The Mistake

It is been around a month since the esoteric connection of words with my heart has disturbed the sympathetic chords of my readers. Selling and marketing are the new infatuations of my life and have over powered my zeal to enjoy the love of writing. Today was also a one long day of me trying to find some potential buyers amidst the crowd of people who direct jibes at you when they hear you trying to sell something. Yes selling is something that I suck at and probably this internship has given a good sense of direction of what not to choose as a career. Getting off from the metro and attracted to the smell of coffee, I found myself engrossed in the aroma of the place. Grabbing a corner at a coffee chain is what I am good at and adding to that the intermittent flirting with words that establishes a connection to a different world where both the loves of my life i.e coffee and words reside.

11256556_10202906948474380_2404970529183554322_nThe heat is at its peak and thus has forced me to resort to artificial world, the world of ACs. This world has the potential to allay your sufferings but in the longer run becoming a reason for that suffering. Though I suffer from myopia (short sightedness) but still cannot decipher the long run, the irony of life of a student in his early twenties. Delhi metro is my favorite spot to put my thinking cap in the over drive mode and fathom every depth of situations that I face on a daily basis. Not to mention the sufferings that one sect of people has to go through while the other enjoying every bit of travel. A rare day at the office when I got my long due wish fulfilled. Yes I got a place to sit in the metro but the day was not over yet. My life is full of twists and turns, and life without a pinch of salt is not something that I am used to. Standing infront of me was a decent looking guy in his mid-twenties. In a way I was busy observing the changes that will come to fore few years from now. Beside him was a beauty standing with those trendy sony headphones which have become a sort of fashion statement for the teens. The usual environment was the same with few people busy with their beauties and others enjoying the picture of charmer charming his beauty also called as PDA.

The beauty of the delhi metro is that you can find every type of person travelling and yes a place where anyone can enter without any discrimination. In between this a moment came when the hustle bustle was bought to a rest and all you could hear was sound of two hard slaps. The sound in itself instilled a fear in the mind of listener so I started to look for persons on the two ends of the slap. I didn’t have to search for long as I saw the same guy who was standing infront me holding his cheek. I had figured out the receiver and now I had to look for the other strand. Frivolous rebukes started to flow from the mouth of a beauty and trust me the words were of such a standard that even a guy will think twice before speaking. Accusing that decent looking guy of molestation, girl was all over that guy and without even giving an opportunity to prove his innocence she started to punch that guy and started drawing crowd to her side. I intervened with a lot of difficulty and stood in between the girl and boy. The metro was so crowded that I struggled to move few feet towards the couple. I asked the girl to calm down but she was not in a mood to add some coolant to her hot temper. On the other hand guy continuously apologized and was maintaining the fact that the push was not intentional. After half an hour things returned to normal with silence replaced by hustle bustle, beauty and beast busy with their PDA and doors were again opening on the right. I took a moment and talked to that girl and told her that if a touch from any opposite sex disturbs her then this compartment is not meant for her. With surprise and anger written all over her face, she was about to direct her flurry of holy words towards me but in doing so she lost her balance and fell on the adjacent passenger. I helped her to get up and asked whether she was okay. She replied to me and said, ’probably you are right I took the matter to the extremes and should consider travelling in the women compartment.’ Moving towards the exit door she said sorry to the guy and got off at her destination. The guy and me exited the metro at the same station. I saw his girl friend waiting for him at the station, he looked towards me and smiled, I also returned the same and added pace to my steps to reach the exit door.

Yes the world is a different place now and hatred has over powered love. This hatred has divided this world making it impossible for the love to thrive. You cannot single out a person from this incident who can be levied upon with all the mistakes. She is living in a world where all sorts of heinous things happen and he is living in a world where every male is accused of doing such things. Yes we live in a divided world and thus making it altogether more difficult to make this world a better place.


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