It is been a month since my hands produced the sound that breaks the silence of the night and the emptiness of the morning. No I am not talking about the guitar as it is still in my wish-list and life is no e-commerce website where wish-lists materialize when you have a heavy discount levied upon them. I am talking about the cracking sound of the keyboard that comes complementary when my heart evinces a connection with my hands and results in me typing those beautiful words. What is special today that has made me to come up with something? The day marks the 5th anniversary of my blogging and in course I have learnt many things that have helped me rise to a new level. I want to thank that person who inspired me to come up with a blog, though that person has departed from the life after playing the part destined for her but once in a blue moon I miss her and her contribution to my life. Before my moon again turns blue I must focus my attention and get back to the main agenda. The past month was aberrant and I was finding solace in the black words written on reference books. I was busy finding the next level of my global senses to score heavily in global subjects. Yes the exams have the power to break all the rhymes of the writer. After suffering a bit at the hands of the exams, I was back to square one, Pantnagar with one of my foot in the manager’s boat and other trying to follow the same. Yes after a bumpy ride for a year, I have become a half manager. Pantnagar has again drowned me in its beauty and photographing it brings a smile to my face. Photography has the power to wake me up at 5 in the morning to capture beauty rare in its existence.

Beauties have always a way to my heart and as soon as I come here, my dormant connections with beauties come to surface again. On 26th of March when whole country was busy witnessing a drubbing of cricket team at the hands of Australia, I was utilizing my time to coffee date a coffee lover who unlike the previous time stuck to the standard of having coffee. Café de Elantre was the place that witnessed its first coffee date. The ambience inside the hall was pleasing but the aura of a café was missing. The absence of diffused smell of coffee was the first setback. The seating was comfortable but the tables lacked height and thus made it a bit clumsy. Enough of the review as I don’t write these, until I get paid. The girl by my side is beautiful and adding to her beauty was the constant smile which was result of my jokes that can make a person hate me as well. Moving ahead of cool blue and ice with fizz, she went with the cold coffee and I with my usual espresso shot. My second setback was the quantity of the shot and the size of the mug used for it. The day of setbacks was what it seemed but having her by my side was like eating away every setback. Café was also drowned in the world-cup fever and with every Indian wicket the expression on her face changed in a jiffy. Seeing India lose in a café sitting comfortably with hot sips of coffee was making me feel that we were enjoying the loss, so we decided to given another round of coffee a miss and decided to enjoy the drive.


The drive was the most beautiful part of the day and getting glimpses of her while driving was the best part of it. In between those glimpses were our candid chats that started with guava having red color. She apparently hated the camouflaged version which was a stark contrast when compared to me. I told her what it is like to have a beauty beside you while driving and the positive cognitions that passing vehicles can draw of me. My words were making her laugh and the complaint of previous meeting was gleefully resolved. After all I don’t like the beauties to complain as they are the best part of my life. After running out of topics we focused on clicking selfies to save the memoirs of our beautiful day together. And again I discovered how pathetic I am at clicking them. After managing to capture both of us in a single frame, the next task was to add the emotions part to it. My expression in each and every selfie can best described as naïve and it reiterated the fact that clicking selfies is something that has an iota to it and my mind doesn’t deal with complex numbers.

The date ended and we both were back to our home and before giving words to my feelings I remembered an incident that left me smiling. One day a girl asked me how is your life? After sipping my hot coffee I replied, my life is like a coffee, a beauty came and took away the creamer and another came and made it stronger; now I find myself as bitter yet addictive. Not to mention thatthese were the only few words we exchanged for over a month and my humour sealed the mouth of a girl with in itself is rare. When we met again she said, please let me be your creamer or allow me to make your coffee stronger, as stronger the addiction better is the bond. This is a small gist of how coffee toxication can take a toll on your conversations. Writing in the footsteps of the dawn has its charm and in doing so my mind has started to rhyme and my heart has started to sing a lullaby. It is best these words should find a way out and poem should reach the readers.

inspiring morning

inspiring morning

A dark dome of night..
To a glorious sun lighting us all..
Inbetween this a moment passes..
When the rays of light sneak inside in traces..
Peeking in from the window..
Waking you up to feel the transition..
You get mesmerized by a beautiful sensation..
You step up in a world which is magical..
With your mind lost in something surreal.
Your heart rhyming and sounding lyrical..
And your hands itching to do something fanatical..
feeling the morning azure..
You see a world so pure..
Getting hold of a pen to write..
And those feelings that you want to indite..
A sudden breeze brushes your face..
Instills life on a face so naive…
Emotions finding a way out..
In a best way to say out loud..
Yes the beauty of nature makes you a writer..
And you move ahead writing at every juncture.
Countering your frustrations..
With all the vivid thoughts…
Evincing the rhyme between you and the lord..

Diclaimer- Fictions are all mine and facts are all yours. Drawing real world conclusions will only result in wasting your time and adding an ache to your head. The coffee series will be continued….


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