The Wait

Today I woke up to notice an unusual change in me. The petrichor has already gripped the aura and there was a surreal feel to the world. Yes things surrounding me were beautiful and for a change my mind and heart both were rhyming in concordance. This type of aberration is very rare for me as my mind is horrendously occupied with things that doesn’t allow it to rest in beauty recited by the heart. My heart has always dominate my mind and as you know I believe in speaking truth from the heart without allowing you mind to play the spoil sport. To sum up my unusual deviance was the fact that I was busy recollecting those beautiful messages exchanged with someone special. Those beautiful messages were acting as a path connecting my heart to brain and thus proving to be the way for the emotions to flow.
Last night was something more than a dream. Consider yourself infatuated to someone and after 3 years you find the same person very close to you. Words may fall short to define the feelings but sometimes to live that beautiful moment again and again you need to define it in the most beautiful words that your heart can come up with. Yes my life is complex and I have a tendency to fall in and fall out of love but sometimes you feel that just the mere presence of someone is disturbing the most beautiful chord of your life and thus producing a melodious sound. The sound just tames your mind and constructively interferes with your heart and making impossible for you to look beyond the ineffables of love.

Starting the day with all the feelings that form the perfect ingredients of a story, I moved along with my daily errands. Reading novels in classes with sips of coffee in the break and intermittent flirting with the past or some beauty is how I spend my day at Bschool. Today I was waiting for a message from the same person who captured my world of imagination in the morning and was toying with my emotions since then. Yes after a torture of two lectures I received the message which stated 4:30 in the evening at CP. My wait to meet her was finally over but my boring classes were still running riots in my head. The best part of reading a novel in the class is that it allays you of all the sufferings and takes you to the world where you hear a lullaby and your heart starts to rhyme in rhapsody. This dream comes to an end when the teacher asks you something or get a glimpse of the pleasure that you are going through, a stark contrast to others who are concentrating on the lecture.

At 2 I decided to leave my hostel for CP so that she didn’t have to wait and as a matter of fact the protocol is such that you can’t keep a girl waiting. As soon as I stepped out, the traffic on the road just caught my attention. It seemed impossible for me to reach the metro station but still with all the positivity I boarded the UBER and moved towards my destination. After 10 roundabouts, 6 U turns and 10 red lights I reached the metro station. Yes these things look very usual if you bar the time taken to complete this 10km journey. Yes the clock was already showing 4 and I was running late and that too better part of the hour. I decided to add pace to my step and rush towards the metro only to discover the balance on my card less than the minimum balance to travel. At 4:10 I received her message stating that she will be reaching Monkey Bar in 15 minutes. I had to jump the queue and had to ignore the rebukes directed at me. I boarded metro and called her to wait for me at the station. After 20 minute she called me and asked how long I will take to reach. Travelling in a metro in India can be a blessing and yes I used the most used excuse and told her that I am two stations away and metro is standing still. Going by the logic those 2 stations would have taken hardly 10 minutes but I knew it would take around 20 minutes for me to reach the place. After 10 minutes I chose to drop her a message and asked her to wait and not to call as the metro was way too crowded and of course included the word sorry whose creative yet efficient usage I learned at TCS.

The inner circle..

The inner circle..

Stepped out of the metro and saw her sitting on the stairs of the station with disappointment written all over her face was like facing my worst of fears but I had to stay strong. Though to my surprise her disappointment turned into all smiles as soon as she saw me. A tight hug and few inaudible (I chose to write them as inaudible) words, we moved to the Monkey Bar. Grabbed a pint of chilled beer and sat on the terrace with setting sun just made us remember those beautiful winter nights when we both used to look at the stars and admire the beauty of the night. To be precise she used to admire the night I used to get lost in her beauty and just let my heart take over. The rest was done with the words that followed and the instant poems which were like the songs that I used to admire her with. Beer is certainly not my drink and at times I loathe it, so it was time for some long island ice tea. Fortunately we shared similar feeling to LIT and after the first trying to get better of our mind, the second was flirting with our tongue. The time was limited and she had to leave but not before LIT hit both of us sensually. Toughest part of the meeting was to bid a goodbye knowing that these moments will have to wait as she was on her way to a different country. Disappointment of the short meeting got a grip on all our conversations but owing to my busy schedule of MBA, I couldn’t work any magic.

We both left the place boarding the opposite metros thinking of all the good times. I decided to drop her a message to just lift her mood and I ended up writing my heart to her. Once upon a time we were very close and the best part was that we were enjoying our share of love with someone else but were getting the much required peace out of each other. I may not have been in love with her but there was something that attracted me towards her and that something is still constant. One cannot name this esoteric relation, just can feel the emotions and every motion attached to it.


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