An Arsenal Fan

Pires plays a perfect pass over the defense. Henry at a ridiculous angle and there’s no time to take a touch.. I can bet, thousands of people in red and white, all over the world know if it’s Henry it’s possible. The moment it strikes his boot, I know it’s going in. For a fraction of a second, every Arsenal fan holds his breath. For a fraction of a second, the world stops moving. Then, everything explodes into motion again. The ball is at the back of the net…

We have seen highs and lows but in recent years more lows than highs. Still there is something that makes me say ‘I AM A GUNNER’. Yes these words are very hard to hear and may serve as a joke when said infront of football fans. If I go back to our invincibles there was some10431574_988837601157007_3599420157754454376_nthing in their play right from passing to finishing it off with the goal. The finesse in the play of Pires, the ruthlessness in Viera, the speed of Henry and those deft touches of Bergkamp making it a treat for a football fan and thus laying the foundation of the strongest bond that exists between football and its maniac. As time rolled on the disappointments of failures have just overpowered every joy that was associated with being a GUNNER. Like every football fan I also lay down my expectations on transfer window but an Arsenal fan knows the pain of seeing his favorite player giving up the red and white jersey for the illusive trophies. The transfer window used to be a horror with the captains taking an exit route. We have nurtured players in the past and they all went away in search of greener pastures. They become greats of the league but cannot return the favors to the club which gave them wings.

The games are won by the number of goals you score and not by the money you splurge out in the transfer window. But in premier league money can buy trophies and in turn glory to the club. Yes we have seen this transition since the arrival of the billionaires in the league. Yes we are not as glamorous as MANU and not as successful as BARCA but still we are a consistent team (you can read it as 4th spot in the league) and produce some breathtaking moves on the field. Everyday I check the rumors of the transfers and seeing an arsenal connection just adds to my smile. Yes I remember the day when we made our first major signing in years, MESUT OZIL and the following year we had ALEXIS SANCHEZ. Yes from miser to spendthrift, the journey has begun and one day we will splurge out 100 million every year and thus adding to the fire power. There will be a day when we will stop following the French League and our 9/10 signings will not feature French players.

A new season will begin again, pressure of winning the premier league after 10 years, illusive Champions league and above all a new hope to find a hero in the team. We may have won two consecutive FA cups but still the hunger for the league is only glorifying and sooner rather than later we will see the magic again. Ozil will play a perfect ball, Cazorla will curl an accurate cross, Ramsey will move away from his marker and Sanchez will unleash a powerful strike finding the back of the net.



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