The roots

We all wonder..
How life has changed..
We all wonder..
How things have moved..
We all remember..
The sweetness of first love..
We all remember..
The Heartbreak’s emotional shove ..
Looking for the reason..
Moving from every treason..
We get lost in those alluring toots..
Forgetting our purpose of life..our roots..
Love and sacrifice..
The virtues on which world thrives..
Replaced by hatred and lust..
The world cries..
Looking high up in the sky..
I see a change coming by..
The change starting from me and you..
Wiping those invisible tears in lieu..
We all must change but not try to scoot..
Just remember who we are…our roots..

O thou Lord hear my plea..
Let the world move from materialistic spree..
Let the world dance in the rain again..
Let love overpower hatred again..
Make the world smile again..
Evince that bond between the world and you again..
Free the world of all the pain..
So happiness can all that remain..
We must enjoy whatever life brings..
And let love and care be our joining strings..
Clearing the mist obscuring our view..
Let us move away from dense soot..
Let us not look for reason, or try something new…
Just never forget our roots..


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