The Start

The first month of the New Year is already gone and I am still not over the after effects of the New Year party. Time has always got better of me when it comes to the running part, and as a result I consider it as my enemy and I have been killing it from the inception. We are into the beautiful month of February and the Venus in me suddenly gets that threshold energy required for ignition and go on an over drive mode. The month of February with love not only in the air but also in emotion, infact every possible motion inspired me to write something. Love the most pure emotion and thus February being the purest of month, spreading love and binding hearts. Many people set hopes on the month of February to get someone special or wait for the past to come to sand again. I just close my eyes to get drowned in something too good to be true.

She wanted some peace and I needed some driving force to channel my thoughts into words..
We both met, talked and went to a coffee house. She peacefully sat and drank her coffee and I just captured her beauty in the most well-intentioned words…Her beautiful silence made me dream with open eyes or in others words I looked at her without a wink. After an hour of flirting with emotions, we left but not before presenting her with her words just put together is a song which will rhyme in the tone of music coming from disturbing the most lyrical chords attached to her heart and my words. The writer in me will not limit the meeting to few words, so here it goes.

As I mentioned she wanted some peace and I wanted to drown in the beauty of someone to overcome the creative block that has hindered the flow of words for days. Yes the ingredients of a perfect date were there and thus pushed me to ask her out for a coffee. We have never been very good friends but of late we both found ourselves very close to each other but still that closeness had nothing to do with the usual attraction part. To sum it up, after a gap of almost a year I was accompanied by someone to the place that brings out the best in me.

We took our seat in the most comfortable corner of the café with the sunlight lighting up our table. The winter and sun is a magical combination for people like us, nothing brings more joy than to relax under the sun with cold breeze of winter ruffling up your senses. We had the best place in the house, away from crowd and strong aroma of coffee just adding the missing part to the environment. Accompanying her was a book named Norwegian Wood, looking at the cover of it just brought back all memories associated while reading it. We had a brief discussion on the characters of the book and then she warned me against ruining the suspense of the book (the lighter part of it was that the book had none).


She had a comely figure but what caught my attention was a saffron tint in her complexion. The eyebrows were crescent in shape and pointed inwards as soon as she caught me staring at her. Those swaying black hairs tumbling over her shoulder were enough for a person like me to get attracted to the beauty. Her lilac soft heart shaped lips and sugary voice were enough for me to get mesmerized by her presence. Adding to that the stain that her lips were leaving on the cup were driving me crazy. For a minute or so I wanted to be that cup so that I can taste those adorable lips.

After about an hour of drawing different pictures and arranging them to form a meaningful sequence I decided to give my thoughts a rest. I laid my head down and with my eyes closed I was trying to evince that connection or conversation with the invisible characters of my life. Seeing me she asked to get up and concentrate on writing the thing that has eluded me for the past 4 years. ‘My love for you exist in dreams so please don’t wake me up’, was my reply and trust me it came right from the sequence that I was dreaming about, it just bypassed my mind and thus came like a sweet riposte. She was surprised with my reply and for a few moments she was searching for words. After a long pause she said, ‘so your dreams are ought to be beautiful but reality will always lack as me and you, always in your dreams’.

Hearing her reply, my world in nascent stage came crashing down and as I say if you don’t have a girl you deserve a coffee. Coffee came to my rescue and I again turned my writing mode on so that I could come up with something that may act as a gift for her.

I dreamed.. She conquered..

I loved… She denied..

All this time, I wrote..

And She read..

In between those moments..

My dream came to sand..

Those flowing hair..

To that comely figure..

Cheeks like rose..

With perfection in her every pose..

As soon as I was closer to her..

The dream came to an end..

Probably creating a stir..

Writing this epistle,

I can picture her face..

My heart has remained still,

Lost in that beautiful trace..


