Walking past a dusty road beside a lush green lawn with small drops of dew still present on the top; sometimes morning is beautiful and triggers in your mind the nostalgia that you are running away from. The aroma of the atmosphere disturbs that emotional chord of your life which has a direct connection with your past. Yes my past is glorious though people may say spending 20 years in a small town can never lead to glory. My town is a place away from this materialistic world, the serenity and tranquility of the place will drown you in an ocean of beauty. It has everything that a city dweller dreams of. Giving words to my feelings has become difficult of late as managing a scarce resource called time has resulted in prioritizing things and owing to never ending assignments you are forced to give up things close to your heart. Heart and mind can never concord on the same thing until and unless that thing is necessity of sorts. Quitting is easy but it comes with a cost and makes you an average, mediocre and unimportant person.

Today my heart is dictating words early in the morning and I am writing in the footsteps of dawn rather than pacifying night. What has bought about this change, probably the shift in weather has transpired something and we know winter is coming. I love the part when the joy of hot sips of coffee is increased by gentle breeze with a bit of nip in it. Coffee has become a lifeline for me and my only source of inspiration. MBA has taken toll on the frequency of my posts but it can never overpower my passion to write as I believe in the power of my dreams and is perhaps the most powerful thing that I have ever witnessed.

The time is such when the imaginative powers of people have taken a dent and they are forced to think beyond the ordinary. It happens whenever Mr. Nolan comes up with his new project and Interstellar is only a testimony of it. Love is the only thing that transcends time and space, and my connection with this four letter word is inviolable. Another thing that has become more prevalent these days is display of affection but there is a new dimension that has been added to this never ending phenomena and which doesn’t need a hash tag to become trending. The public display of affection has reached a different level but the new form of affection is slowly but steadily catching it up. Facebook display of affection is what I am talking about and has crossed boundaries of all sorts and may have resulted in people guessing the orientation of a person seeing the extravagant post having every inventory present in the arsenal of love display. Sometimes I also wonder if the bond between two people is that strong as conveyed by various emoticons whether a personal message or a call can better serve the purpose. But as soon as I write this I remember the aim of social media was to increase sharing and no wonder that Mr. Zuckerberg has targeted India as a major force for this public sharing. India has come a long way with time, there was a time when it was difficult to give words to your feelings of love but now you can outsource this part and people like me are to be blamed for it. Though outsourcing can prove to be a blessing if the feelings are true but it hurts me the most when I see the status changing like oil prices and everyday hearing a story of heart break makes me sad. I being a victim of same can sometimes over sympathize but still the game played with the emotions is perhaps the most painful and difficult to get over.

Few days back I was busy capturing some moments of an event organized in our college. Doing a thing that I like brings a smile but this time it was a revelation of sorts. The innocence that was locked in my camera amazed me and made me realize the complexity of the world that we live in. This complexity is the result of our excessive high-level thinking on clamant things dissolving the essence of the world. A kid’s face having a thousand words and all it demands is a simple mind to understand the rhyme that those words convey.

IMG_4346Having an opinion about everything is perhaps the most important thing in this world as otherwise you are mistaken of not having those circular objects that constitute the most important part of body when it comes to multiplying. I also have different opinions on variety of things but sometimes I prefer to maintain neutrality as a biased opinion cannot serve you for long. Yesterday a sudden storm of thoughts came into my life and was abated by telling a sweet lie that I am not a master at. One of my friend expressed her feelings to me and asked me whether I think of her on the same lines. My mind was in a dilemma whether to speak the truth or not. I told her that she deserved someone better but I knew the search for that better is never ending. The storm passed and my mind started to come up with theories surrounding this someone better. I have been on the receiving end of this line many a times and the search for that better goes on. Is this better a hypothetical thing or way to maneuver someone’s emotions away from you? My search for the better is never ending as I found the best and there is no superlative of the best. In course of my search I discovered there is a life beyond this search which inspires you to love and become the reason for someone’s smile. My mind starts to rhyme as soon as something related to life interfere with the rainbow of imagination. To sum up my above world beyond the search, here is the rhyme-


Looking at the road less traveled by..
Suddenly an inspiration passes by.
I see it..
Feeling the morning azure..
Struck by the fear of failure.
I conquer it..
Standing on life’s crossroad..
Searching for heavenly abode..
I look for it..
Looking at blues of sky,
an inspiration to fly high.
I feel it..
Message of love in every sensation..
Moving to every changing destination.
I spread it..
Facing all the highs and lows.
A constant feeling to bow..
I fight it..
Going beyond my vivid thoughts..
Finding myself in an unfamiliar spot
I change it..
Dreaming of that beautiful face.
Living together in the heavenly place..
I love it..
Falling in love again and again..
Despite all the refrain..
I believe in it..
I wish to be in a sphere.
Where I can dream without fear.
I hope for it..
I hope, I dream, I believe, I conquer and I feel life’s every bit..
as I move, I live it and I write it..
Life is worth living and treasuring..
Just hope for a better tomorrow and start believing..

Still remember those countless moments that were once the world for me and now have become a distant dream. People come and go and play their part but the thing that hurts the most is when they leave you to perform the last and the hardest part. I have been trying to finish this part by trying to complete a promise but the path to completion goes through my dream and achieving it has become difficult. This last para sums up my struggle of November, waiting for December to come up with something that can bring me to the stellar.


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