Dawn and Dusk


Life is like stepping into the night..
With darkness being your ally.
In that darkness looking for a ray of light..
And the light being your only hope..
There is a  notion that tells you to give up..
That notion being your only enemy..
When the going gets tough, you find an inspiration..
That inspiration is your solace..
All the while you move ahead..
There is something that pushes you forward..
That something being your source of strength..
That strength at times is a person..
On others it’s just the will to conquer..
With all the strength you wander to conquer deeper and deeper shades of night..
Showing you the way out of every plight..
Conquering your fears, you come out of the dark..
Get mesmerized by the beauty of the dawn..
The journey in you adds a new spark..
As you enjoy every bit of your victory..
Just be informed there will be a jeopardy..
Time is never constant, keeps changing phase…
Leading you to your destination in his own ways..
Time between every dawn to dusk
You live a life..
And in the time between dusk to dawn..
You understand what is life..


A dream

Sometimes I dream of a place..
A house of every beautiful trace..
The sun rising with the golden crown..
And setting in the other side of town..
From those whispering dawns
To silent dusks..
You experience the joy of life..
Sometimes it is the nature…
And at times your dreams growing in stature..
From numerous tree tops..
To those lush green lawns..
The serenity of the place lights up every dawn..
The flowers basking in their fragrance..
The music, lover’s cadence..
Those numerous birds chirping away..
Finding their place of stay..
Sun shining with a special glow…
Rivers whispering in their flow..
Turning to forest for a green shade..
Or waiting for the clouds, the white cascade..
Echoing sound in the nearby mountain ..
The glories of past, hardly faint..


The place in itself is complete…
But only a part of the world..
My words may be complete..
But defining only a part of this emotional swirl..
Days look like dreams..
Nights as an inspiration…
The place surreal in description..
Getting better of my imagination..
An alluding cry i make to the god..
Thou shall allay me of all the fear…
To follow this nature’s steer..
It should take me to a place
where love is above hatred..
Nature is still sacred..
Evenings sing a lullaby…
Heart rhymes in rhapsody..
A place where you can dream..
Or a place made of dreams..

In bEtween

Sometimes you wonder about the transformations that you go through each and every day. This sudden introspection makes you think of the things that have been marked as clamant. These things establish a connection between your hear and mind thus evincing the beautiful rhymes.

In between every dusk and dawn..

Lies a new start..

Playing altogether a different part..

Moving along a broken path..

With all the feelings aftermath..

In between every start and end.

We live a life..

A subtle life..

Sometimes beautiful..

Sometimes dull..

Striving for an emotional lull.

In between dreams and reality..

There lies a struggle..

Unknown struggle..

Struggle to hear those inaudible whispers,

Which your mind deciphers..

And your heart becomes a spurner.

In between the smile and sigh..

Lies a silent cry..

An alluding cry

A cry that makes me think of you..

A cry pure as a morning dew..

In between you and me..

There lies a distance..

Transforming love into hatred.

Smile into pain

The reason for every change.

In my rhapsody and fantasy..

Still lies you

A beautiful you.

Slipping as the sand beneath my feet.

Or as a breeze brushing past my face..

Taking me to our world without leaving a trace.