And after fifteen minutes of my tussle with words, I came up with something and not disturbing her while she was reading, I left the place leaving the above rhyme for her to read. Not expecting anything from her I went home but sometimes the less you expect the more you get…

P.S. Mark this incident as complete… Writing further about what happened can only yield those biased words that I have reserved only for her…


NewYear Coffee

Writing today I have a new feeling combined with an energy that the mere change of year column in the date brings in the life. Yes we are in 2016 and 2015 lay peacefully into its grave. The year change never signifies any change in my life but when I take into account the optimistic part of me, I look forward to special things that may

happen. In the last year I was accused of being perfidious when it came to love and in my defense I had only words that were too uncanny for the likes of people who think fidelity comes from staying together till the end. To give a kick start to my year which I think is perhaps the most important year when it comes to shaping my future, I decided to go with the most important thing associated with my life. Your mind will be full of curiosities about the things that I am talking about and to just ruffle up a

bit, it is neither about love for a person nor it is about my past. It is about a thing that acts as an inspiration for the words to flow. Yes for many it may be bar hopping but for me it is café hopping. It has been months since I last wrote something when the aroma of coffee beans were brewing my mind with thoughts, the sips of coffee was adding the atypical thoughts and to add to that tinge of vanilla in my flavor just made it a treat to write, drink and later on read the sumptuous piece of words having a rhythmical cadence to it.


I sat down on the most comfortable sofa of the café and started to recollect the thoughts that I wanted to write about. To accompany me to the café were my three friends: laptop, camera and to counter my creative blocs was my Kindle. These three things have lately become my escapades to life and my window to dreams, my pillars of a happy life. As usual the trend continued with me going for a king glass of vanilla latte and avoiding the extra shots of cream owing to my New Year resolution of eating healthy and staying fit. I was trying to picture someone probably my inspiration to just start with the flow of words but I was faced with a storm of thoughts that were trying to come out of my mind for months now. Waiting for the storm to abate was not on the list as my funds and time reserved for this unusual date with coffee were limited. I tried to write a few lines but they were not of the level which I expected them to be. As soon as I started to doubt my abilities to come up with something worth writing, I had a guest on the opposite side of the table. Owing to comfort of the couch, a place opposite to a lost soul who was perhaps not interested in the surrounding world was the best place to sit in the café. Without bothering to ask me she sat down and bought out her camera’s memory card and laptop. For a few moments I was gaping at her as if some intruder has just entered my world and is trying to change it according to her liking. But as you know in India looking at a beauty comes with a price tag which can be as expensive as receiving a mouthful of rebukes so I decided to give it a rest. The entry of a foreign influence just abated the storm but my concentration was nowhere near to the usual which I prefer for writing. So I stopped and started to read a novel rather than writing some genius shit which will be hard for me to decipher in the end.

In between my reading I would look at the uninvited guest opposite to the table. She was fair with long hairs, it seemed her twinkling eyes behind the specs were after my pecks and to go with that her cheeks like rose were making her too beautiful to ignore. She was dressed in red sweater and black jeans complimenting her skin’s color and making it look more and more bright. Her lips left an impression on the cup which I presumed to be of vanilla latte and the way she lifted her lock of hairs form her face and tied down to the back was making my heart beat rise. How badly for a moment I wanted to be that cup which she took into her world, embraced it and left a trace so that everyone could be jealous of the relation she had with me. Looking at her hands searching for the ring and to my joy I couldn’t find was the reason for me to strike a conversation with her. Her beautiful face lit by the screen of her laptop and the reflection of her photos one her glasses were enough for me to give all my thoughts a rest and concentrate on her beauty. Her face was flawless, white as a moon with everything in just the perfect position making me thing how beautiful a person can be. Happiness is looking at such a flawlessly pretty face and admiring it with all the adjectives that come in your mind.

With all the strength in the world I tried to get her attention but she was too busy to observe the surrounding disturbances. I gave my every try a halt and started to enjoy the moment with my eyes constantly glued to her. After half an hour she also noticed that I was trying to strike a conversation with her. She ordered one honey oat cookie and looked at me. As soon as her eyes were about the make contact with me, I started to look at the book that I was reading. “I am not that ugly for someone not to look at me” were her first words that I heard. Her sweet voice found the hidden passage to my heart and lost for a few moments, I eventually gave voice to my words, “nobody is ugly, it is just a bit of decency left in me that says never ever try and offend a girl with your eyes.” She asked a simple question stating if a girl wants to get offended with the eyes then what a person like me will do. Thinking for a few moment in silence I answered, I will not offend her with eyes as they fall for anything and everything that is attractive, I will offend that beauty with words as they need to be priced out of me and you already are witnessing the demonstration of it. You are not offending me, you are just giving the compliments in a flurry, said the beauty. The best part of giving compliments is that you always get one back and the loop continues, she was quite impressed with my reply and said she is only looking for a small talk and by convention of it the talk should have already ceased. I said yes and granted her wish of ceasing the small talk and ordered two coffees for the conventional long talk to begin.

