty. The song held many meanings and I pictured each and every effort that I took to make her feel loved. In between those countless tries there were moments when you thought that it would not happen and doubts arouse in your mind. All those frustrations of failed attempts bring out the best in you and you charm the beauty of your life. The same happened with me too, but to my surprise I discovered a beautiful truth after falling in love with her. We all know that the most basic etiquette is lady’s first but this doesn’t hold true when it comes to giving words to your feelings. A general understanding is that the beast must be the one who moves the beauty with his words to a place where they both can stay. I was not aware of this fact; my every try was a waste as my beauty also believed in this fact and as I say beauties are difficult to understand that is why beasts are blessed with mind and beauties with glitters that act as a fuel to trigger the thought process of beast’s mind.

It seems that love is in the air today and my Venus is on overtime as it is making me dream with open eyes. The dream of a fairy tale having someone who after silencing my every daemon danced with my angels. Some people say that fairytales are too good to be true and the phase comes to an end sooner rather than later. The beauty of my life also thought on the same lines and bid me a farewell saying the fear of the fairytale’s end got to her. Describing me as too good to be true she left the dream and bought an abrupt end to the fairytale. I don’t know whether to take it as a compliment or a consolation and in between all this confusion you smile because it happened. I am not that good to be a dream but I believe that life is all about making everyone smile and that too in a situation when you cannot smile. Moving ahead, spreading this magical curve and increasing it by making them feel loved, gives you an unconditional happiness. The best part is when you smile with them; leaving all your troubles behind. Writing all this I have the most precious gift of smile with me and trust me on the fact when I say my words are unbiased, coming straight from the heart.

The IMG_9320joy of doing things that you love is nothing when compared to doing the same thing for someone who values it, just to bring that priceless smile on the face of the person. Sometimes I feel that I am blessed with this uncanny habit of making people happy with my words, surprising them and leaving them speechless. John Keats was right in saying that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. But when you let that beauty pass by and not experience it, is a pain forever. Your brain will counter the pain by an alternate theory stating every passing minute is an opportunity to turn everything around. You tend to wait for that right moment so that you can turn everything around with an accuracy of a dime but that moment never arrives. Beauty once lost is permanent and then you have to append your dictionary by adding impossible to it.

Having giving words to the feelings that were triggered by that song, I must get some sleep as early morning classes takes away the liberty of enjoying the beautiful colors of night. Sleeping amidst countless stars peeking in from the dark. I wonder whether my life is an open book or is it a book too good to have so many radiating objects peacefully looking at it. But then u see the rising sun and realise that probably there is only one person who wants to follow you and those countless objects are a part of that person.


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