The Start

The first month of the New Year is already gone and I am still not over the after effects of the New Year party. Time has always got better of me when it comes to the running part, and as a result I consider it as my enemy and I have been killing it from the inception. We are into the beautiful month of February and the Venus in me suddenly gets that threshold energy required for ignition and go on an over drive mode. The month of February with love not only in the air but also in emotion, infact every possible motion inspired me to write something. Love the most pure emotion and thus February being the purest of month, spreading love and binding hearts. Many people set hopes on the month of February to get someone special or wait for the past to come to sand again. I just close my eyes to get drowned in something too good to be true.

She wanted some peace and I needed some driving force to channel my thoughts into words..
We both met, talked and went to a coffee house. She peacefully sat and drank her coffee and I just captured her beauty in the most well-intentioned words…Her beautiful silence made me dream with open eyes or in others words I looked at her without a wink. After an hour of flirting with emotions, we left but not before presenting her with her words just put together is a song which will rhyme in the tone of music coming from disturbing the most lyrical chords attached to her heart and my words. The writer in me will not limit the meeting to few words, so here it goes.

As I mentioned she wanted some peace and I wanted to drown in the beauty of someone to overcome the creative block that has hindered the flow of words for days. Yes the ingredients of a perfect date were there and thus pushed me to ask her out for a coffee. We have never been very good friends but of late we both found ourselves very close to each other but still that closeness had nothing to do with the usual attraction part. To sum it up, after a gap of almost a year I was accompanied by someone to the place that brings out the best in me.

We took our seat in the most comfortable corner of the café with the sunlight lighting up our table. The winter and sun is a magical combination for people like us, nothing brings more joy than to relax under the sun with cold breeze of winter ruffling up your senses. We had the best place in the house, away from crowd and strong aroma of coffee just adding the missing part to the environment. Accompanying her was a book named Norwegian Wood, looking at the cover of it just brought back all memories associated while reading it. We had a brief discussion on the characters of the book and then she warned me against ruining the suspense of the book (the lighter part of it was that the book had none).


She had a comely figure but what caught my attention was a saffron tint in her complexion. The eyebrows were crescent in shape and pointed inwards as soon as she caught me staring at her. Those swaying black hairs tumbling over her shoulder were enough for a person like me to get attracted to the beauty. Her lilac soft heart shaped lips and sugary voice were enough for me to get mesmerized by her presence. Adding to that the stain that her lips were leaving on the cup were driving me crazy. For a minute or so I wanted to be that cup so that I can taste those adorable lips.

After about an hour of drawing different pictures and arranging them to form a meaningful sequence I decided to give my thoughts a rest. I laid my head down and with my eyes closed I was trying to evince that connection or conversation with the invisible characters of my life. Seeing me she asked to get up and concentrate on writing the thing that has eluded me for the past 4 years. ‘My love for you exist in dreams so please don’t wake me up’, was my reply and trust me it came right from the sequence that I was dreaming about, it just bypassed my mind and thus came like a sweet riposte. She was surprised with my reply and for a few moments she was searching for words. After a long pause she said, ‘so your dreams are ought to be beautiful but reality will always lack as me and you, always in your dreams’.

Hearing her reply, my world in nascent stage came crashing down and as I say if you don’t have a girl you deserve a coffee. Coffee came to my rescue and I again turned my writing mode on so that I could come up with something that may act as a gift for her.

I dreamed.. She conquered..

I loved… She denied..

All this time, I wrote..

And She read..

In between those moments..

My dream came to sand..

Those flowing hair..

To that comely figure..

Cheeks like rose..

With perfection in her every pose..

As soon as I was closer to her..

The dream came to an end..

Probably creating a stir..

Writing this epistle,

I can picture her face..

My heart has remained still,

Lost in that beautiful trace..


