The Start

The first month of the New Year is already gone and I am still not over the after effects of the New Year party. Time has always got better of me when it comes to the running part, and as a result I consider it as my enemy and I have been killing it from the inception. We are into the beautiful month of February and the Venus in me suddenly gets that threshold energy required for ignition and go on an over drive mode. The month of February with love not only in the air but also in emotion, infact every possible motion inspired me to write something. Love the most pure emotion and thus February being the purest of month, spreading love and binding hearts. Many people set hopes on the month of February to get someone special or wait for the past to come to sand again. I just close my eyes to get drowned in something too good to be true.

She wanted some peace and I needed some driving force to channel my thoughts into words..
We both met, talked and went to a coffee house. She peacefully sat and drank her coffee and I just captured her beauty in the most well-intentioned words…Her beautiful silence made me dream with open eyes or in others words I looked at her without a wink. After an hour of flirting with emotions, we left but not before presenting her with her words just put together is a song which will rhyme in the tone of music coming from disturbing the most lyrical chords attached to her heart and my words. The writer in me will not limit the meeting to few words, so here it goes.

As I mentioned she wanted some peace and I wanted to drown in the beauty of someone to overcome the creative block that has hindered the flow of words for days. Yes the ingredients of a perfect date were there and thus pushed me to ask her out for a coffee. We have never been very good friends but of late we both found ourselves very close to each other but still that closeness had nothing to do with the usual attraction part. To sum it up, after a gap of almost a year I was accompanied by someone to the place that brings out the best in me.

We took our seat in the most comfortable corner of the café with the sunlight lighting up our table. The winter and sun is a magical combination for people like us, nothing brings more joy than to relax under the sun with cold breeze of winter ruffling up your senses. We had the best place in the house, away from crowd and strong aroma of coffee just adding the missing part to the environment. Accompanying her was a book named Norwegian Wood, looking at the cover of it just brought back all memories associated while reading it. We had a brief discussion on the characters of the book and then she warned me against ruining the suspense of the book (the lighter part of it was that the book had none).


She had a comely figure but what caught my attention was a saffron tint in her complexion. The eyebrows were crescent in shape and pointed inwards as soon as she caught me staring at her. Those swaying black hairs tumbling over her shoulder were enough for a person like me to get attracted to the beauty. Her lilac soft heart shaped lips and sugary voice were enough for me to get mesmerized by her presence. Adding to that the stain that her lips were leaving on the cup were driving me crazy. For a minute or so I wanted to be that cup so that I can taste those adorable lips.

After about an hour of drawing different pictures and arranging them to form a meaningful sequence I decided to give my thoughts a rest. I laid my head down and with my eyes closed I was trying to evince that connection or conversation with the invisible characters of my life. Seeing me she asked to get up and concentrate on writing the thing that has eluded me for the past 4 years. ‘My love for you exist in dreams so please don’t wake me up’, was my reply and trust me it came right from the sequence that I was dreaming about, it just bypassed my mind and thus came like a sweet riposte. She was surprised with my reply and for a few moments she was searching for words. After a long pause she said, ‘so your dreams are ought to be beautiful but reality will always lack as me and you, always in your dreams’.

Hearing her reply, my world in nascent stage came crashing down and as I say if you don’t have a girl you deserve a coffee. Coffee came to my rescue and I again turned my writing mode on so that I could come up with something that may act as a gift for her.

I dreamed.. She conquered..

I loved… She denied..

All this time, I wrote..

And She read..

In between those moments..

My dream came to sand..

Those flowing hair..

To that comely figure..

Cheeks like rose..

With perfection in her every pose..

As soon as I was closer to her..

The dream came to an end..

Probably creating a stir..

Writing this epistle,

I can picture her face..

My heart has remained still,

Lost in that beautiful trace..


And after fifteen minutes of my tussle with words, I came up with something and not disturbing her while she was reading, I left the place leaving the above rhyme for her to read. Not expecting anything from her I went home but sometimes the less you expect the more you get…

P.S. Mark this incident as complete… Writing further about what happened can only yield those biased words that I have reserved only for her…


The Past Valentine

Love is in the air and I can sense that in the aura surrounding me.The world seems to have stopped for the people in love and for others it is just as usual a clamant occasion. Love is a strange thing and teaches you lessons which you run away from, the whole of your life. Amidst all this love, I also found myself in a familiar place and with a familiar person. Yes the person was once my valentine and my reason of enjoying each and every emotion associated with this month of February. What transpired in the past was beautiful but making it your reason to live is not intelligent. Thus moving on to the other side of life is the best you can do but this month of love will some way or the other make you remember your past. A strange thing happened in this week of February, I was standing in front of my past, the reason for not feeling love in this pure month. A dilemma was what I found myself in and to counter my instincts I started to move in the other direction. But her instincts got better of her and she started to move in my direction. To better describe my emotions, my mind started to rhyme. Here it goes….

Few days back on a familiar road..

I saw a familiar face..

The face of thousand lies..

And still a mystery, despite numerous tries.

Trying to avoid her..

Briskly I moved along..

But as I looked up, I saw her..

Waiting to create another stir..

Looked into her eyes..

The world stopped for a moment..

Asking answers to the questions..

And trying to put an end to all the repercussions..

Those eyes were once the most beautiful thing..

My escapades to life to my dreamy wings..

They no longer hold any meaning..

As my life has moved form that end to a new beginning..

Trying to strike a conversation..

She started with a question..

With my insides turned to ash..

I preferred not to answer..

The silence was my weapon..

Perhaps the most powerful expression..

The strange was her voice.

As it was telling the truth instead of sweet lies..

Gasping for words..

Emotionally strangled..

I gathered my strength..

Told her that she means nothing to me..

And I am not available for another spree..

Rude it may seem..

Difficult you may call it..

But it was my last bit..

What remains is an afterglow..

For these words to flow..

You call it strange or call it erroneous..

I lived a life of thousand lies..

The pain is sweet..

And the happiness is sour..

Waiting for life to show what’s in store…