IMG_6430We talked about our common hobby of photography and came to know that she teaches at Indian Institute of photography. We exchanged photos instead of number and exif details instead of names. Yes this type of talk is very limited for me as I only discuss photography when I am a bit depressed as it has way to make me feel happy. For the first time in my talks with a stranger there was no sign about my dream of writing best sellers and I chose to ignore the anomaly as both photography and writing are two pillars which have helped me resurrect my life from the worst of phases. The talk continued but it reached a premature end because of the time constraint. As she bid a bye I said, time has always been my enemy and I am killing it since my inception, so you will find me here wasting time on name of satiating the need of wanderlust that I have. She smiled and swiftly moved out without looking back (not in context of Bollywood movies). As my cup reached its end I also picked up all my stuff and started to move out of the café. Came to mind was a strange thought of not knowing the name of the person to whom I talked and I was lost in the thought that I completely ignored the person calling me from behind. He ran and got hold of me to give a discount coupon and yes most importantly a visiting card which he told was left by the girl who left in a hurry for me.

Again something or the other leads to an incident that you forever want to remember. For me these coffee chains have literally turned out to be the stage for the different actors to come and introduce them to me. Yes for me a lot is still happening over the coffee and the caffeine toxication has already gripped my mind in the nascent stage of the NEW YEAR…

P.S. As I say, fictions are all mine and facts are all yours but for a change I will say that I have started to love writing facts rather than fictions…

The Wait

Today I woke up to notice an unusual change in me. The petrichor has already gripped the aura and there was a surreal feel to the world. Yes things surrounding me were beautiful and for a change my mind and heart both were rhyming in concordance. This type of aberration is very rare for me as my mind is horrendously occupied with things that doesn’t allow it to rest in beauty recited by the heart. My heart has always dominate my mind and as you know I believe in speaking truth from the heart without allowing you mind to play the spoil sport. To sum up my unusual deviance was the fact that I was busy recollecting those beautiful messages exchanged with someone special. Those beautiful messages were acting as a path connecting my heart to brain and thus proving to be the way for the emotions to flow.
Last night was something more than a dream. Consider yourself infatuated to someone and after 3 years you find the same person very close to you. Words may fall short to define the feelings but sometimes to live that beautiful moment again and again you need to define it in the most beautiful words that your heart can come up with. Yes my life is complex and I have a tendency to fall in and fall out of love but sometimes you feel that just the mere presence of someone is disturbing the most beautiful chord of your life and thus producing a melodious sound. The sound just tames your mind and constructively interferes with your heart and making impossible for you to look beyond the ineffables of love.

Starting the day with all the feelings that form the perfect ingredients of a story, I moved along with my daily errands. Reading novels in classes with sips of coffee in the break and intermittent flirting with the past or some beauty is how I spend my day at Bschool. Today I was waiting for a message from the same person who captured my world of imagination in the morning and was toying with my emotions since then. Yes after a torture of two lectures I received the message which stated 4:30 in the evening at CP. My wait to meet her was finally over but my boring classes were still running riots in my head. The best part of reading a novel in the class is that it allays you of all the sufferings and takes you to the world where you hear a lullaby and your heart starts to rhyme in rhapsody. This dream comes to an end when the teacher asks you something or get a glimpse of the pleasure that you are going through, a stark contrast to others who are concentrating on the lecture.

