Move a little far

In due course of life you tend to think of the moments that make you rue or situations that if handled in some other way could have yielded positive results. We always want to remain in the comfort zone and struggle to enjoy the beauty of life. Through this poem I want everyone to realise that how beautiful life can be if a bit of abeyance from the status quo is practiced. Life is a journey and those who dont travel through it always remain on the first page. Just enjoy every word of what the book has in store for you.

Move a little far..
From those painful scars..
a place away from materialism..
Where evening sings a lullaby..
And you heart rhymes in rhapsody..

Move a little far..
See a different world..
Full of ineffables of love..
And Describing something surreal..
You Run after those beautiful words.

Move a little far..
On the fringe of infinity.
Get wet in the rain..
Experience the petrichore..
Let the real you soar..

Move a little far
Try and Paint a dream..
Bask in those beautiful sighs..
Not waiting for the storm to abate.
Or those chances of fate..

Let us introspect..
Feel those silent tears..
Hear those inaudible whispers..
Chose something out of the blue..
Forgetting the status quo..
Not trying to reach that distant star..
Just moving a little far…



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