And after fifteen minutes of my tussle with words, I came up with something and not disturbing her while she was reading, I left the place leaving the above rhyme for her to read. Not expecting anything from her I went home but sometimes the less you expect the more you get…

P.S. Mark this incident as complete… Writing further about what happened can only yield those biased words that I have reserved only for her…


NewYear Coffee

Writing today I have a new feeling combined with an energy that the mere change of year column in the date brings in the life. Yes we are in 2016 and 2015 lay peacefully into its grave. The year change never signifies any change in my life but when I take into account the optimistic part of me, I look forward to special things that may

happen. In the last year I was accused of being perfidious when it came to love and in my defense I had only words that were too uncanny for the likes of people who think fidelity comes from staying together till the end. To give a kick start to my year which I think is perhaps the most important year when it comes to shaping my future, I decided to go with the most important thing associated with my life. Your mind will be full of curiosities about the things that I am talking about and to just ruffle up a

bit, it is neither about love for a person nor it is about my past. It is about a thing that acts as an inspiration for the words to flow. Yes for many it may be bar hopping but for me it is café hopping. It has been months since I last wrote something when the aroma of coffee beans were brewing my mind with thoughts, the sips of coffee was adding the atypical thoughts and to add to that tinge of vanilla in my flavor just made it a treat to write, drink and later on read the sumptuous piece of words having a rhythmical cadence to it.


I sat down on the most comfortable sofa of the café and started to recollect the thoughts that I wanted to write about. To accompany me to the café were my three friends: laptop, camera and to counter my creative blocs was my Kindle. These three things have lately become my escapades to life and my window to dreams, my pillars of a happy life. As usual the trend continued with me going for a king glass of vanilla latte and avoiding the extra shots of cream owing to my New Year resolution of eating healthy and staying fit. I was trying to picture someone probably my inspiration to just start with the flow of words but I was faced with a storm of thoughts that were trying to come out of my mind for months now. Waiting for the storm to abate was not on the list as my funds and time reserved for this unusual date with coffee were limited. I tried to write a few lines but they were not of the level which I expected them to be. As soon as I started to doubt my abilities to come up with something worth writing, I had a guest on the opposite side of the table. Owing to comfort of the couch, a place opposite to a lost soul who was perhaps not interested in the surrounding world was the best place to sit in the café. Without bothering to ask me she sat down and bought out her camera’s memory card and laptop. For a few moments I was gaping at her as if some intruder has just entered my world and is trying to change it according to her liking. But as you know in India looking at a beauty comes with a price tag which can be as expensive as receiving a mouthful of rebukes so I decided to give it a rest. The entry of a foreign influence just abated the storm but my concentration was nowhere near to the usual which I prefer for writing. So I stopped and started to read a novel rather than writing some genius shit which will be hard for me to decipher in the end.

In between my reading I would look at the uninvited guest opposite to the table. She was fair with long hairs, it seemed her twinkling eyes behind the specs were after my pecks and to go with that her cheeks like rose were making her too beautiful to ignore. She was dressed in red sweater and black jeans complimenting her skin’s color and making it look more and more bright. Her lips left an impression on the cup which I presumed to be of vanilla latte and the way she lifted her lock of hairs form her face and tied down to the back was making my heart beat rise. How badly for a moment I wanted to be that cup which she took into her world, embraced it and left a trace so that everyone could be jealous of the relation she had with me. Looking at her hands searching for the ring and to my joy I couldn’t find was the reason for me to strike a conversation with her. Her beautiful face lit by the screen of her laptop and the reflection of her photos one her glasses were enough for me to give all my thoughts a rest and concentrate on her beauty. Her face was flawless, white as a moon with everything in just the perfect position making me thing how beautiful a person can be. Happiness is looking at such a flawlessly pretty face and admiring it with all the adjectives that come in your mind.

With all the strength in the world I tried to get her attention but she was too busy to observe the surrounding disturbances. I gave my every try a halt and started to enjoy the moment with my eyes constantly glued to her. After half an hour she also noticed that I was trying to strike a conversation with her. She ordered one honey oat cookie and looked at me. As soon as her eyes were about the make contact with me, I started to look at the book that I was reading. “I am not that ugly for someone not to look at me” were her first words that I heard. Her sweet voice found the hidden passage to my heart and lost for a few moments, I eventually gave voice to my words, “nobody is ugly, it is just a bit of decency left in me that says never ever try and offend a girl with your eyes.” She asked a simple question stating if a girl wants to get offended with the eyes then what a person like me will do. Thinking for a few moment in silence I answered, I will not offend her with eyes as they fall for anything and everything that is attractive, I will offend that beauty with words as they need to be priced out of me and you already are witnessing the demonstration of it. You are not offending me, you are just giving the compliments in a flurry, said the beauty. The best part of giving compliments is that you always get one back and the loop continues, she was quite impressed with my reply and said she is only looking for a small talk and by convention of it the talk should have already ceased. I said yes and granted her wish of ceasing the small talk and ordered two coffees for the conventional long talk to begin.