At 2 I decided to leave my hostel for CP so that she didn’t have to wait and as a matter of fact the protocol is such that you can’t keep a girl waiting. As soon as I stepped out, the traffic on the road just caught my attention. It seemed impossible for me to reach the metro station but still with all the positivity I boarded the UBER and moved towards my destination. After 10 roundabouts, 6 U turns and 10 red lights I reached the metro station. Yes these things look very usual if you bar the time taken to complete this 10km journey. Yes the clock was already showing 4 and I was running late and that too better part of the hour. I decided to add pace to my step and rush towards the metro only to discover the balance on my card less than the minimum balance to travel. At 4:10 I received her message stating that she will be reaching Monkey Bar in 15 minutes. I had to jump the queue and had to ignore the rebukes directed at me. I boarded metro and called her to wait for me at the station. After 20 minute she called me and asked how long I will take to reach. Travelling in a metro in India can be a blessing and yes I used the most used excuse and told her that I am two stations away and metro is standing still. Going by the logic those 2 stations would have taken hardly 10 minutes but I knew it would take around 20 minutes for me to reach the place. After 10 minutes I chose to drop her a message and asked her to wait and not to call as the metro was way too crowded and of course included the word sorry whose creative yet efficient usage I learned at TCS.

The inner circle..

The inner circle..

Stepped out of the metro and saw her sitting on the stairs of the station with disappointment written all over her face was like facing my worst of fears but I had to stay strong. Though to my surprise her disappointment turned into all smiles as soon as she saw me. A tight hug and few inaudible (I chose to write them as inaudible) words, we moved to the Monkey Bar. Grabbed a pint of chilled beer and sat on the terrace with setting sun just made us remember those beautiful winter nights when we both used to look at the stars and admire the beauty of the night. To be precise she used to admire the night I used to get lost in her beauty and just let my heart take over. The rest was done with the words that followed and the instant poems which were like the songs that I used to admire her with. Beer is certainly not my drink and at times I loathe it, so it was time for some long island ice tea. Fortunately we shared similar feeling to LIT and after the first trying to get better of our mind, the second was flirting with our tongue. The time was limited and she had to leave but not before LIT hit both of us sensually. Toughest part of the meeting was to bid a goodbye knowing that these moments will have to wait as she was on her way to a different country. Disappointment of the short meeting got a grip on all our conversations but owing to my busy schedule of MBA, I couldn’t work any magic.

We both left the place boarding the opposite metros thinking of all the good times. I decided to drop her a message to just lift her mood and I ended up writing my heart to her. Once upon a time we were very close and the best part was that we were enjoying our share of love with someone else but were getting the much required peace out of each other. I may not have been in love with her but there was something that attracted me towards her and that something is still constant. One cannot name this esoteric relation, just can feel the emotions and every motion attached to it.

The roots

We all wonder..
How life has changed..
We all wonder..
How things have moved..
We all remember..
The sweetness of first love..
We all remember..
The Heartbreak’s emotional shove ..
Looking for the reason..
Moving from every treason..
We get lost in those alluring toots..
Forgetting our purpose of life..our roots..
Love and sacrifice..
The virtues on which world thrives..
Replaced by hatred and lust..
The world cries..
Looking high up in the sky..
I see a change coming by..
The change starting from me and you..
Wiping those invisible tears in lieu..
We all must change but not try to scoot..
Just remember who we are…our roots..

O thou Lord hear my plea..
Let the world move from materialistic spree..
Let the world dance in the rain again..
Let love overpower hatred again..
Make the world smile again..
Evince that bond between the world and you again..
Free the world of all the pain..
So happiness can all that remain..
We must enjoy whatever life brings..
And let love and care be our joining strings..
Clearing the mist obscuring our view..
Let us move away from dense soot..
Let us not look for reason, or try something new…
Just never forget our roots..

Dreamy phase

So finally an induced aberration of staying away from the thing that has always been my constant source of joy has no longer the power to tie my wings of imagination. Lately I have been going through a lot and things have become tough. Not going into details of my struggle as the usual grind of an MBA is what I am talking about. Last night I was lying on the bed and trying to sleep a bit early than usual in order to give the early morning class a try. But with high concentration of caffeine in my blood owing to my addiction of coffee didn’t allow me to achieve the same. This mere incident has inspired me to end the exile and again evince that esoteric relation between my words and someone’s smile. No prizes for guessing as it is the beauties who have a strangled hold on my words and my emotions.

