The Joy of Giving

Yesterday walking on a familiar road..
Hustling past the crowd of unknowns..
Winter was at its peak..
Sun was playing the game of hide and seek..
Suddenly someone pulled me back..
I stopped and looked around..
Couldn’t see anyone I continued with my errand.
After sometime I heard a voice so sweet…
This again stopped me in that street.
Then again someone pulled me back..
And I saw an innocent child reaching out for help.
Suffering at the hands of winter.
She was forced to beg…
untouchables and unwanted were her society’s tag.
I looked for my wallet and gave her money..
The smile on her face spoke everything.
Her innocence touched my heart..
So I took away the money,
and watched that smile disappear.
I offered her my piece of meal..
Smile was again instilled as if she got everything..
I heard several rebukes directed at me..
Accusing me of her situation to be..
I moved along…
paid heed to none..
As I had given happiness at least to one..
I returned to that place..
Searched for that familiar face..
On seeing, she rushed towards me..
As if she saw a savior in me..
Seeing her hands shivering..
I gave her a blanket..
And things that were in my ambit..
She is also a human..
And being poor is her reason for extrusion..
My effort, may be small..
But the satisfaction I got was above all..
Sometimes one must move away from receiving..
And live the joy of giving..
Life is meant to spread this smile…
as you move ahead mile by mile.


The innocence captured by me..



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