IMG_6430We talked about our common hobby of photography and came to know that she teaches at Indian Institute of photography. We exchanged photos instead of number and exif details instead of names. Yes this type of talk is very limited for me as I only discuss photography when I am a bit depressed as it has way to make me feel happy. For the first time in my talks with a stranger there was no sign about my dream of writing best sellers and I chose to ignore the anomaly as both photography and writing are two pillars which have helped me resurrect my life from the worst of phases. The talk continued but it reached a premature end because of the time constraint. As she bid a bye I said, time has always been my enemy and I am killing it since my inception, so you will find me here wasting time on name of satiating the need of wanderlust that I have. She smiled and swiftly moved out without looking back (not in context of Bollywood movies). As my cup reached its end I also picked up all my stuff and started to move out of the café. Came to mind was a strange thought of not knowing the name of the person to whom I talked and I was lost in the thought that I completely ignored the person calling me from behind. He ran and got hold of me to give a discount coupon and yes most importantly a visiting card which he told was left by the girl who left in a hurry for me.

Again something or the other leads to an incident that you forever want to remember. For me these coffee chains have literally turned out to be the stage for the different actors to come and introduce them to me. Yes for me a lot is still happening over the coffee and the caffeine toxication has already gripped my mind in the nascent stage of the NEW YEAR…

P.S. As I say, fictions are all mine and facts are all yours but for a change I will say that I have started to love writing facts rather than fictions…


Frequent traveling for a month has made me consider my future once again. The joy associated with writing about the journey and places has given way to consider a possibility of becoming a travel writer. In the crowd of strangers you tend to connect the dots and find the missing piece of the puzzle to complete the beautiful picture. My eyes can never miss out on a thing that has some beauty attached to it. Thinking of all these and life that is perfect for you is considered day dreaming, I must abstain from dreaming in the day as most of my nights are pictured with picturesque dreams. Some time back I was dreaming with open eyes and obscuring the reality that ultimately resulted in abnegation with a pain consuming whole of my dreams. As a matter of fact I have started to look for beauties with open eyes with my mind adding the rationale aspect to it.

Yesterday was a strange day, though my life is having every ingredient that makes it strange but still there was something more aberrant to it. I was in a car driving on a cloudy day with a breeze brushing past my face, stopping at CAFÉ COFFEE DAY and after having espresso shots I couldn’t sleep the whole night. Seems very uncomplicated and a usual day at the office barring the sleep part as an espresso shot doesn’t have the potent force to disrupt my sleep. Introducing cool blue in the picture will definitely add a different color to my black white story. Being a coffee maniac, the cool blue is certainly not the thing that I will order visiting a coffee house and adding a bit of dazzle in ice is certainly not me. Yes I was not alone and was probably on a date with someone who is quite opposite to me. I said probably because I am not sure whether she considers it a date or a meeting to see me getting drowned in hot sips of coffee and her beauty. Yes I was not alone in the car; sitting to my left was a beautiful girl. I was on a date after so many days and my usual charm was in hibernation and the same got exemplified when she told me that words are to be priced out of me. She even offered a bribe for the words to come out but I was certainly not in my zone. The world cup fever was all over the CCD and seeing Ireland winning over UAE, I ordered an Irish coffee with extra shots of cream. And the sweetness of her voice couple with creamy coffee was a combination that didn’t allow me to come out of that shell. Seeing her playing with her long hairs and listening to her bought intermittent smirks and with the Irish coffee taking me to a different level, I was all but lost in the moment.

