The Past Valentine

Love is in the air and I can sense that in the aura surrounding me.The world seems to have stopped for the people in love and for others it is just as usual a clamant occasion. Love is a strange thing and teaches you lessons which you run away from, the whole of your life. Amidst all this love, I also found myself in a familiar place and with a familiar person. Yes the person was once my valentine and my reason of enjoying each and every emotion associated with this month of February. What transpired in the past was beautiful but making it your reason to live is not intelligent. Thus moving on to the other side of life is the best you can do but this month of love will some way or the other make you remember your past. A strange thing happened in this week of February, I was standing in front of my past, the reason for not feeling love in this pure month. A dilemma was what I found myself in and to counter my instincts I started to move in the other direction. But her instincts got better of her and she started to move in my direction. To better describe my emotions, my mind started to rhyme. Here it goes….

Few days back on a familiar road..

I saw a familiar face..

The face of thousand lies..

And still a mystery, despite numerous tries.

Trying to avoid her..

Briskly I moved along..

But as I looked up, I saw her..

Waiting to create another stir..

Looked into her eyes..

The world stopped for a moment..

Asking answers to the questions..

And trying to put an end to all the repercussions..

Those eyes were once the most beautiful thing..

My escapades to life to my dreamy wings..

They no longer hold any meaning..

As my life has moved form that end to a new beginning..

Trying to strike a conversation..

She started with a question..

With my insides turned to ash..

I preferred not to answer..

The silence was my weapon..

Perhaps the most powerful expression..

The strange was her voice.

As it was telling the truth instead of sweet lies..

Gasping for words..

Emotionally strangled..

I gathered my strength..

Told her that she means nothing to me..

And I am not available for another spree..

Rude it may seem..

Difficult you may call it..

But it was my last bit..

What remains is an afterglow..

For these words to flow..

You call it strange or call it erroneous..

I lived a life of thousand lies..

The pain is sweet..

And the happiness is sour..

Waiting for life to show what’s in store…


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