LOVE: As I see it

Lately I have been trying to write something but the words have stopped coming out of my heart thus I find myself amidst a creative block. I have tried numerous things to overcome the block but nothing has achieved the desired results. Travelling is a thing that frees your mind of all the biases that exist in this world, the reason for my short and unplanned trip to Pantnagar; my hometown. The place where I have experienced a phase where my heart beat for a beauty in search of love. Though the futile efforts didn’t lead me to love but the aftermath of it showed me the path leading to it. Basking in the incomplete sighs I found a person whose words just ran through my heart and disturbed those chords of my life whose sound had become vexatious. Not going into the details of the past as it is like a fuel for your present and one must judiciously use it for fueling the glorious days to come. What has triggered me to write something for the person whose existence I have always denied? The answer to this question is simple, a gift that made me feel special on my 24th birthday. Yes when I was celebrating with my friends I was missing the wishes from someone special. Though I received the wishes but still the usual connect was missing. Passed a day I received a call from some unknown number who told me that a courier was waiting for you. It was a cake and without reading the letter attached to it I knew it was her. The trend that started with gift of words has reached a new level and to my happiness I could relive every moment attached to that special someone.

Defining that special someone in words is perhaps the most difficult thing to do. I have tried to define her in the best possible words but till date her attributes have got better of me. Words need to be priced out of her, though I was lucky enough to receive her words in the form of letter which laid the foundation of something special. The thing that I have learned from her charming character is that the most basic yet powerful way to connect to someone is silence. Silence has the potential to overpower the most well intentioned words and in every chat with her the same got exemplified. It all started with a thing called mutual admiration and I faintly remember a letter that I wrote for her but the strange part was that I was not waiting for the reply. And to my surprise on one nippy December morning I received a message of asking me to meet her. With no precognitions biasing my mind I said a yes and thus I can say that this was the beginning of something which at that point of time I couldn’t guessed. She is beautiful and her beauty can leave the best staring at her. Came the evening we met, walked, and exchanged compliments and at last the reply to the letter with a touch of sweetness in the form chocolate. My first gift of words and yes they were nothing short of enticing me to write something that added another para to our ongoing passage. Some say that I was vulnerable due to a recent heart break and thought things from the heart by reconnecting events that were as random as they can get. I wrote a reply to her letter and my beautiful imagery impressed her and made her special. Days were spent waiting for her message and on night the dream of her engrossed my mind. Day and night are one and the same thing, nights make me dream with eyes closed and days with eyes open. Best part is when you try and preserve the dream to eke out a life out of it. Many call it madness but me it as an impetus to meet the beauty of life every day and night.

Days began to be incomplete without her but nights were always beautiful. Those beautiful words to never ending compliments,72178_556928984347873_874920998_n I could sense love in the air brewing out of our heart and mind. The wait for the night was glorified as I expected something special every night and her words would never disappoint. Our walks became frequent and my love for her became more eloquent. My love spilled out of the words that I used to define her, but my words could never suffice. The beautiful songs that I wrote for her can instill emotions in a detached person, so it is obvious that person like me will start to do something out of the ordinary after reading them again. It is impossible to define her in words and thus the reason of me going to rhymes as it adds an altogether a different dimension to someone’s world. Yes I can say I was in love with her but was not sure whether she felt the same. This mere confusion left me in a dilemma that still persist. Hearing her sweet voice is still the thing that I long for and her presence beside me is what I dream of. People call love as an emotion an abstract feeling but for me love has a face. Every time I close my eyes and thing of happiness, a beautiful face comes into my mind. The same face for which I strung together those beautiful rhymes, at times she will walk towards me and pass by with her aroma leaving a glowing trace on me. Without her days are incomplete and the nights serve as the constant reminder of her beauty. The time has played a spoilsport in our relation but still when I sit in peace and look at the moon I can only find a beautiful her comparable to the beauty of night. I remember every word exchanged to those wonderful walks. Yes I want to live them again and till my wish doesn’t come to sand I want to cherish them. She have been the moon all these years…an inspiration, a beauty and the best part of the night.

Night is all about getting lost in the light of the moon that comes through your window. A lost me and deeper shades of night, makes you feel loved and inspire you to dream again. Dream of that beautiful someone who once was the angel of your fairy tale and you find yourself waiting for her or to fall in love with her again. As the night glorifies, the joy of giving words to define that person increases. A hope of a better tomorrow a place where your dreams are standing and coming to sand, you lay peacefully in the arms of your angel, those walks are still beautiful and the words still find a way from your to her soul.

Once in my life, there was an angel..
Her beauty so enchanting..
Aura so divine..
Her eyes deep as an ocean..
A special creation, one of a kind..
And her delightful presence..
Still lingers on my mind..
Silence was her ornament..
Shy was her nature..
So beautiful those days were..
Sun and moon rising in concur..
A friend when I needed..
A companion for every errand..
Her mind so profound..
Turning my world around..
A moment came..
Everything fell apart..
Love was lost in the cruel game..
My dream still entrenched..
But my love was not in the fray..
Where have you gone my lost love..
From those beautiful stories untold..
To the world in which we lived..
Just wish to hold you again..
And get refrained from all the pain..
An alluding cry to you..
My lost love, just remember me..
And smile whenever you think of me..


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