Dating a coffee maniac and that too in one of the leading coffee chains is difficult but to my amazement she pulled it off effortlessly and thus made yet another beautiful memory of me with a beauty Happy_Valentine's_Day...!at the coffee shop. Getting into a bit of details about our conversation and I say a bit because my words are biased and hands are tied to give words to the moments that had the capacity to take the breath away. We talked about the long gone past and my struggle through it, though not in a mood to discuss it but still cracked jokes about it to make her smile. Making a beauty smile and adding another attribute to her aura is what I believe in as it makes you experience a dimension that even Mr. NOLAN cannot think off.  She did the most of the talking and I was busy capturing the beauty in my eyes as meeting her has become a rarity of sorts. In between never ending talks, she tied her hairs looking into the small mirror just added more to the endearing moments that we were sharing. The time I loved the most was the selfie time that had RETRICA all around it. Clicking selfies in the coffee house to experimenting with them in the car just added to fun that we were having clicking them. Thanks to my modest knowledge of clicking selfies, the poses were repeated several times (and I used to think selfies don’t require pose).

The meeting ended with a long drive to the place full of green and by green I meant the literal aspect only. But my mind was not at peace and when the peace of my mind is taken away; my heart comes to my rescue and starts to dictate words. So here it goes-

The pleasant breeze…
Sitting under a beautiful tree.
Counting these countless stars..
And my journey so far..
The dark and pacifying night.
A beautiful you, in my sight..
Living a life from dusk to dawn.

With a spark to move on..
Past no longer hold any good..
I tried and gave the best i could.
There is something in the wind..
Stirring up thoughts that are rind.
Sometimes I think of you..
As beauty is always in my cue..
Enjoying this night, i smile..
Reason being your distinct style.
You came to me will all positive rays ..
Today i resurrected you in my own way.
Enjoying this beautiful time.
Stringing words to express my heart’s rhyme.
Going with this wind, i move along.
Meeting you in a place to which we belong..
I sit here, lost in the light of the moon..
But calling you my life perhaps will be too soon.

So finally an eventful day came to an end and yes as I clearly say writing fictions is my forte. Writing about facts is just so boring. Considering it a fiction or a true incident is entirely on you. I write for the love of writing and sharing some news is just not on my list of things to do. Though I claim is to be a fiction but you never know with love in the air and planet Venus on an overtime, things can happen. Don’t ignore any mistakes as they are all mine and fun is all yours. Happy Reading…..

A Stranger

From one end to another beginning, life never stops just changes its pace. The happiness is short lived and the sad part constitutes the bulk of time spent on thinking and thus making it all the more difficult to rise from negative situations. Though some may argue that this is a perceived notion and holds no meaning with reality. For me both are one and the same things as they both ask me do something big. The difference is types of energy that you encounter in the situation, gathering all positives or countering all the negatives to move on a path to your dreams. The starting may be different but the ending is the same so discussing the difference between different situations is meaningless. Simple physics can explain my theory which clearly states that it is not the distance that counts but the displacement; you success story is a measure from where you start and where you reach, it is never the height alone.

Life is good again with empty roads replaced by crowded streets, no strict rules, and minimal use of English for communication and travelling in metro being the most important one. Metro is a place where my mind starts to think and my heart starts to beat. Yesterday was one such day when I had to wait for an hour to meet two most special person of my life. Standing alone on CS metro station I looked around and found nothing but a book shop, I barged into it and to my surprise came out with a business today. Drawing discernible inferences while waiting is perhaps the best time pass and I was looking forward doing the same. Searching for some place to sit where I can enjoy my time with a book, I found a corner and sat there. Opened my business today and looked through the contents and no article can entice me to have a look but still I gave it a try. After 15 minutes of monotony and no climax in the article I gave myself a rest and looked around for some beauty. As soon as I gave up hopes of finding one, a beauty came and set beside me. A typical girl with pink top with matching handbag and her strong perfume being the sole reason of her dragging my attention. I looked up to get a peek of her face and what I saw was a beautiful and that too without those numerous artificial coatings. I couldn’t get my eyes off her and unknowingly I was staring at her. Beauty comes with a tag, so I decided to concentrate on my business magazine. After few minutes I noticed her opening the handbag and pulling out Paulo Coelho’s adultery, the book that is in my wish list. A beauty that too with similar interest, you cannot ask for more.

