A Tribute

Taking deep breaths before every writing session has become a habit of sorts. Probably a result of the uncertain time period associated with every sitting. Or trying to free my mind of any anchor that exists and ceases my imagination. You need to drown yourself in the idyllic place that your mind dreams and must catch hold of every word that your heart dictates. You cannot learn to write in the classes of creative writing, you need to experience, drown in them and then put it all together in those well intentioned words when you sit down to write. The most difficult art is to write a fiction as the experience part is missing from it. I prefer writing fictions as the pain associated with the facts of my life is unendurable. Some call me an absconder but I prefer not to land myself in some unwanted trouble that may hamper the flow of life. But sometimes writing some beautiful passages from your life helps you in learning few good things and reinstate that missing smile on you.

Yes today I am destined to write something about one of the most precious possession of my life. It was this month 6 years ago when an introvert approached an extrovert and thus changed the outlook, approach and course of my life. When you stand on a beach and try to move forward, you get a feeling of moving backward, such was my life before meeting that extrovert soul. If I say meeting, then you will have to go a further 5 years back when out of some forces of attraction I invited that girl to his birthday. That is what I remember of the relation that we shared at school. Life changed in those five years and every force of attraction was due to magnet or induced current, an elusive dream of clearing IIT was like the ruling planet of my life. As soon as I realized that the dream was too good to be true, I resorted to Venus and since then it in on an overdrive mode for six years.

Getting back to the context, yes I approached her after a gap of 5 years and since then I have never looked back. I still remember the start when we used to talk on gtalk messenger and everyday at 11 am sharp I would wait for her. Invariably she used to come and the sound of her ping used to make my day. If somehow she couldn’t come online, I used to check her orkut scraps for her presence. Those were orkut days and no facilities of checkins, so checking the scraps was the only source of information from which you can decipher anything. After the initial part of internet relation, we finally met not as strangers. We used to meet every day at stadium and used to talk for long hours about life. Yes those conversations left an ever lasting impact on me and transformed me into a person whom people love to talk. Slowly but steadily I started to feel the magic of love for her. Realising this she sealed our long conversations and beautiful meetings. I thought that my part of the story was done and dusted with the game of attraction again started with someone else. When I stood on the crossroads of labeling a beauty as mine I consulted her and after her nod I decided to become the opposite pole and get attracted to the other beauty.

The world of lies and sorrow started but I had her friendship still with me. Yes she was the first one to friendzone me and since that day the zone has only expanded and over powered every zone in life. Moving ahead with a beauty by my side and a friend like her was a joy. The happiness was shortlived and I found myself on the wrong side of the heart break, yes I call it wrong because the pain was all mine and the pleasure was all of the beauty. She came to my rescue and imparted a new sense of life in me and we somehow unlocked a new level of friendship. She has literally showed me that a boy and girl can be great friends, a level above the best friends. Photography and poems are the common link through which we are attached and not to forget the immune thread that we keep on stretching to discover new levels of a male female friendship (I read it as my friendzone). There is a hidden pleasure in loving someone who cannot love you back and the pleasure is all mine for the past six year and for a change the pun was unintentional.

Amiable, charming, amenable, amicable and etc are adjectives for common people but I have her name as replacement for theses and the power of her character overpowers each and every one of them. Her sweet voice makes me leap like a long lost voyager on seeing the shore. Her mere presence is what defines the world for me and her lessons (the ones forced on me by her) defines my path of life.

A picture form our photo-walk

A picture form our photo-walk

Every good thing comes to an end and so does our part of PANTNAGAR, which gave us those beautiful moments to cherish. Those photowalks will never be the same again and clicking pictures without her will no longer be a thing that I will look forward to. The worst part of distance is you don’t know whether they will miss you or forget you. But as I say distance is a physical quantity, a dimensionless vector, the displacement of our soul to soul connection stands at zero. The relation of peach and mango will continue forever. And yes I have ceased my forces of attraction so that no other beauty can come and reduce our area of friendzone. Though not no need to say this but I LOVE YOU..;-)


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