72178_556928984347873_874920998_nArticulating it further, consider yourself in dire straits with all the doors closed. After struggling to find the key, you lose all hopes of survival but then you realize the key was there with you, just waiting to be picked. Such is life sometimes simple and at times full of puzzles. Though my articulation is not in concord with the above para and I am certainly hiding the missing link intentionally to just take the curiosity to another level. Probably it was not because coffee but because of a beautiful girl who has got hold of my imagination, that I couldn’t sleep. To understand this beautiful link we must go back 15 days when a simple message from a person or you can say a good friend just stirred my world and since then I am just loving the swirls. She is addictive in nature just like my expresso but the irony is that the refill is not free, you need to earn her words and some people call it hints. We talked for around 15 minutes but there was something special about those 15 minutes that have not allowed me to lie down in reality as dreaming of her has become a necessity. Days and nights are one and the same thing, nights make us dream with eyes closed and days with eyes open… Best part is when you try and preserve the dream to eke out a life out of it. Some call it madness but for me it is an impetus that keeps me driving and instills in me an urge to move that extra mile to turn my dream into reality.  I have known her for years but I was always as voiceless as a surd to tell her that she is beautiful. But the things were not the same and I took the opportunity and told her that she is beauty personified and with her every word the same gets exemplified (and for a change it rhymed). The trend continued and I got addicted to her voice and her helpful gesture of waking me up from the world of dreams.

Moving ahead and writing my heart out, I could sense her presence and it seems that I am reciting my life’s most beautiful passage to the most beautiful person I have ever met. In between I can hear those inaudible whispers that keeps me driving. She always talks about the hints that she will give but I know I am too naïve to understand those and my reason to come up with something for her. Yesterday was strange and I thought of not burdening her with waking up call but as soon as I lied down I couldn’t sleep and my heart started to rhyme. After completing the rhyme, dropped her a message and asked for the favor again. That point of time I realized that she has definitely become an important part of me. And someone who can wake me up from dreams, ought to be special and so is she. In my life she is like the sun, every day she will rise, reach the peak and set. In between the rise and set she imparts an inexplicable happiness. It’s a fact that sun rises every day and so does she. As the night grows dark, the joy of writing increases. I close my eyes to trigger the thought process but to my amazement I see an angel face. She drowns me in her beauty and takes me to a place where I belong. She is like the moon shining brightly despite the darkness and thus becoming the best part of the night.

I am enjoying this beautiful phase of a dream and I promise will always cherish it. Yes the coffee date is definitely on and adding a bit of ice cream to it will definitely add to the missing link. And yes if I talk of rhyme, I definitely write one

Someone told me there’s a girl out there..

With beautiful eyes and those flowing hairs..

I went to the place to find her..

I struggled, as there was no one to usher..

I looked for her at every beautiful place..

All I got was her beautiful trace…

I moved along and looked for her..

All I created in my mind was a stir..

Giving a try for many a day…

I was thinking of giving it a stay..

Then I saw her by the river..

Feelings of love started to trigger…

And soon as I came close…she went away..

But the beauty of her, still stay..

I looked for her in the footsteps of dawn..

Trying to find someone, never born…

Giving up the hope, I went back..

With the only glimpse in my memory’s stack..

Thinking of her, I went to bed..

Upon the pillow I laid my head..

I dreamed of her in my every sleep.. Happiness inside, made me weep..

I can sense her in the world surrounding me..

And I knew my dream was to be..

Then I met you, the charming face…

All it filled me with, was drops of grace..

My angel is you…my dream is you.

Now I believe, dreams do come true..

I looked for you in every sphere..

Not finding you was my fear…

Now I dream of you and you dream of me..

We will remain together in future to be..

Disclaimer: Facts are all yours and fictions are all mine…:P

The Mistake

It is been around a month since the esoteric connection of words with my heart has disturbed the sympathetic chords of my readers. Selling and marketing are the new infatuations of my life and have over powered my zeal to enjoy the love of writing. Today was also a one long day of me trying to find some potential buyers amidst the crowd of people who direct jibes at you when they hear you trying to sell something. Yes selling is something that I suck at and probably this internship has given a good sense of direction of what not to choose as a career. Getting off from the metro and attracted to the smell of coffee, I found myself engrossed in the aroma of the place. Grabbing a corner at a coffee chain is what I am good at and adding to that the intermittent flirting with words that establishes a connection to a different world where both the loves of my life i.e coffee and words reside.

