The world has become a different place now, deviating values to changing norms and in between all this, your morals taking a back seat only if there is one. The idea behind this post is not to criticize or ridicule any sect of society but an attempt to reform those who have become impervious to every crusade. Let me give a glimpse of time where I find my abode in. The winters are far behind and the summers are near, the unseasonal rains have already done an ample amount of damage to the crops, making it extremely easy to predict a rise in inflation in the coming months. Dharnas and agitations are replaced by stings and the people are getting value for their votes in the form of entertainment. Entertainment at the cost of democracy has just diverted the attention away from the promises. In between all these there is something that has gained an unprecedented popularity and it is the word CHOICE. My life, my choice and for others there is no choice but to see one sect glorifying their act of choosing.

Dear Feminist,

From the bottom of my heart I respect each and every woman on this planet even the ones who took my heart and sold it in the market to get their wishes fulfilled. It seems strange in the world where every male is accused of things that they have never done or even thought, to find a nice guy. Yes all males are not culprits and sometimes I find these media campaigns or video campaigns directed at me. But still I keep my feelings to myself as expressing them will add another bullet to my chest as I will be accused of male chauvinism. But as I said I am a feminist and have always been in the fray of things that have been associated with the empowerment of the other sex. Yes I have never sat on dharnas or attended any mass drive supporting this cause and perhaps will never do in my life. According to the ideology I am doing nothing to support the cause. Carrying a pure heart and respect for every woman doesn’t serve the purpose for you all but if every male in this world does the same and carry respect with a pure heart, don’t you think the problem will be solved. Yes the problem will be solved and I am sure your revenue source will also be eradicated.

She never had any choice but to work..

She never had any choice but to work..

The art of conveying the right message is something that you people claim to have mastered. I believe the same as you achieve every target of likes and views even if it comes at the cost of confusing your viewers on the basic idea. Yes it is your choice to promote adultery under the banner of empowerment and one can argue that it is the choice of the viewers to like or dislike (though Mr. Zuckerberg hasn’t come with dislike button). Coming to word choice, how beautifully you have captured the nerve of every so called feminist in the country through this word. If you ask my heart who is an admirer of beauty, the video was done and dusted as soon as I saw Deepika looking sensual in it. But there was something that struck my mind and perhaps the only reason that allowed the emotions to flow and find a way out through this article. You laid a strong emphasis on choice but don’t you think there is something called trust, the founding stone of every relation. Turning the heat on choices of every kind you have murdered that budding trust in its very nascent stage. I will not call this video flawed I will call it unnecessary and unwanted. Yes a girl should have choices and should choose according to her mind and soul, but the choices that you want her to make will leave her with no one and she may suffer with something called loneliness or depression. Yes it is her choice to choose her partner and leave him at any stage or love him for her needs. But then she should not feel offended if her lover comes and talks of her depression like the lead actress of the video did on reality TV but then there will be no media covering it as it will fetch low TRP when compared to sensationalizing the same for the deprived sect. But still a nice guy won’t complain or ask anything, he will move on despite all the pain. As I said a nice guy will still respect the girl who broke his heart, flirted with his emotions, and loved him for her needs, as he is a human and respecting individual doesn’t come with a choice and this reinstates the fact that there is a stark difference between BEING HUMAN and HUMAN. The above mentioned things can be true for a girl also if she understands the pain of unwanted choices and unnecessary bragging on a clamant issue confusing with a bigger issue.

Instead of books she is performing maneuvers. She needs empowerment..

Instead of books she is performing maneuvers. She needs empowerment..

She definitely can have sex before marriage as everybody in this word is free to satiate one’s needs and sex is an important physical need. The problem arises when she files a rape case after her break up. In lieu of a promise of marriage she gave him her body is the most absurd reason that one can cite. Filing of such rape cases has led to delay in justice for females who were brutally raped and getting them justice is definitely everyone’s choice. Sex outside marriage can heinously kill the trust in a relation and yes it is her choice to end the relationship by cheating on her partner. But it is not her choice to grant the partner his freedom when he wants to move away from her, he deserves it. But what he gets is false dowry charges which result in out of court arbitration that costs the man a fortune. It is not her choice to decide the future of the kids as she already has made one which will result in the kids getting deprived of love of either the mother or the father. She can make choices to decide her life but cannot decide for the ones associated with her.

I have been through the painful phase after the heart break but then I discovered the joy of rediscovering yourself and trust me there are not many who can come to the fore again. This game of choices won’t empower any sect; it will promote hatred amongst people and make world a place where hatred will overpower love. Love is the purest of emotion and one should not be taken as a quantity of exchange in the barter system. Love when lost only carries hatred and carries a value that can destroy the whole universe. I want to see women enjoying equal rights, free from the scourge of every crime committed against them but I don’t want to see a divided world fighting amongst them. For my feminist friends I want to say as there is a stark difference between BEING HUMAN and HUMAN, there is an even starker difference between FEMINIST and BEING FEMINIST.

A message for every girl, in your journey through life you will find a person who will lend you his jacket in cold, who will share your happiness and sorrow, who will be your best friend, who will scale the odds for you, who can instill smile on your face, who will love you forever and he will be the one for whom you will the angel of his fantasy. Never let that boy be a victim a choices, hold him close to you as somebody as special as him is impossible to find and leaving him will result in you having no choice but to settle for a second best.


Note: Don’t ignore any mistakes as they are all mine and pleasure is all yours. Happy Reading…..


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