An ODE to The Anonymous

It’s been eleven days into the New Year and the creative side of me has not yet established a connection with the rainbow of imagination. I won’t call it lack of creativity on my part but the cannibalization of one form by another aspect of it. Yes for the first time in my life there is something that has abstained me from writing. Sketching on the walls of my room has become a new escapade to life and thus explains my situation of not being able to come up with this much anticipated New Year blog.

What is new in this year, Earth has a single moon, sun is rising in the east, setting in the west, days are of 24 hours and I am still waiting for my time to come. This singlehood has taken a toll on my thinking, and to be precise this phase has lasted for around 545 days with no hope of reverting to my usual in the near horizon. So what compelled me to write this blog and find some time out from my new hobby? Few days back I was conversing with the most beautiful soul of my life and her suggestion struck my temple quite hard. She wanted me to write and try and find someone who loves me and not my words. According to her my words are well intentioned or have the power to capture any heart and make that beauty fall in love. The thing that made the difference was her confessing of falling for me and not yet recovering from it. Yes there was a time when I wanted her to be mine and everything to happen with an accuracy of a dime and as usual it rhymed. My life has changed and so does her, clinging to the hopes of a better tomorrow together can easily stop the natural course of change. Yes that beautiful soul will forever be my inspiration to write and what will continue is an esoteric relation with a soul to soul connection.

Life is strange and when you delve into different spheres leading to a same center, you discover the complexity of it. And adding to my complexity are the dreams that I see every night in my sleep. As usual I will be at the center of everything and that beauty will come up and disturb the strings of my heart. There is nothing aberrant in this as being a boy in early twenties my fundamental right is to dream of beauties. The thing that disturbs me the most is the anonymous nature of the beauty. Soon I will find myself in the wrong side of twenties thus making that anonymous nature a constant source of a pain, sweet in nature. The happiness is sour and the pain is sweet, where am I heading to; is a serious question now. Perhaps I am feeling the joy of dreams that assuage me from all the pain and leave me speechless, motionless but with a smile on my face. Listening to Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here, my heart is just oozing with words to define the feelings that I have for my anonymous love.

Today I sit back and think of the time..

When a beautiful face strung thousand rhymes..

Thinking of that beauty my heart flies..

To a land of dreams where that beauty resides..

Her beautiful eyes..

Deep as an ocean..

The water of her eyes’ ocean splashing against my face..

Drowning me inside the deep ocean..

Without leaving a trace..

Coming to shore of the ocean…

I think of that charming face..

Face that I compared with the rose..

Thorns were me, petals were her..

And it created a different stir..

Once I saw her by the river.

The feelings of love started to trigger..

I took the opportunity and held her hand..

Kissed her and started that beautiful trend..

She used to meet me in my dreams..

Those dreams where we will walk hand in hand..

To a place to which we belong..

Dreams never came to sand…

And something broke that beautiful strand..

Though the feelings remain the same..

But a pain of having anonymous as her name..

The pain is sweet in nature but too much of sweet can lead you to a place where there is nothing sweet. Drawing unusual IMG_8074analogies is my forte and the reason for my insomnia is too much sweet which comes from my dreams. I will put an end to this blog by answering a simple question. Everybody asks me, are you over her? No, I am not over as she was never over me and returning the favor without receiving one in not what I believe in (pun intended). Just stop you bee buzzing in my bonnet as I already have many to deal with and sorry this one is not on the list.

Disclaimer: This blog is a result of constructive interference of the recent happening and questions that I prefer not to answer. If this has resulted in hurting your sentiments, then I am sorry that I don’t feel apologetic. Don’t ignore any mistakes as they are all mine and fun is all yours. Happy Reading…..


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