As soon as I can gather my strength to ask her about the book, she took the lead and asked me looking at my business magazine that how someone could read this magazine and that too with interest. I was surprised with her question and thought for a few minutes before answering it. I am doing an MBA, as soon as she heard the word MBA she said that her sympathies were with me. I smiled and asked her about the book, all I got was an expression stating that it was good. She was constantly looking at her watch and I asked her what the matter with her was? She was waiting for her boyfriend who always ran late and thus the reason for her frustration. She drew an inference and said,” you must be waiting for your other half to come”. I said no, to my surprise she started to stare at me and then gave words to her feelings by asking me whether I was single. I am single was my reply and her expression of surprise was replaced by a loud laughter. I asked her the reason for this sudden transition but she chose not to answer. After a while she said it is rare to find someone in his prime not involved with some girl. With all my charm and wit I said prime is reached when you want to not with the age factor. Nodding her head in approval she gave me a compliment saying that I have got good sense of humour. I said that I believe in the fact that the best part of giving compliments is that you get one back but I don’t know you that is why I cannot give you one back. The look of surprise was again all over her face, she said that she is beautiful and beauty needs no second invitation for compliment. I was trying to find an answer to her statement and just then she added further by saying that she already had noticed me staring at her. I chose not to defend myself and said your beauty is such that you will grab the attention of every admirer. She took my statement as a compliment and our informal candid chats continued. From novels to short stories, Paulo to Bond, cricket to lawn tennis and love to heart break; the topics we talked about and the smile was there throughout the discussion. In between there were intermittent displays of my charm which left her gasping for words.

In course of our chats I noticed that she had 10 missed calls and I told her about the same. Sometimes it is good to keep people waiting to make them realize your worth otherwise you’ll be taken for granted was her reply and I could relate to every word. At last I asked her about her profession and with a smile on her face she said, “I am doing an MBA”, dumbstruck by her reply, the look of surprise had shifted from her to me. She got better of me in this conversation and that in itself was a rarity. Our places converged, world converged, ideas converged and now our future professions converged. I didn’t want our place of study to converge. “I am from MDI”, she said and hearing this I breathed a sigh of relief as I always love the divergent part of the story as convergent is common. An hour passed and we both got up to catch up on our errands. She gave her book to me and took my business today saying that you need to read this before you can write your own bestseller and in the meantime leave those business magazines for people like me. I smiled and accepted the book and asked her how she came to know about the writer part of mine. “My name is Ankita the same girl who followed your blog yesterday and will definitely have an update about this incident and I am looking forward to it”, this reply of her left me wondering about this small world where social media can come to life anywhere. She got lost in the crowd and all I can see were two familiar friends coming out from the crowd towards me. Those two were the reason for the candid conversation that took place between a stranger and me. We exited the station but with not before learning few important lessons.


delhi at its best

Sometimes your life may sound as a fairytale with you being at the center of everything. Some may say that these are too good to be true but I believe in the fact that dreams and reality do coincide and as a matter of fact lightening does strike twice. Sometimes I wonder how a pen and a paper can stir up my world of imagination and make me come up with things to write on. A pen has the power to channelize your energy which results in something that can serve as an example or an inspiration for years to come. The power of pen or words is the most underestimated one; it can be as harsh as any weapon and can be as pleasant as the spring.


Thoughts of an ISOLATED mind

In the previous post I have already described what sort of a place Dubai is. Doing a PGDM with foreign exposure is something of a rarity, though many institutes give the degree of international business with many of its taker not having a passport. Discussing it further will only add another dimension to the evergreen debate of MBA, pagalguy is enough to eat the mind of your head and provide you with so called guidance. PGDM being a very hectic course takes all your time and you tend to hate it when you cannot do a thing that brings a smile on your face. After a month of struggle at the hands of it, I found myself in a forced vacation. A vacation  where you are bound to live in a 10*10 room, no friends around, no hustle and bustle; in short a vacation of sufferings. The silence is such, that for a change you can hear your inner voice and it gets broken when your fingers make contact with the keyboard while giving words to your emotions. An isolation chamber is what I call it and because of chicken pox I have to find a home in it. All the glitz and bling of the college is replaced by a stark silence and the discomfort of pox.  I am the chosen one and to make full use of forced vacation I am penning it down countering all the discomfort.

