A coffee with a Girl

Fortunately I am on a much needed break of a week and to multiply my joy and make it reach the zenith of the sky, I am writing again. The journey from the nadir point to the zenith is in itself like an expedition to search something having no sure-shot results. For a change MBA, so called value adding thing is not cutting my wings or chaining my imagination and I feel free. The freedom, I was after for a long time. Spending your vacations in a place where you have spent your glorious past is a thing that makes me happy, I love my hometown. Pantnagar has become a strange little place, where I am rambling as a stranger amidst crowd of unknowns. Those walks are no longer beautiful and those flowers are not blooming with fragrance. The essence of my every errand is missing. Sitting in a corner I notice a faint me walking past with that jubilant smile and group of friends. I see a young boy holding hands of a beautiful girl, as I move I see and relive each and every moment spent here. A sudden cry breaks my dream; these moments will never come to sand again.


it seems right..:P

The winter is coming at my place of study but it has already gripped my hometown and the bulk of the day is spent in the blankets with hot sips of coffee. The coffee is my only life line in this world of competition and till date it has not betrayed me. This coffee is very similar to a girl and is available in different variants. The regular is your wife to whom you are used to and any deviation from the normal is having an iota in it (refill is also free). A girl pacifier is your black coffee as both allay all your negatives. A girl friend is like a latte with extra shots of cream, once the cream gets over you realize how overpriced was it. Those espresso shots are like every opposite sex you interact with and thus in short the world you live in. The companions at work are best suited to be named as cappuccino as they promise a lot like the froth and the sweet-spoken quality is attributed to the heart made on the top of the froth. They never deliver much just like the cappuccino incapable to quench your thirst. But one thing that must be remembered is if you find a friend in a girl then nothing can stop you just like a coffee at the stroke of a midnight. Comparing a girl and a coffee should not be misunderstood and my love for both is infinite making hard to choose. They both have the capacity to cause insomnia depending on the potency of you consumption or closeness. You need them in proper amount when you are going through a heart break. Just as you take small sips of coffee, knowing a girl in one meeting is impossible; they are a complex creature and many things are buried inside them. So a girl deserves attention and should be handled with care just like that small cup of hot coffee, if not done the right way can leave permanent stains. Addictive nature is the thing that fathoms every depth of life, yes they both are addictive though if a girl leaves, you are forced to give up but as I said the loyalty of coffee is what separates it from a girl. If you have a girl in your life you don’t need a coffee but people like me still want it owing to severe addiction and call it as silent protector. If you don’t have a girl you deserve a coffee to strike that sympathetic chord whose sound has become coarse. I am from the masculine sect (the most hated nowadays) so I have written about a girl and a coffee, for the opposites you can change that girl to a boy and trust me results will be the same. Opposites attract and are seen together, same is my theory that only proves my above statement. This above comparison should be taken in a light sense as the world has become more and more complex because people using their mind on clamant things. Girls are a special being and for me they are like the only ones to exist as they have become my constant and the most powerful source of imagination.

The thing that I like about coffee chains in India is the ambiance and comfort they provide. Grab a corner, open your diary and start writing with sips of hot coffee. Intermittent breaks can treat your eyes with beauties that may serve as an inspiration for your next task and also provide much needed ignition for fresh thoughts. My past is a result of what happened over numerous coffees. Missing the time when a pen and a paper made my day at any such place. A writer’s delight is what I call it. Waiting for something to happen over a coffee. I am regular visitor of the coffee chains as it invariably satiates the need for coffee and the beauties serving as an inspiration.

My cup of coffee has reached its end with only the last sip remaining, I want to savor it. Forcefully I have to cease my words as my addiction to the last sip has taken a toll. Thanks to that beautiful friend of mine who shared not a single cup but many cups of coffee on a single day with me. This aberrant flow of words was a result of my conversation with that beauty and trust me when I spoke all this she was not offended. Lately these words have become few but still as long as my coffee stays with me these words will always find a way to come out in the best possible way. To sum it up a secret for my every admirer, I prefer it strong black without any sugar.


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