The Dilemma of Lunch

Dealing with the paradox of expectations and reality, here I stand or rather sit (corporate life) on the crossroads to choose the mode for my sustenance. Not to mention the dilemma has given life to the writer in me and from a dormant state to the active state, the transition was rough and hot. The hot part is due to the rising mercury of the place and the rough is related to the arduous one. Running round and round around the same thing is what I am good at but today being a very hot day, I will directly jump to my agenda. The dilemma of choosing between aloo parantha and aloo Burger, it may seem a very clamant thing but I am sure after reading this you will comprehend my stance about deciding my mode of sustenance.

Aloo Parantha an Indian delicacy eaten without any discrimination all throughout the country and is readily available from 5stars to rickety stalls. This for many is a secular diet and eating this satiates their need for equality. On the other hand we have burger a product accused of being a descendant from the union jack and is the jack of all hungry stomachs. This misunderstood piece of bread is categorized under the junk food category and thus comes free with a scolding if eaten frequently. I don’t like both of them because of the analogy that my mind comes up with linking both with life.

Whenever I see the hot sizzling parantha, I remember my corporate life and the sizzle that used to come due to the various pressures. If you closely look at the parantha you will see few spots where oil has not crept in and few black spots (over cooked). In life there are few parts where you over do things and also there are some neglected ones. We hate both the parts and strive for that perfectly oiled brown spots which makes our eating a delight. More oily the parantha more damages to your body just as bigger the company more the formalities and bigger the problems. When I think of the burger it makes me think of the part where you are sandwiched between problems and people enjoy from the sidelines like the one relishing the burger. Toppings are like those countless boulders which pull you back at each and every step. I can sympathize with the patty which has no option of going anywhere but in our stomach just as life from one end to another end.

Though my life has an evergreen connection with the paranthas and that green has nothing to do with cilantro that people add as a topping or filling. I remember eating these with fresh butter and different kinds of pickles just like this world eating my life without leaving a trace. Sometimes the world enjoys me with a bit of IT topping and other times they couple me with some sales pickle. The most loved Indian cuisine is aloo parantha and though it faces competition from different kind of foods of different origins but the slight changes in the toppings always reestablishes its monopoly. The differentiation and cost leadership as compared to its competitors gives the parantha an inherit advantage over its competitors. Though globalization has resulted in alteration of recipes but the end result is always the same.

Think of this special Indian bread as the industry you work in and yourself as the potato inside it mixed with different kinds of toppings and seasonings. It hardly matters whether you like it or not as all that counts is the end result that must be loved by the customer. The baking part of parantha can be compared to the different struggle that you go through and even if your asses are on fire and you cannot quit owing to the desires of the customers and illusive profit. Pleasing the customer is my only concern working in sales and marketing firm just as the potato stuffed bread that I am writing about. Add-ons to boost the sales are given in the form of water mixed curd called as lassi or raita which invariably makes the customer to eat more. The same goes in life when we see some freebies being offered but with a difference of diameter of hole that it burns in our pockets.

Writing about it I myself tried to make this special Indian bread and discovered how similar it is with my career. Dough and other raw materials are the attributes that you have and the rolling part can be compared to the efforts that you put on in making your life successful. Ingredients and attributes add flavor to your parantha and life respectively, so one must choose wisely.

In a way these bread are different from us and could make you jealous even. Seeing your crush tossing a bite between her lips, how badly you will want to be that parantha is not worth mentioning as it is worth feeling (pun intended). But alas! There are differences that one has to deal with. Love for parantha can be constant but love for a human can never be. The most important difference being the price, you pay to buy a parantha but same doesn’t go with life. For some your life can be priceless and for others a means of entertainment or flirt having no value or a value of a freebie.

All this while I have lost the count of my phone’s beep, probably someone is eager to have me on the other side of the table to share it…

Best enjoyed with ALOO PARATHA….


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