Some people need to go ‘through a break-up’ to achieve a ‘breakthrough.’ This is what I believe in, sometimes the true value of you is realized only when you are forced to move away from the most cherished or loved thing of your life. What this line doesn’t mean is that if you are desperate for a breakthrough in life, you just go and have a break-up. I always believe in natural course of change and one must cherish each and every moment destined for them. The adversity brings out the best in you and in an attempt to climb out of the hole you realize that the experience was worth as it helped you discover what the honeymoon of life failed to do. With all the discomfort of the pox, I have found a way to please myself and in a way I am learning something out of it.

Before joining IMT, I heard many things about B-schools. The first that pops out from my head is that ‘the B-school never sleeps’; yes it never sleeps at night but in the classes that are regarded as interesting. Every day without a doubt you can see heads falling and rising as the lecture starts and the skills of students are such that the stair architecture of classroom cannot disparage them from escaping the eyes of teachers. Early morning lectures are like pilgrimage and to reach there, pilgrims have to cross a deep sea of materialism which includes charming a beauty, alcohol intoxication and sleep (they say B-school never sleeps). In colorful green evening when you see birds chirruping around and their charmers enjoying every bit of them, there are few depressed souls who are desperately waiting for new birds, free from charmers so that they can charm something so rare in existence. Thanks to Mr. Bhagat on reforming the course curriculum of a B-school and making the ‘basic concepts of charming’ the most important subject to study with his books serving as references. Everyone criticizes him for the literary aspect but let me tell you the increase in number of aspirants for B-schools is the result of reforms that his books have bought. The sites of beauty and beast walking hand in hand or the charmers charming the birds, all goes to down to him and his work which connects those people who wouldn’t have tried to read a book if he wouldn’t have come into the picture. We must appreciate the things that he has done and yes these books are better than Rohit shetty’s movies which challenge every law of physics and come with a price of 200Rs having 3 hours of non-stop non-sense. The planet Venus has again taken over my thought process and my mind has started to revolve around the world beauty. The words flow effortlessly when I write about different theories related to them but trust me they are not directed to hurt sentiments of any particular sect of people.


IMT Dubai

In between a girlfriend and a wife, Mr. Bhagat has coined a new term i.e. half girlfriend. Comments on this aspect will be limited as my mind is confused whether it is the same concept of friends with benefits or someone considered good for flirt not for love. But still a new term in the ever-growing dictionary of life and needless to mention that this term is here to  stay as bulk of India’s adolescent population has fallen prey to concepts of crush, infatuation, love, break-up and the list continues. I was no different my first and only experience dates back to 5 years and trust me it was a roller coaster ride, nothing short of a story of a best-seller in today’s world. The good thing about past is that it’s over and as Antony has said deeds and truths are often interred with the bones, so let that past lay peacefully in its grave. But one day when I will look at trace left behind, I will relive it and give the most beautiful words ever written. Articulation of my thoughts further, time is changing and the confession pages after a brief hibernation have again become the source of entertainment on FB. Anonymous is again the new cool and people have started to find a hidden pleasure in loving someone and confessing the same on FB. PDA is replaced by FDA(don’t get confused with FDI or other finance terms as in one month of PGDM I have realized that finance is neither my cup nor my tea) and as usual the need for affection remains a top priority for all the budding managers. PGDM course has become a stairway to heaven and when I talk about heaven I mean a place where all the beauties of life converge. Paying a hefty fees, we all are buying a stairway to heaven and the interesting part is that government wants us to buy the same and is providing us loans at a subsidized rates.

I have to cease my thought process as the pain has become unbearable and my words are infinite. I will throw the remaining light some other day when my life will be colorful not monochromatic like it has been for the past 4 days. People ask me why I talk so less and to answer this question my inspiration Ruskin Bond comes to my rescue. Here it goes, “Normally writers do not talk much, because they are saving their conversations for the readers of their book- those invisible listeners with whom we wish to strike a sympathetic chord.”  I hope that I have disturbed that sympathetic chord yet again; stay tuned for more as the writer in me will never pass into nothingness as it is the only beauty associated with me, Mr. Keats will never be proved wrong and the joy of this beauty will only multiply.


