In bEtween

Sometimes you wonder about the transformations that you go through each and every day. This sudden introspection makes you think of the things that have been marked as clamant. These things establish a connection between your hear and mind thus evincing the beautiful rhymes.

In between every dusk and dawn..

Lies a new start..

Playing altogether a different part..

Moving along a broken path..

With all the feelings aftermath..

In between every start and end.

We live a life..

A subtle life..

Sometimes beautiful..

Sometimes dull..

Striving for an emotional lull.

In between dreams and reality..

There lies a struggle..

Unknown struggle..

Struggle to hear those inaudible whispers,

Which your mind deciphers..

And your heart becomes a spurner.

In between the smile and sigh..

Lies a silent cry..

An alluding cry

A cry that makes me think of you..

A cry pure as a morning dew..

In between you and me..

There lies a distance..

Transforming love into hatred.

Smile into pain

The reason for every change.

In my rhapsody and fantasy..

Still lies you

A beautiful you.

Slipping as the sand beneath my feet.

Or as a breeze brushing past my face..

Taking me to our world without leaving a trace.


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