The passing year

Sometimes in your life a moment comes when you have to choose between your heart and brain. Today I was in a similar dilemma and as usual my heart got better of my mind. As a result I am again hearing my favorite song with intermittent cracking sound coming out of my keyboard. The weather in North of India has taken an unfamiliar turn with temperatures in single digit and for people like me the number of hours of sleeping has soared to double digits. Reducing my intake of coffee and the cold weather has made me spend most of the time in the blanket. A caffeine intoxication week is what I call mine but one thing for sure my love for coffee will not diminish, it is only a cessation to further increase my love for it.  The festive season is round the corner and people have started to make plans for the same. This Christmas and new year once held manifolds meaning in my life, but this year they will pass as normal days, as the reason no longer exists and I don’t want to live in the strangle hold of the memories.

This blog is a result for continuous torture at the hands of hectic schedule and thus to get assuaged from all the pain, I am writing. The joy of writing increases when it brings an eternal joy to your heart and leaves you smiling. The year is coming to an end and seeing the trending collage on Facebook stating that it was great year, makes me wonder whether I am the only one who wants to get over this year quickly. Yes it was a hard year and keeping my boat afloat I needed a fuel called hope. Sometimes hope from an unknown source also helped. As we move along in this world we meet new people, some delight our heart and some get hold of our mind. But there are only few who find an irreplaceable place in our heart and complement our mind, we call them special. Whenever I close my eyes I feel very close to those people and sometimes the distance becomes only a number as the soul to soul connection takes over. How evanescent my relation will become to those people but I will forever love those moments which left me speechless, surprised and gave an unprecedented joy. Some things go on forever and our esoteric relation will remain constant as a mole.

Started with a honeymoon in TCS but it didn’t last for long as the situations got better of me and I was left desperate for some positive to come. As time passed everything was interred with the goodness that I found myself in and that smile was reinstated. Needless to mention my association with the beauties, the planet Venus always comes to my rescue when it comes to beauties. I must say after a heart break, my heart started to dream of the rarest of beauty and when I came close to her, I couldn’t mew. The relation of a rose and thorn is what we share. Someday when I will have the strength to tell her or give words to my feelings, I will transform her world into a fairytale with her as the angel.

After few days a silver lining was lived by me and I found myself at IMT Ghaziabad. But as we know the happiness is like a butterfly and we must not pursue it. It flew away from me and I found myself in a familiar place. Taking life with a pinch of salt is one thing and life becoming a packet of salt is an entirely different thing. The blogging came to my rescue and I loved each and every moment associated with it.

The year has finally passed and I am waiting for the festive season amidst the exam fever. But as you know my heart always gets better of my mind so you all can guess what I will be doing. As the year comes to an end, wave of dissatisfaction prevailing in the country (lethal than the cold wave that makes us shiver), we all wish that the next year will mark a change. The New Year will inspire us to inculcate in us one good thing that will bring about a change. The change must start from us. Give your ideas some air and believe in them as someday they can bring about the change. Five years back Santa gave me the most beautiful and cherished gift of my life, though I lost that somewhere in the sands of time but still memories bring an unconditional smile on my face. Drowned in memories, my childhood comes to my rescue, on this very day every year I used to keep a pair of socks beside me before going to sleep and my mom used to put chocolates and toffees in it. When I would get up, my mom would tell me that Santa came and gave you all this….I wish on this Christmas eve all your wishes may come true and SANTA CLAUSE give you everything you want (am keeping pair of socks again) …probably life’s not that easy but am still smiling…MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR..

I hold my pen to write..

The feelings that I want to indite.

In course I lose my way..

And there is something that I want to say.

The bond we shared, I remember.

The relation that will stay on forever..

How dearly I wanted you to stay..

And there is something that I want to say.

Pretty as a picture, you are.

Like that beautiful distant star.

Coming to the fore with all the positive rays..

There is something I want to say.


The thing I wanted to say..

Another year comes and goes..

But what stays is the beauty of the rose.

May your day be special..

May you win every battle.

May you get a surprise..

May you spirit rise.



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