Sorry folks, I took a long time to come back with an abstract write up and the reason is very obvious; I am employed now. The corporate life has already had a detrimental effect on many budding writers so I am not the only one. This blog is a result of countless sleepless nights that have again stirred up the thoughts in my mind and abstained me from thinking of anything else. To be precise, I find it difficult to live in a metro. If I go back to my stay in Trivandrum, I contrary to my nature stayed away from beauties and enjoyed from the sidelines. I discovered that every beauty is not meant to feel or for fooling around, there is always a special one waiting for you. My interactions were limited to seeing a beauty, passing a smile and receiving a smile back. The process ceased there as you didn’t have the guts to proceed any further as the mode of communication could take a toll on you. Trivandrum as a place is good for tourists but not north Indians coming here for a living. You will find TECHNOPARK, BODHIPARK, PEEPULPARK and many other parks but at places you won’t find place to park.


Moving in depth of my stay in Trivandrum, I learned a lot from the experience. Those three months taught me that you can be betrayed by the most important or the most special person of your life. There was a time when my mind froze and heart ached and I longed for that sweet voice which silenced all the daemons inside me. I followed the lines that charity begins at home and gave her the forgiveness she didn’t deserve; such is my heart that cannot hate irrespective of the lies. Time was rough and I was emotionally strangled but as you know if it’s not beautiful then it’s not the end, and came the most beautiful soul that I have ever seen. Sometimes just the voice of a friend soothes your mind and relaxes your anxieties. You smile as if there is no tomorrow and talk as if there is no end. The problems that were not allowing you to lie down are left behind and you smile at them thinking about the undeserved value they got. Life becomes beautiful again and to your past (problems) you say YOU WERE NOT WORTH IT.

After a struggle of three months away from home, I found myself in a familiar territory. My room was no longer my play ground as my mother had already made her own during these months. Delhi was my next destination and amidst all the tension and nostalgia I left Pantnagar with a heavy heart and a hope to see that beautiful soul when I return. Living in a metro is like driving on a highway, you cannot slowdown even if you want to. Long term goals are replaced by short term and finding a seat in a metro being of the prime importance. As I am governed with planet Venus; I cannot stay away from beauties for long. Travelling in a metro being a prime example of it as I always prefer a seat close to that line which demarcates heaven and hell. Life is like travelling in a metro, at every juncture new people come in your life and old ones depart just like in a metro stopping at every station. Coming from a place like Pantnagar, it feels impossible to adjust to this city life. My place provides you with serenity, beauty and reasons to drown in its tranquility. On the contrary city provides you with dust, pollution and bunch of stupid beauties who for no reason will stare at you as if you are the only reason for unfortunate things happening to them. Leaving this all aside the most humiliating part of the stay is when you are asked to leave McDs and other food chains at a time when you are savoring the taste of the last few bites because of the crowd waiting outside.

Every cloud has a silver-lining and for me that lining is when I spend my time roaming around outer and inner circles of CP with my camera and a bunch of maniacs. Moving aimlessly we all come to common conclusion that God made this place for all the beauties to converge so that our life never passes into nothingness. Getting admired by the admirers of beauty is the most important phase for a beauty as she comes to know that her beauty is different in the crowd full of beauties. Enough of the silver-lining as my hands are tied and my words are biased to reveal the other aspects of it. Delhi is a place where beauty and beast co-exist in harmony. From malls to gardens you can see beauty and beast walking hand in hand with intermittent display of PDAs (you all know what I mean). Beast protecting the beauty in metro by blocking every view of the admirers and placing his hand in order to perform a maneuver so that no admirer can come close to the beauty. Owing to my small mind I never understood the part of protection and making others around you uncomfortable.

Not having a beauty by your side is perhaps the biggest reason of sorrow for a boy in early twenties. The height of this depression leads to counting the number of female likes on your recently uploaded picture on FB and comparing them to your (of course) single roommate. Laughing the whole night and pulling each other’s leg and coming to a conclusion that we are not someone who hit on every second girl but we are someone who likes to hit on every girl; the beauty of living with a friend in a city. The mind gets filled with frustration when your phone rings at midnight and with mind on someone special you check only to discover that your friend has unlocked a new level in CANDYCRUSH. A small disclaimer, though being single the above mentioned has never happened with me as I am only an admirer and waiting for someone who will admire the qualities in me (I know that someone and she will read it too, so my wait is not a long one).

