Frequent traveling for a month has made me consider my future once again. The joy associated with writing about the journey and places has given way to consider a possibility of becoming a travel writer. In the crowd of strangers you tend to connect the dots and find the missing piece of the puzzle to complete the beautiful picture. My eyes can never miss out on a thing that has some beauty attached to it. Thinking of all these and life that is perfect for you is considered day dreaming, I must abstain from dreaming in the day as most of my nights are pictured with picturesque dreams. Some time back I was dreaming with open eyes and obscuring the reality that ultimately resulted in abnegation with a pain consuming whole of my dreams. As a matter of fact I have started to look for beauties with open eyes with my mind adding the rationale aspect to it.

Yesterday was a strange day, though my life is having every ingredient that makes it strange but still there was something more aberrant to it. I was in a car driving on a cloudy day with a breeze brushing past my face, stopping at CAFÉ COFFEE DAY and after having espresso shots I couldn’t sleep the whole night. Seems very uncomplicated and a usual day at the office barring the sleep part as an espresso shot doesn’t have the potent force to disrupt my sleep. Introducing cool blue in the picture will definitely add a different color to my black white story. Being a coffee maniac, the cool blue is certainly not the thing that I will order visiting a coffee house and adding a bit of dazzle in ice is certainly not me. Yes I was not alone and was probably on a date with someone who is quite opposite to me. I said probably because I am not sure whether she considers it a date or a meeting to see me getting drowned in hot sips of coffee and her beauty. Yes I was not alone in the car; sitting to my left was a beautiful girl. I was on a date after so many days and my usual charm was in hibernation and the same got exemplified when she told me that words are to be priced out of me. She even offered a bribe for the words to come out but I was certainly not in my zone. The world cup fever was all over the CCD and seeing Ireland winning over UAE, I ordered an Irish coffee with extra shots of cream. And the sweetness of her voice couple with creamy coffee was a combination that didn’t allow me to come out of that shell. Seeing her playing with her long hairs and listening to her bought intermittent smirks and with the Irish coffee taking me to a different level, I was all but lost in the moment.

Dating a coffee maniac and that too in one of the leading coffee chains is difficult but to my amazement she pulled it off effortlessly and thus made yet another beautiful memory of me with a beauty Happy_Valentine's_Day...!at the coffee shop. Getting into a bit of details about our conversation and I say a bit because my words are biased and hands are tied to give words to the moments that had the capacity to take the breath away. We talked about the long gone past and my struggle through it, though not in a mood to discuss it but still cracked jokes about it to make her smile. Making a beauty smile and adding another attribute to her aura is what I believe in as it makes you experience a dimension that even Mr. NOLAN cannot think off.  She did the most of the talking and I was busy capturing the beauty in my eyes as meeting her has become a rarity of sorts. In between never ending talks, she tied her hairs looking into the small mirror just added more to the endearing moments that we were sharing. The time I loved the most was the selfie time that had RETRICA all around it. Clicking selfies in the coffee house to experimenting with them in the car just added to fun that we were having clicking them. Thanks to my modest knowledge of clicking selfies, the poses were repeated several times (and I used to think selfies don’t require pose).

The meeting ended with a long drive to the place full of green and by green I meant the literal aspect only. But my mind was not at peace and when the peace of my mind is taken away; my heart comes to my rescue and starts to dictate words. So here it goes-

The pleasant breeze…
Sitting under a beautiful tree.
Counting these countless stars..
And my journey so far..
The dark and pacifying night.
A beautiful you, in my sight..
Living a life from dusk to dawn.

With a spark to move on..
Past no longer hold any good..
I tried and gave the best i could.
There is something in the wind..
Stirring up thoughts that are rind.
Sometimes I think of you..
As beauty is always in my cue..
Enjoying this night, i smile..
Reason being your distinct style.
You came to me will all positive rays ..
Today i resurrected you in my own way.
Enjoying this beautiful time.
Stringing words to express my heart’s rhyme.
Going with this wind, i move along.
Meeting you in a place to which we belong..
I sit here, lost in the light of the moon..
But calling you my life perhaps will be too soon.

So finally an eventful day came to an end and yes as I clearly say writing fictions is my forte. Writing about facts is just so boring. Considering it a fiction or a true incident is entirely on you. I write for the love of writing and sharing some news is just not on my list of things to do. Though I claim is to be a fiction but you never know with love in the air and planet Venus on an overtime, things can happen. Don’t ignore any mistakes as they are all mine and fun is all yours. Happy Reading…..


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