11256556_10202906948474380_2404970529183554322_nThe heat is at its peak and thus has forced me to resort to artificial world, the world of ACs. This world has the potential to allay your sufferings but in the longer run becoming a reason for that suffering. Though I suffer from myopia (short sightedness) but still cannot decipher the long run, the irony of life of a student in his early twenties. Delhi metro is my favorite spot to put my thinking cap in the over drive mode and fathom every depth of situations that I face on a daily basis. Not to mention the sufferings that one sect of people has to go through while the other enjoying every bit of travel. A rare day at the office when I got my long due wish fulfilled. Yes I got a place to sit in the metro but the day was not over yet. My life is full of twists and turns, and life without a pinch of salt is not something that I am used to. Standing infront of me was a decent looking guy in his mid-twenties. In a way I was busy observing the changes that will come to fore few years from now. Beside him was a beauty standing with those trendy sony headphones which have become a sort of fashion statement for the teens. The usual environment was the same with few people busy with their beauties and others enjoying the picture of charmer charming his beauty also called as PDA.

The beauty of the delhi metro is that you can find every type of person travelling and yes a place where anyone can enter without any discrimination. In between this a moment came when the hustle bustle was bought to a rest and all you could hear was sound of two hard slaps. The sound in itself instilled a fear in the mind of listener so I started to look for persons on the two ends of the slap. I didn’t have to search for long as I saw the same guy who was standing infront me holding his cheek. I had figured out the receiver and now I had to look for the other strand. Frivolous rebukes started to flow from the mouth of a beauty and trust me the words were of such a standard that even a guy will think twice before speaking. Accusing that decent looking guy of molestation, girl was all over that guy and without even giving an opportunity to prove his innocence she started to punch that guy and started drawing crowd to her side. I intervened with a lot of difficulty and stood in between the girl and boy. The metro was so crowded that I struggled to move few feet towards the couple. I asked the girl to calm down but she was not in a mood to add some coolant to her hot temper. On the other hand guy continuously apologized and was maintaining the fact that the push was not intentional. After half an hour things returned to normal with silence replaced by hustle bustle, beauty and beast busy with their PDA and doors were again opening on the right. I took a moment and talked to that girl and told her that if a touch from any opposite sex disturbs her then this compartment is not meant for her. With surprise and anger written all over her face, she was about to direct her flurry of holy words towards me but in doing so she lost her balance and fell on the adjacent passenger. I helped her to get up and asked whether she was okay. She replied to me and said, ’probably you are right I took the matter to the extremes and should consider travelling in the women compartment.’ Moving towards the exit door she said sorry to the guy and got off at her destination. The guy and me exited the metro at the same station. I saw his girl friend waiting for him at the station, he looked towards me and smiled, I also returned the same and added pace to my steps to reach the exit door.

Yes the world is a different place now and hatred has over powered love. This hatred has divided this world making it impossible for the love to thrive. You cannot single out a person from this incident who can be levied upon with all the mistakes. She is living in a world where all sorts of heinous things happen and he is living in a world where every male is accused of doing such things. Yes we live in a divided world and thus making it altogether more difficult to make this world a better place.

Move a little far

In due course of life you tend to think of the moments that make you rue or situations that if handled in some other way could have yielded positive results. We always want to remain in the comfort zone and struggle to enjoy the beauty of life. Through this poem I want everyone to realise that how beautiful life can be if a bit of abeyance from the status quo is practiced. Life is a journey and those who dont travel through it always remain on the first page. Just enjoy every word of what the book has in store for you.

Move a little far..
From those painful scars..
a place away from materialism..
Where evening sings a lullaby..
And you heart rhymes in rhapsody..

Move a little far..
See a different world..
Full of ineffables of love..
And Describing something surreal..
You Run after those beautiful words.

Move a little far..
On the fringe of infinity.
Get wet in the rain..
Experience the petrichore..
Let the real you soar..

Move a little far
Try and Paint a dream..
Bask in those beautiful sighs..
Not waiting for the storm to abate.
Or those chances of fate..

Let us introspect..
Feel those silent tears..
Hear those inaudible whispers..
Chose something out of the blue..
Forgetting the status quo..
Not trying to reach that distant star..
Just moving a little far…