The most important thing is that Delhi has got jobs, the most sought out thing for engineers. Articulating it further it provides you with an opportunity to flirt, love, learn while you earn. I may hate the transition and think of going back to the place where I learned to walk but sometimes life is not about walking, it is about running, winning and leaving everything behind.

Thanks to that beautiful soul, my friend and also an inspiration for motivating me to come up with the thing that I am best suited for….


Journey to D-day..

If I talk about B.C, then my history dominated mind will come up with theories related to Christ. The brain of an electrical engineer will oscillate between memories of several highs and lows after hearing the word AC, as this word constantly ruined our world for 4 years. The writer in me comes up with some aberrant theories related to it and perhaps the best portrayer of my life. For the past couple of years my life is revolving around AC and BC, with BC dominating AC. BC is before CAT and AC is after CAT, articulating my thoughts and writing further I can say my life has fallen prey to that illusive perfect CAT that every dog dreams of. The preparation time and the build-up to CAT come under BC and the time between the exam and the result comes under AC. The time of AC is marked with unprecedented fun and relaxing in order to give my best in the next phase, i.e. BC, and BC is full of preparation and rising expectations to get hold off that illusive CAT. If I go by number then out of the past 24 months, 6 came under AC and rest 18 under BC.
So I found myself in a familiar position and was on my last journey of BC. The past few months were full of swings and in a way left me a bit unprepared but positivity in me was telling me that this time normalization will work wonders of me. With all the tension and consoling hopes I boarded the train to dehradun (dday center). As I sat on my berth I came to realize that I didn’t have my STEVE JOBS in my pocket i.e. my Ipod and my mind started to think of ways of passing the train ride. After few minutes I thought that sleeping is the best possible option available to me and my mind nodded in approval.
I decided to sleep and lied down on my berth, with my thoughts still on that Illusive CAT. Sleeping in train is not my cup of tea but I was trying my level best to drink and enjoy the same cup of tea. Train ride and sleep never go together. For clinomaniac, the journey becomes a torture when 2 people start to gossip away to glory with intermittent flirting and hitting on each other. All the above accrue to the fact that I was in a compartment where the silence was interrupted with gossips. My mind was on sleeping mode and was telling me not to listen to all this, but the human is us always enjoys gossips, guilty as charged I started to enjoy the conversation. For the first time I was not a part of conversation but was enjoying from the sidelines as a listener.
Their informal exchange was quite interesting and I thought of my experiences that I had at various points of times. Topics were discussed with no bar and I was impressed with the guy as he was talking without disturbing the comfort level of the beauty and in between pushing the limits. He was charming at her and she was loving at being charmed by him. Alcohol and beauty is a deadly combination and guy had both with him (confessed of having alcohol to the beauty). The twists and turns in the conversation were like popcorns in a movie that provides you with essential distractions from the boring bollywood story line. Compliments were given in plenty and he left no opportunity to impress the beauty with his impressive skills (sometimes superfluous) of giving compliments.
In between all this I was waiting for a message from someone special but to expect signals in a moving train is like expecting a beauty flirting with a boy, and boy ignoring her. I decided to concentrate on the chat and the topics were reaching a new mark with discussions on sun-signs, moon-signs, Hollywood, relationship status and many more (my pen is not comfortable with the uncensored ones). After few hours of patient listening, I decided to stop following the conversation as it was becoming slightly monotonous. During this time I thought of my conversation with many beauties in various trains and also of the people who constantly warned us to lower our voice. I was like a pain for those people who wanted to sleep and for people like me, I served as an entertainment to pass their night with witty flirting and interesting discussions. I was at peace as I thought bringing a smile with something at which you are good at is the best thing that you can do in this world and being a positive person, I don’t pay heed to the negatives of the same.
The night was at its peak and there was no end to their candid chats but as we know nothing is forever, the train stopped and the guy departed, thus the conversation stopped. My partner, who was below their birth felt happy and started to sleep. I saw the beauty dialing a number on her phone, and accidentally the phone went on speaker and I heard the word ‘JAANU’ from the other end. My faith in love was again restored, power of love is such that it can wake up an engineering student at 2am in the morning just to hear the word mentioned above.  It was an experience that made my journey worth travelling and most importantly worth writing. With my mind at peace with everything, I dozed off with my mind on main goal of clearing CAT….zzzzzzzz