Today I woke up to see an unusual turn in weather with petrichor of the first drizzle of the season gripping the atmosphere. Clouds playing hide and seek with sun and the mesmerizing beauty of the place made me remember my home town. I just loved this aberrant change in weather and if you add few hot sips of coffee then the pleasure becomes incomparable. Seeing a basic phone that had keypad with no touch screen, made me took a dive into the past. How beautiful were those days when the messaging was not instantaneous and the wait for the reply made every message special. Limited was the number of messages that you had and of those mostly were reserved for that special person who has love-stamped your heart. If I go a further back then having a mobile phone by my side was still a dream and to satiate the need for socializing, I retorted to land line or waited for my father to come home and get hold of his phone. That was the time when actual socializing took place in the form of evening chats and the best entertainment was DISNEY HOUR.  After few years into the Y2K we had orkut, facebook was still in the developer’s code and google+ was probably not in any fray. Today we found ourselves amidst different glitzes of internet; we have INSTAGRAM for photos, QUORA for discussion, FACEBOOK for everything and WHATSAPP for messages. The world has changed and is now made of small wifi zones which unite to become hotspots, the building block of social life.

Yesterday while recollecting the happenings of the day I went on the whatsapp to see the messages exchanged. I was so lost in this activity that I decided to read conversations as old as 6 months.  I discovered that I had many types of friends and with every friend I had different type of conversations. So I decided to put them in different categories. The first one will be the strictly professional one where language is a bar with Hindi finding a back seat. Messages exchanged are limited to class timing or office timing and the use of emoticon is very limited. Then there are semi-professional ones which start from English and then drift away to Hindi but always end with English. The usual closing for such chats is with greetings like “HAVE A NICE DAY”. Strictly unprofessional ones were the most dominant in my phone and to give you a glimpse of the content will definitely result in being reported as abuse. These types of chats always bring the best in you as your creativity meets the rainbow of your imagination with no boundaries. The best types of chats are the ones in which you get a message after falling asleep and the next morning when you reply you have to wait till the night to get a revert only to find you sleeping again. This cycle continues and the chat never reaches its conclusions.

With the whatsapp becoming the only messaging application people like me struggled to ignore the unwanted with features like last seen and blue ticks giving light to our motives. But still there are few people who after being ignored continuously don’t give up and out of frustration eke out a reply out of us. But these chats don’t last for long as human is a master at making excuses and one can put to use any from the long list. Some chats can never reach the prime and are restricted to exchanging pleasantries. With the mobile markets flooded with smart phones, it was inevitable for your mother and father not to blow away in the wind of the whatsapp. Yes the messages exchanged with them are perhaps of the most sophisticated language which seems very pleasant to the ears. Yes the innovative explanations of late night last seen are attributed to the iota in your thinking. There are few chats that are limited to sending forwarded messages and unusual ways of saying good morning and good night, these are the ones which eat up your phone memory. Whatsapp contact list full of groups and firing messages meant for one group in the other group is a common feature. I too have done it many numbers of times but I can think of a single incident which transformed the life of one of my friend. Status message tells the story of your life but doesn’t come with a like feature. And due to the absence of this feature few chats are limited to complimenting statuses and diva like display pictures that have the potential to make your heart skip a beat.

If I will be a bit gender specific then you will find every emoticon used in course of chats with a girl and hardly a few when it comes to the boy. A chat with a boy hardly lasts for 5 minutes but with a girl who has the potential to take your heart for a toss, there is no limit; and we claim to be unbiased when it comes to both the genders. The possibility of finding the potential love makes the person spend hours and hours waiting for the message. One-side messaging has given a new level or a new low to one-sided love with only difference being the presence of the option of blocking the love with block feature. The emoticons of whatsapp, perfect to convey any emotion or hidden desires find the safest place in lover’s closet. Using them with every message exchanged adds the missing bite to the long distance between them. Though love birds have started to use another tool called SNAPCHAT but the inception of such a culture is owed to whatsapp. A red heart for a weekend full of love, a green heart for an eco-friendly love, yellow heart for a friend with benefits, a pink heart for a sober love and two piece heart for the love that has moved on, as I said every emoticon has a story attached to it.

Other stories attached to emoticons will be discussed in the subsequent part as internship is here and I have again become a 9 to 6 employee who is not allowed to use any brain. Whatsapp has revolutionized the messaging part and it was bit of a surprise for me when it penetrated every sector of the society. Now text messages lay peacefully in their grave with Undertaker (the wrestler who came out of his grave) like features. Few text messages pop up every now and then only to get buried again. If you are using whatsapp then think when you sent a text message last time. I sent a one while writing this to a beloved as I wanted it to reach without any dependence on the fluctuating data signal. No prizes for guessing or brewing up stories related to the recipient of the text message.

Don’t ignore any mistakes as they are all mine and fun is all yours. Happy Reading…..


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