The Pleasure of Hidden LOVE

This will be probably my last post of the year and as the clock will strike 12 on 31st, my mind will go back to positives of the year. If I talk about the positives then how can I forget that beautiful soul who instilled in me a hope to live again. The thing I have learned from her charming character is that the most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen and just listen; perhaps the most important thing that we give each other is our attention, a loving silence often has more power to heal and to connect than the most well-intentioned words (told her many number of times).

She asked a simple question many number of times and I lied to her every single time. One day I saw a dream of her and I decided to tell her the truth. I abhorred that truth but I am glad that I told her as that has made all the difference. She made me dream so that I can move ahead. Her efforts never fell short and I was lucky to be at the receiving end of it. She instilled that lost smile again and is probably the reason for me writing again.

She is beautiful and after seeing her, my life is no longer absolute. It has become relative and the highest value of my scale is the measure of her qualities. I am lucky and at the same time blessed to know someone like her. One of the purest of soul and by her simplicity she takes my heart away. I have tried many times to define her in words but till date I am unsuccessful. One day I will define her with the most beautiful words that I know and will definitely add another part in our ongoing life.

I have tried to define her in rhymes and I will continue to this as I love bringing a smile on the face of that special someone. This poem was probably my most recent attempt to define what she means to me. The poem goes as-

as the wind ushers past my face…
touching my life’s every possible space..
went outside to feel the morning azure..
drowned in the thoughts of beauty, so pure…
thinking of her, my heart flew..
I think of you, I dream of you..

Thinking of the past, things were tough..
the act of betrayal, the time was rough..
One day an angel came…
with all the happiness and gave me some..
dumbstruck by her beauty, i cannot mew..
and nw i say…i think of you, i dream of you..

the past was blown away…
memories no longer stay..
such was the power of your conciliation.
and i found myself in a different situation..
you have always given me happiness in lieu..
i think of you, i dream of you..

u have gotten hold on my imagination..
my heart is filled with elation..
someday i will follow the beautiful trace..
thinking of you, the angel face..
i wake up in senses completely blue..
as i think of you, i dream of you..

you made me dream again..
you made me live again..
you bought back the smile amidst all the pain..
and now i know we will meet again..
from morning till night, my thoughts accrue..
i think of you, i dream of you..

If you look at the impact that she had left on me, I can easily say that her soul is as pure as gold of 24 karat. Just a confession that the person behind all the motivation is the same person. I still dream of her and once in a blue moon I think of her. Today was a coincidence and my moon turned blue (pun intended).

HAPPY NEW YEAR friends, we will meet again in the next year yes my resolution for the year will be to take the art of blogging seriously and become more regular in writing. 2015 will mark a beginning of something big..


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