Dawn and Dusk


Life is like stepping into the night..
With darkness being your ally.
In that darkness looking for a ray of light..
And the light being your only hope..
There is a  notion that tells you to give up..
That notion being your only enemy..
When the going gets tough, you find an inspiration..
That inspiration is your solace..
All the while you move ahead..
There is something that pushes you forward..
That something being your source of strength..
That strength at times is a person..
On others it’s just the will to conquer..
With all the strength you wander to conquer deeper and deeper shades of night..
Showing you the way out of every plight..
Conquering your fears, you come out of the dark..
Get mesmerized by the beauty of the dawn..
The journey in you adds a new spark..
As you enjoy every bit of your victory..
Just be informed there will be a jeopardy..
Time is never constant, keeps changing phase…
Leading you to your destination in his own ways..
Time between every dawn to dusk
You live a life..
And in the time between dusk to dawn..
You understand what is life..


2 Contrasting PhaSEs Of my LIfE

So here I am again with another piece of writing and contrary to others, this is a real story. The story of my battle against all the odds to achieve a thing that at one point of time was happiness for me. I have lived life in two phases and the one that I am presently in is the one I dreamt of years ago. It all started when Federer was undisputed champion, Sachin was a young man, message card was of 100 messages and the call rates were sky high. Due to the burning rates of calls and messages, people used to concentrate only on their bf/gf and the rest of the world for them didn’t exist. Like today, people were of two type i.e single and committed but due to mobile inflation committed had only one (not two or three) and singles as usual had none.

My life was esoteric, different from others and had no room for things that posed a threat to studies. One day, conversing to my friend of opposite sex (only friend of opposite sex), I asked her what girls look for in a boy and her reply left me dumbstruck. The reply was “no one will look at you that is for sure…you are just pounds short of an elephant”. I felt bad and started to abhor her from that day but it was only the beginning of what life had in store for me. Life started moving after that incident and I was happy in my own world of sports and studies. After passing class 10th with flying colors, I went on to the engineering side as the wind towards it was very strong and I got blown away.  Problem of Pantnagar is that after choosing engineering side everyone think of IITs but after 6 months of eleventh class, one “I” gets replaced by an “N” and the new destination becomes NITs (that too NITs of North India as South is like an infernal region for us). As soon as the date of exam approaches, students start to pray for any regional engineering college. I also ended up doing the same and got into COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, PANTNAGAR.

Before getting admitted to college my journey was tough and at times left me wailing. I was at the receiving end of taunts and never ending comments due to my increasing weight. I was like a laughing stock of the town and all I could do was listen. My nature that was eloquent changed to irascible and left me with no one to support. In between all this there were spells of winning competitions that made me happy but my problem with the world was constant. Whenever I stepped on to the stage, I was greeted with taunting remarks but I always left with never stopping claps. I felt motivated listening to all the claps and used to think one day I will overcome my chronic problem.

“One must conquer all his fears before conquering the world” and I decided to conquer my fear of failure by trying to get rid of my constant problem. I started to work on my fitness, I went to the weighing scale to get a glimpse of the acclivity of my problem and my work was cut out as soon as I saw 87 on the scale. My journey of 13 short from a century to 13 over a half century was tough and at times my body refused to get up but due to an undying motivation I will gather myself up and run 6.5km daily. Days were big and nights were short for me, waking up at 4 am and running was itself a test for me. Curbing every instinct to eat fried food and exercising daily to achieve my goal were the only two things left in my life. I wanted to show the world and people that nothing is for forever and one can change everything with three just things, which are dream, passion and motivation.

After three month of rigorous physical work out, I went to the weighing scale again and I was amused by the fact that the scale read 58 and I was overwhelmed with joy and I discovered what happiness is for a person who achieves something that once seemed impossible. I could feel the change and I lived every moment of it. My hard work paid off and I was no longer at the receiving end of those never ending comments that took the life out of me.

The second phase of life started and I was supremely confident of myself. Life didn’tImage disappoint me and I got everything that it took away from me in the first phase. I gained a bit of weight after relaxing my routine but on any day 63 is far better than 87. Obesity is a thing that can have ever lasting impacts on one’s personality and can ruin the best in one. I have seen both sides of the coin and I know that it is tough for an over-weight person to handle all the remarks that are directed to him. One must try to understand such people and motivate them so that they can overcome their fear.

It is very easy to make fun of someone but it is equally hard to take it in a right direction. As I said nothing is for forever and you never know when you will find yourself on the receiving end of it.  

This note is for all the queries that I receive about weight loss…hope my small effort will serve as a driving force…I reduced weight for my happiness and confidence and it is not impossible.