Emotional Drinker

Slowly but steadily the cracking sound of my keyboard has traversed its journey from being a rarity to becoming a daily affair. Yes you cannot keep me away from words for long as something that has a strangle hold on your heart and mind cannot lay peacefully in hibernation. It finds a way to surface out and thus evincing that beautiful connection that rules my life. From frustration to jubilation, love to hatred, facts to fiction, these words have always paved their way out of my heart and thus allayed me from incongruous situations. Yes these words are my escapades to life, my windows to romance and my companion for life. They have neither betrayed me nor left me like all those beauties who took my heart away in haste and never returned to see the person who once lived for their smile. As I say hatred has over powered love and to assuage our pain we resort to various assuagers. Let us drift away from the pain and talk a bit about those pain relieving substances.

Delhi is a place where you find beauties and beasts living in harmony with each other and painting together a bigger picture. On a green evening I also got lucky and had a beauty by my side. Yes the connection between beauties and me is incessant and always interferes with my rainbow of imagination. Articulating it further, I was with a girl and we were roaming around the busy street of Khan Market. With intermittent overdrive from Venus i.e. flirts, we both were talking about life and how it has treated us. 10153807_10200999596791780_6855847473793480649_nWe both decided to give our feet a rest and went to the CAFÉ OUT OF THE BOX. She didn’t take long and ordered one pint of CORONA and looking at her I could have easily guessed her ordered. She was about to make it two but I interrupted and asked for VIRGIN MOJITO. She burst into laughter and asked me a simple question, what is so virgin about your life? Instead you should go with a dirty mojito. I was gasping for words but somehow I gave an answer, I said ‘yes it is an irony that a person like me prefers it but if you leave the dirty part of the story aside, I want to feel the opposite of what I feel everyday i.e. fucked up and being a fan of Hemingway I went with mojito. On a serious note don’t feel like drinking at this point of the day.’ She burst out laughing and after few censored words she was back in her senses. Lack of alcohol makes the mojito virgin just like life without problems and spicing it up invariably makes it dirty as in the dirty variant of mojito.

My knowledge of beverages is something that I always boast about when going out with a complete stranger to my complex world of emotions. As we started to talk the sacred liquid inside the small bottle was making short work of her, a discharge from normal after three pints of CORONA is what you call corona discharge and not the one which you study in those electrical classes. After dodging her many questions she came up with a sober one and I chose not to dodge it, an aberration of sorts if you compare with my previous encounters. She asked, ‘do you drink? Are you an occasional drinker?’ No I am not an occasional drinker. Surprised by my reply she said, ‘looking by what I have seen of you, you are not an avid drinker so

long island iced tea :P

long island iced tea 😛

what are you?’ I chose to duck under the follow up question and changed the tide. After a discussion on almost every topic you can think of, we got stuck on the word love. Hearing this not so common four letter word (common being lust), the emotions started to flow and you search for a thing to allay you of all the pain. The absence of any writing medium made me resort to long island ice tea, the sacred liquid that I talked about. Those beautifully crafted bottles perfect for photography, excites me rather than the content inside them. After the first LIT, second was flirting with my tongue and the first one was trying to get better of my mind. Informal candid chats continued and we both were enjoying each other’s company and as soon as third LIT started running turmoil inside me, the dance floor was looking as the place to be. After dancing for an hour we decided to take a walk outside. The best part of the night is always that walk which makes you forget all the tensions and eases you from all the anchors. ‘You are not an occasional drinker, you are an emotional drinker ‘, were her first words and unknowingly (I think so) she kicked me. Time is strange and a glass of long island ice tea is making short work of people…Adding a long island to the ice and tea can change the whole game. People get hit sensually and thinking of the satire in getting hit I get hit physically.

With aching head, paining heart, revolving world and lost senses we both bid a goodbye to each other. Yes nothing happened between us but a lot happened inside my heart and mind. I woke up the next day completely blue and an overdose of LIT coupled with a pretty lady was already taking a toll on me. But still there was an urge to write something and I came up with a poem of what I felt that morning. Here it goes-

Opening my eyes…

In the world so pure..

Wine on one hand,

And beauty on the other..

For every emotional cure…

Looking in her eyes..

Drowning in the deep ocean..

With sips of wine…

A surreal sensation..

The whole world exhilarated

My heart intoxicated..

Evincing the connection..

Between the heart and wine..

With the beauty promising to be mine..

The mirror, the glass and the sound of pouring..

The touch, the aroma of the beauty so captivating…

Choosing between this wine and beauty..

The mind starts to sing a lullaby…

The wine taking me higher and higher..

But it resides in beauty’s cellar..

Beauty with wine of every kind..

A dilemma ties up my mind..

Whether the Small potions of wine. Make my world daze..

Or it is not the fault of wine..

But her gaze…     

And I am back to mojito virgin in nature, a cure for hangovers. Enjoy this encounter with the beauty and the alcohol which many regard as a deadly combination.


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